What it looks like to walk in the direction of your goals – or not

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I came across a funny and realistic video yesterday on Facebook by Sonja Alarr, a wildly creative life coach who captures what happens when you want to move towards your goals, but find yourself running in the other direction.

(Watch on Vimeo at this direct link: http://vimeo.com/20876606

This was her first video, and I think you will agree with me that she knocked it out of the park.

See what happens when you feel the fear and do it anyway?

Her tips for getting unstuck and moving toward your goals:

  1. Give yourself a hard deadline
  2. Get a great teacher
  3. Find time to practice
  4. Get friends to help you
  5. Get friends to help you (intentional duplicate)
  6. Practice again
  7. Say yes to yourself (even if it means saying no to someone else)
  8. Practice some more
  9. Silence the lizard
  10. You guessed it – practice
  11. Rest

I think Sonja has a bright future ahead of her.


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18 Responses to “What it looks like to walk in the direction of your goals – or not”

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  2. Thanks a lot, Sonja!
    You’re so funny! On the other hand, this is a very challenging one!
    So I took a great plasure watching that! I’d love to follow her other videos!
    THanks a lot!

  3. This was an awesome post! I loved the video. It accomplished exactly what she is trying to demonstrate as a lifecoach. Plus, it was so witty. I found your site which was linked in the Manifesto from Chris of The Art of Nonconformity. I’m glad I did 🙂

  4. Just got a chance to watch this video. Enjoyed it! It’s helpful to think about learning new business skills in the practice framework as opposed to just trying to get something done. Off to practice SEO.

  5. I was procrastinating on my own creativity and stopped to watch Sonja’s video.

    Wonderful! Authentic! Relevant! Insightful! Hilarious!

    Way to go, Sonja!

    I’m going to get back to walking in the direction I’m praying now.

  6. […] up this morning: What it Looks Like to Walk in the Direction of Your Goals – Or Not. As a small business owner, or anyone for that matter, it is important to have goals. Very often […]

  7. Hi Pam
    Thanks so much for sharing this great inspiring video. Let’s tame our lizard and get on with our creative work. Resistance needs to be beaten!

  8. Marti says:

    Wow wow wow. This is a superb video–entertaining, enlightening, motivational! Go Sonja and thanks Pam.

  9. Her approach is funny, running away from the tree! However it makes sense, it’s one thing to state intent, but to ACT on it, is quite another!

    Practice and setting deadlines are huge, as is getting an outside perspective.

  10. Lu Sabal says:

    Gee she was so spot on… in a very very real world sort of way.

    I had great appreciation for telling no to the child in the video. I fall prey to this one often and really what it is gaining control over what’s important (not that the child isn’t, its just she/he isn’t on fire she’s just doing what kids do).

  11. I love this and it’s about time that I told you how much I cherish all of my rss feeds from you! You and Seth Godin keep me going. I am within spitting distance of 70 but I have a dream that I am working on very hard even though it often feels impossible. But then so was a Ph.D and so was starting my business while still in grad school, and so was moving back to Arizona. All of those happened, so I just keep walking toward this goal. Thank you!

    • Laura Ashley says:

      Loved the video and Sonja’s delightfully refreshing openness — especially after the many oh so slick videos on developing an online Blog and Internet business! Great Job.

      Equally as delightful was your post, Clair. This body will be celebrating 76 years of yeoman’s duty in another couple of weeks. What a wonderful discovery to learn that you, too, just keep walking toward your goals!!!

      The greatest lesson I have learned over that 3/4 of a decade is that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE — regardless of how it seemed when we took our fear by the hand and headed in the direction we saw on the screen of our mind. So it was with getting a second doctorate in my early 70’s; coming out of retirement and building out a shell building for a new healing arts center two weeks after the 2008 financial melt-down; leaving a long-term marriage this year to take on total responsibility for my life and well-being; the current journey of selling my private practice in preparation for the move from our tiny ski-resort town to Denver, and creating a brand-new on-line business, Blog, and focus on working with groups rather than individual coaching. Scary, Challenging? Yes! But also fantastically exciting to see what the next “grandest version” of that which I Am and that which I Am Becoming will be.

      Kudos to you, Clair! Life is for Living . . . and age is only a number, not a state – unless we so choose.

      So Go for It! Trust your dream, and know that it is already waiting in the wings of your vibrational energy field. Embrace it, welcome it into manifestation — and KNOW that IT IS YOURS TO CLAIM, NOW!


  12. Molly Gordon says:

    So cool So true!

    And everything Sonja demonstrated applies to creating wealth when you do something you love. So often wealth creation (self promotion, selling, planning, and baby steps) get started, but not finished, because you are afraid. Afraid of being visible. Afraid of being thought self-serving. Afraid of being too big for your britches. Or afraid that all that business stuff isn’t spiritual or creative.

    Sonja has shown that it’s not necessary to give in to those fears and charted a lovely path to creating what you want.


  13. Francesca says:


    She is so on the mark. We always run away from the final destination especially when it’s something that is part of a dream or a goal that we keep putting off. We are always afraid of the what if when we aren’t sure what the what if is.

  14. Julie says:

    OH MY GOD!! She did an AMAZING job!!! And I love her lizard! I want one!! 😀

    Thank you for sharing this with us Pam!!

  15. Oh my goodness! This was fabulous and funny and so uplifting. And the honesty is what I loved the most. I could so relate to running away from that tree as she did, great way to make that point. So glad you shared this, even more glad I watched it! Thanks.

  16. Hi Pam!

    She is great! Thanks for sharing this one. I love the part about Practice, Practice and Practice again!! By not giving up, it is incredible how much we learn by our mistakes and keep going…it can actually be the most fun part of reaching our goal:)

  17. Caroline says:

    Love it, love it, LOVE IT! Something about this sincere video went straight past all the very good and rational reasons for “getting on with it” – right to the heart!