Check out the wonderful things my clients shipped in 2011!

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On this last day of 2011, as we prepare for a rocking 2012, I am tremendously proud to celebrate and share the people I have been lucky enough to work with this year.

Clients came from individual coaching  and programs and classes. While I served over 400 people, given the nature of my work, many of my corporate employee clients wisely choose to NOT publicize their affiliation with “The Escape from Cubicle Nation Lady.” To those of you in this category, I am so proud of the work you are doing, and celebrate your accomplishments with a quiet fist pump in the air.  Working the side hustle is not for the faint of heart, and you do it with so much grit and grace.

Many programs were taught with amazing people, like Michele Woodward for Career Invention, Lift Off with Charlie Gilkey and Partnership Playbook with Desiree Adaway. Thank you for being such ethical, smart, talented and supportive partners. I am very blessed to work with you.

I also want to think my outstanding team from Out:think: Tim Grahl, Joseph Hinton and Brian Morykon  who did amazing design work and kept my site humming, and helped me roll out many new digital courses this year. And my own team Marta Costa and Megan Everett, who were the backbone of my business, and my sanity.

And so like we did in 2009 and 2010, please raise your fists in the air and celebrate these amazing people who rolled up their sleeves, faced their fears and shipped something meaningful  in 2011.

A for Awesome

Abe Cajudo quit his comfy day job to do more good in the world. Find him at

Adam Issadore launched a successful tour and drummed with over three thousand campers this past summer with his company Path To Rhythm Group Drumming Programs.

Alaia Williams launched her first intensive program – Optimize – to serve clients who want to organize and streamline their businesses in a short (but focused) amount of time.

Ali Davies created her first group programme for Self-Employed Women who want to make 2012 their best year yet. It is fully booked and launches in Jan 2012. She also sold her house ready to move to Vancouver in 2012 as part of her design life mission. Her online home,, is dedicated to helping Self-Employed Professionals who want to design life and business on their own terms.

Alison Lueders left her corporate job to launch, a company that provides website writing and copyediting services to green businesses and socially conscious organizations in the health, education and nonprofit sectors. Great Green Editing strives to be a green business itself, and is privileged to assist clients who make the world a little better every day.

Alison Elissa Horner launched her What The Hell Am I Doing With My Life? coaching program for entry level adults – to rave reviews.

Amanda Wang won her second boxing match on her quest for the Golden Gloves. She is documenting her journey living with Borderline Personality Disorder while living a full and meaningful life.

Amy Steindler launched the first Through Your Own Lens retreat – a unique program that uses photography as part of a life-coaching toolkit to foster self-exploration and expression.

An Bourmanne launched, dedicated to helping brilliant people who just got stuck in perfection and what other people might think of them to own their brilliance and live their life instead of someone else’s.

Andre Blackman brought his vision to reality by leading the team that launched the Film Festival, showcasing public health innovations. It was such a hit that they were invited to bring the program up to NYC in February for Social Media Week!

Andrea Vahl was proud to launch as a collaboration with four other fabulous experts. It’s been going well and they are excited!

Angelica Perez, of, won the 2011 Top Latin@ 2011 Award, awarded by LATISM (Latinos in Social Media).

Annching Wang quit her job, started a boutique copywriting business for designers and artists, and is now in the process of launching a fashion line.

Antonina Geer launched the Financially Savvy Inner Circle group coaching program, inspiring and empowering women entrepreneurs to get their “finance savvy on” and to take control of the money side of their businesses in order to boost profits, increase cash flow, and live the life they deserve!

B for Bodacious

Barbara Stafford launched a new service to help clients “escape from executive row” and quickly launch successful consulting practices by providing them with a one-stop marketing solution that includes strategy, branding, web design, copywriting, lead generation, social media and more.

Beatriz Alemar started her coaching practice and launched Your, providing coaching and resources for young professionals and entrepreneurs who feel stuck in their careers and lives.

Rather than pursuing another vice presidency in higher education fundraising, Beth Herman established EBH Consulting, LLC, and is now serving college and university clients with talent management programs, training for advancement staff, and executive coaching for leaders. Her anchor client signed a six-month contract for her to develop a learning program for 200 employees.

Beverly Belling designed and launched Creative Meditation to help people develop an interesting and effective meditation practice that also “floats their boat”.

Bridget Pilloud designed and launched Shop at the Bridge, an online store of products designed for spiritual support and healing!

Brooks Duncan created the Paperless Document Organization Guide to help you organize and find your electronic documents when going paperless.

C for Committed

Carlos Hernandez is having fun as a social media minstrel at Nordstrom San Francisco, on their Facebook and Twitter pages!

Cate Brubaker received this comment from a client: “Kudos to you for creating useful programs and for unabashedly doing what you love.”

Cath Duncan is uber-proud of the rich, comprehensive and practical Creative Grief Coaching Certification program that Kara Jones and she put together!

D for Delicious

Danielle Chonody launched a blog that shows people how to build a multiple income stream business that lets them design their own Max Lifestyle.

Danielle Leslie announced to the world and landed 3 major-brand marketing clients within 45 days of launching.

Debbie Weil launched with her Beta Author Boost program to help busy subject matter experts finish writing a short business book in 8 weeks. It sold out in less than 12 hours!

Deena Baikowitz, and her partners at New York-based, spent 2011 teaching clients across North America how to be power networkers and mix business with pleasure to land more clients. They provided red-hot advice to individuals, corporations and membership associations on how to work a room, deliver an elevator pitch, plan a networking event, get their name on a building, and spark their network to ignite their business.

Denise Canellos, MS, CNS launched her Juice of the Tomato site, a genetic nutrition counseling program, and her Nutrition for Cancer Survivors online course.

Desiree Adaway created the Executive Director Mentoring Program, which provides coaching, strategy and mentoring sessions around starting and leading a nonprofit organization.

E for Excellent

Emily Ho launched, which focuses on cooking and eating mindfully.

Ericka Hines secured and completed contracts for a federal government agency and a national foundation interested in providing leadership development to their staff and grantees, and spoke to students from high school to law school and nonprofits about the need to have more social change leaders.

Erin Howard launched Streamline Marketing to help small businesses learn about and use email and social media marketing to get more business.

F for Fantastic

Florence Moyer launched her coaching business,, where she helps people discover and do meaningful work by combining powerful career coaching with nature connection and practices of those who live in close connection to the natural world. Check out her What’s Next? group coaching class that begins January 11, 2012!

G for Go Get Em!

Gail Gaspar, of  iDecide Coaching, launched her November teleclass, Superwoman on the Outside, Doubt on the Inside: Secrets to Owning Your Success Revealed and 90-Day Leadership Momentum Mastermind. For program details, please visit

George Palmer launched a digital delivery platform at It’s like ejunkie & friends but streamlined, easier to use and a lot more reliable.

GK Zachary launched two websites, and – and had a lot of fun in the process!

H for Hot Stuff

Heidi Dobbs created, a program to guide entreprenuers in building values-driven businesses while designing their own meaningful success!

J for Joyful

Jackie Dolan launched her life-coaching website,, AND signed up for Pam Slim’s Gotta keep movin’ forward!

Jane Cronin is experimenting at her Creativity Cauldron, a writer’s group without the bad wine or the bickering. You don’t need to be a writer to join in either.

Janine Gilmour launched, providing employee development and business coaching services.

Jen Louden is busting with happiness from sharing TeachNow with over 250 teachers.

Jen Trulson became a Martha Beck Master Coach and focused on creating community and connection with her Inner Circles, a sacred space for women to create a life they love.

Jen Waak quit her day job as a result of, rebranded her coaching business as, and is looking forward to delighting more clients in January 2012 with her Energy Bank Bootcamp.

Jenni Prokopy went from her quietest quarter ever to a super-full schedule of speaking, consulting and developing new projects to launch in 2012!

Jennifer Armstrong published her conversation with Heidi Grant Halvorson about how to set goals that will lead you to success in 2012, as part of her new series: Talks with Thought Leaders.

Jennifer Bailey launched What Matters Most 365: Life By Design™, an intensive, 8-week, one-on-one, virtual “boot camp” that is the kick in the pants needed to get serious about living life by intentional design.

Jennifer Hofmann launched the Creative Haven community for bright, creative women who are clearing their home offices to make space for their dreams.

Jennifer Lyle launched a blog – Jim Burson’s Solution-Based Basketball – and a business, Exohs, LLC – with her husband, speaker/ consultant/ coach Jim Burson as a result of attending

Jennifer Peek launched her signature A la Carte coaching services, which are 90-minute highly-focused power sessions.

Jill Murphy introduced Good By Design, the next generation of her consulting practice, specializing in starting and scaling socially engaged businesses.

Joanna Penn went full-time author-entrepreneur with, finished her 2nd novel, and launched How To Write A Novel with an industry pro.

Joy Agcongay taught her very first class, a pilot for her upcoming Playful Marketing Expedition, with the help of many mentors, hearts and hands.

Julica Hermann had a hyper-productive year in which she added teaching, group coaching, a blog, a new website, a joint venture, and public speaking to her coaching biz, but the thing she’s most proud of is realizing that nothing – not even the coaching practice she loves and lives for – is worth her well-being. 2012 will be a year of big changes, and she’s looking forward to them!

K for Killer

Katie McClain was excited to introduce her new group class, Love Yourself… Lose the Weight, a mini-soul journey to more love and less weight for YOU in 2012!

Kelly Eide partnered with Sal Roux to create a safari retreat connecting you to the ancient wisdom of Africa; to the land, to the animals, to the cradle of mankind, and to your inner tracker. Find your mojo with them in September 2012!

Kelly Kingman partnered with Pace Smith to create The Way of the Peaceful Entrepreneur, a course beginning in January which will help aspiring entrepreneurs create a profitable Internet-based business without giving up their sanity or burning out.

Koren Motekaitis’ favorite moments in 2011 were each time a weight loss client had difficult moments in her life and did NOT use “food as her friend” to help her through the situation. Check out her Confidential Weight Loss Coaching Circle.

Kristen Carter launched a workshop for corporate teams based on the ISPEAQ technique she developed for having difficult conversations. Her technique works just as well outside the office but she’s proud to have developed a worksite application for it.

Kyle Durand realized his long-term vision for fast and easy paperless contract creation with

L for Lovely

Lailey Jenkins and Kelly Pratt helped folks find creative freedom with the Artist’s Way at Work teleclass.

Lana Phillips made some amazing connections with wonderfully smart people and developed The Sad Cafe Community as a sanctuary for people who pay attention to those who haven’t before been seen — a refuge for the listeners.

Larah Ritchie heroically escaped Alaska with her family by driving 6500 miles to her heart’s home in the beautiful Tennessee Smoky Mountains. She also announced the many flavors of the BrainyFeet Self-Made Business Academy… a virtual incubator and training program for micro-business owners.

Laura Wolfe started her own biz, Cultivate Coaching and Consulting, and created the Becoming a Better Performance Manager – the Basics workshop while in Pam Slim’s Power Teaching class.

Laurie Foley created a video about learning, and taught coaches and solopreneurs how to cook up their best year ever in The Planning Kitchen, a virtual retreat that is still quite yummy.

Earlier this year, Lisa Alessi launched Find Your Why, Find Your Way, a revealing exercise that connects you to the meaning behind the work you do and is now super excited to introduce Life Beyond the Hamster Treadmill, a telecourse designed to help people feeling sucked in by the daily grind find greater satisfaction and fulfillment in each day.

Lisa Bourdon is living her passion as a life coach and intuitive eating counselor helping women satisfy their hunger with a truly luscious life. At she helps women transform their relationship with food and with their bodies – from struggling and feeling “not enough” – to pleasure and fulfillment. Yum!

Lisa Wood launched her wildly successful WordPress Without Overwhelm course that teaches you exactly how to set up and manage your own WordPress website from start to finish.

Liz Eastwood of published her first little booklet on Amazon Kindle: Natural Flea Control for Cats Made Simple: Solve your flea problems, save money, protect your cat.

M for Magnificent

Maira Holzmann finally launched her Playful Warrior Wilderness Retreat set to adventure this summer.  It’s a retreat for those of you, like her, who may have lost sight of their playful self and can’t wait to reclaim her.  Fortunately, play, glee, laughter and creativity are now her regular playmates. Find out more about her offerings at

Marjory Mejia relaunched her sparkling new digital sanctuary, Awakening Sacred Flow, on December 21st, helping creatives revolutionize their space to reveal their most brilliant self.

Max Daniels created her Basic Meditation for Busy People class for people who have only five minutes a day – That’s all you need!

Megan Everett finally made the leap to becoming self-employed at She is now the online business manager for some truly wonderful people; creating business systems and managing their projects and virtual teams so that their businesses can grow and they can fulfill their dreams!

Melissa Dinwiddie launched the Creative Ignition Kit and Creative Ignition Club, her creative recharge toolkit and support community all in one, where big-hearted creatives come to get fired up! She also joined forces with Michelle Nickolaisen to create the, a day-long virtual retreat happening on January 8th to help you make 2012 your best year yet!

It took three years, but Michele F. Gartner finally launched to inspire, coach and laugh with young professional women.

Michelle Currie‘s proudest accomplishment was running the Women’s Drum & Dance Weekend; her first workshop in the USA!

Mimi Plevin-Foust co-created and launched the Passion, Purpose & Profits workshop, helping folks who want to make more money and have more fun align their greatest passions and purpose with joyful ways to create more income.

Monique Johnson said goodbye after working for 4 years on Wall Street to start her own business, and created a free step-by-step video course on how to create Your Virtual Handshake.

N for Never-ending Celebration

Nailah Blades kissed her corporate job Goodbye and embarked on her journey as a full-time life coach. She also launched her first tele-course, Unleash Your Big Dream, and danced a happy jig to celebrate it all!     🙂

Natalie Currie launched, her sustainable life and business coaching practice. She works with overwhelmed eco- and socially conscious individuals, green entrepreneurs, and social enterprises to help them discover their meaningful work and create their sustainable lifestyle.

Everyone deserves a meaningful career since we spend a large part of our lives at work. Ngee Key Chan re-launched his career coaching business,, which provides strategies, tools and resources to help working professionals faced with challenging career decisions move to better, more meaningful and fulfilling situations.

P for Positively Fabulous

Pace Smith created The Way of the Peaceful Entrepreneur, a course for those of us who would love to start our own businesses but are afraid of the stress or risk involved. Registration opens in January 2012!

Pat Katepoo added a new Time Off to Travel section to, and is preparing to release the Six-Week Sabbatical Proposal Template.

R for Righteous

Rachel Boller launched, shipping custom-order pies and specializing in California fruit and nut pies. She also launched a class called Fearless Pie Dough 101!

Rachel Rodgers, Esq. offered a lawyer’s advice and services to the previously unserved market of Gen Y entrepreneurs, and her online law practice, Rachel Rodgers Law Office, was featured in these articles on MSNBC, Entrepreneur and the Christian Science Monitor.

Rebecca Mullen launched her coaching business,, and is digging into the question “What altars are altering you?” with clients from coast to coast.

Rhiannon Llewellyn rebranded her business and herself, and is now offering all the things that bring her best self to the world: web design, teaching, coaching, and community at

Rob Modzelewski put his design superpowers and technical know-how to good use helping solopreneurs and startups with their online communication and WordPress set-up at

Rodger Constandse launched, where he shows coaches, consultants and professionals how to use online marketing to attract more clients and make more money doing work they love.

S for Smoking

Sarah Yost launched Shiny Object School, a collection of free and paid resources to help Soulpreneurs start and finish their important work.

Seh Hui (aka @felixleong) volunteered and nurtured a local tech meetup called Webcamp KL, effectively expanding his personal network and opportunities.

Seth Parker launched, an iPad tourbook for the retail real estate industry.

Shana Montesol Johnson launched, a blog for international development professionals and aid workers who want to have a high-impact career they love. In what she calls “a labor of love and madness”, Shana managed to meet her goal of writing one blog article every week for 52 consecutive weeks. She also helped coaching clients get clear, get unstuck, and take action through the What’s Next? group coaching program, which was designed by the brilliant Master Certified Coach Michele Woodward. Shana will offer the What’s Next? program again in January 2012 – one group in person (Manila, Philippines) and another online.

Stacy Stone introduced, which empowers creative entrepreneurs with the tools and support they need to change the world (one launch at a time).

Susan Falcone founded, a website dedicated to helping professional women massage the demands of life and career to more effectively support their personal and professional goals without compromising their vital physical and emotional well-being.

Susan McEvilly left a secure cubicle with bright lights and benefits for the joy, fun and satisfying work of an independent consultant and entrepreneur. Find her servicing cubicle dwellers who use WebEx for online meetings at

T for Toasting You

Clarity Coach Tanya Geisler relaunched her site to reflect where she’s been and where her clients are now: ready to step into the starring roles of their lives.

Tea Silvestre, aka, moved 300 miles to build a new life with her man; re-branded/re-launched her marketing consulting business and founded the Tastiest Small Biz Brand Awards (to be announced in early 2012).

Theresa Robbins launched The Coach at Heart Connection, a wickedly fresh program for new coaches that hooks them up with the support and connection they need while transitioning into being the coach they were born to be.

Tia Sparkles Singh launched and sold out 2 awesome courses that will become part of her regular offerings: a 21-day Inner Sparkle e-course and a 4-week Social Media course. Learn more at

Tzaddi Gordon created some of her most exciting design work ever for her clients and increased her dedication to making art-for-art’s-sake. Find her at

W for Wonderful

Wendy Beall launched to help individuals, Western medical professionals, and alternative practitioners learn to engage the mind-body connection to improve health, stop burnout, and feel better NOW — The Cure for Everything classes start January 2012, teaching you how to develop a whole new foundation for well-being – health from the inside out – through deliberate use of your mind-body connection.

Y for Yowza

Yolanda A. Facio, drawing on her experience starting and operating successful local businesses, has launched, a platform for helping others get clarity about and solutions for all the challenges of running a business.

After making it one year as a full-time small business owner, Yoneco Evans launched a second freelance practice and a new course, Designing Better Online Trainings, which teaches other solopreneurs how to design online courses.

Thank you so much to all of my clients, blog readers, Twitter and Facebook buddies, family, friends and neighbors who made this year a rich, meaningful, interesting, productive and lesson-filled year. While I celebrate the highlights, projects shipped, clients served and awards earned, I also celebrate the missed opportunities, flops and miscalculations. All of it is part of the wild, messy, crazy-making yet joy-filled journey of being an entrepreneur.

As my Jedi Council member Guy Kawasaki says, you must plant 100 flowers and watch what blooms. For the record, they rarely bloom where and when you want them to. 😉

I am so blessed to do work I love with people I care for and admire deeply. Thank you everyone for your trust, partnership and support.

May your 2012 be filled with joy, meaning, abundance, health and laughter.

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  11. Greetings. I believe there is something wrong with your loading speed. I hope you’ll be able to repair it!

  12. Vicki Childs says:

    Wow Pam. What an amazing legacy.
    I’m only just starting out as a coach for Mom Entrepreneurs and sometimes I question whether it really is possible to design life on your own terms and do what you were truly meant to do. But when I read about these fantastic people I know it IS possible – and it renews my passion to help others to find this kind of joy, freedom and satisfaction!
    I’m bookmarking this page so that whenever things feel tough I can look at these stories and know that if I work hard enough and stay authentic I might be able to help people just the way you have!
    Thank you for being such an inspiration and a force for good!!

  13. Ali Davies says:

    Honoured to be included with such a great list of people all stepping up and making things happen. Thank you.

  14. Jen says:

    I absolutely look forward to seeing what everyone is up to each year!! So much inspiration!!

    So very grateful to be the list and work with you. Much love!

  15. Tammy says:

    What an impressive list of client accomplishments, and what a wonderful way to further expose them to a larger client base. Thank you for spotlighting them. I now have MANY more blogs to follow in 2012!

  16. Lisa Alessi says:

    Thanks so much Pam! I am honored to be a part of this list and to have had the opportunity to work with you. What an incredibly impressive list of accomplishments by such an astute group. Makes me smile 🙂 I have a feeling 2012 is going to be a year of great movement. Cheers to everyone’s success and advancement.

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  18. Yoneco says:

    I really do want to be like you when I grow up. Thanks for the mention and being such an inspiration. Best wishes in 2012 to you, everyone on the list, and everyone who reads your blog.

  19. Dee says:

    Really want to say Thanks,Pam…You provided a wonderful list of motivated individuals that we can connect with and I am looking forward to the knowlege I will gain… 🙂

  20. Great list, Pam. I learned about some amazing people and look forward to learning from & working with some of them in 2012.

  21. Ellen says:

    Pam – I truly enjoyed this list and had a nice afternoon reviewing all the great entrepreneurs and the successes of their labor! I am so glad you sent this email! As a result, I am following some of them on Twitter – wishing you and all of them a wonderful, insightful 2012!

  22. Really glad you shared this list with your readers. There are at least a couple of your clients I look forward to potentially doing business with/learning from in 2012 & I wish them all the best!

  23. Diane says:

    Thanks so much Pam for your generous spirit and wild woman wisdom. Warm wishes to a fabulous 2012!

  24. Gail Gaspar says:

    What a great way to close out one year and step boldly in to the next.
    I am delighted that you and others on this list have become part of my life. Pam lights a fire and it’s awesome to see what sparks!
    Happy New Year to All!

  25. Lisa Bourdon says:

    Thanks so much Pam for being YOU! I love that you so generously share your “students” brilliance and accomplishments with such big heart. And I love seeing how your business has blossomed, and blossomed some more since I took your very first Follow Your North Star online course way back when.
    Well done, indeed!
    xoxo Lisa B

  26. christine decamp says:

    Loved reading this–so many wonderful ideas launched!

  27. WOWZA, woman. I look at this and I think two things:

    1. Pamela’s clients are on FIRE.

    2. Pamela must be exhausted.

    Well done, ALL of you!

  28. Thanks Pam! I enjoyed participating in your Power Teaching course earlier this year. Happy new year to everyone!

  29. Erin Howard says:

    Thank you for the shout out and for the inspiration, Pam. It’s so great to see what everyone has achieved this year. I started reading your blog and dreaming of my escape from cubicle nation somewhere around 2006 and in 2011 it finally happened!

  30. Rhiannon says:

    As always, I am so honored to be here with such a marvelous group of brilliant people. 🙂

    Thank you, sister-auntie. 🙂


  31. Brian S says:

    Wow, great work. Congrats to Pam and everyone on the list!

  32. Koren Motekaitis says:

    So many cool things people are creating in the world and you helped us all! Thank you. Looking forward to closing 2011 and the possibilities and actions of 2012.

  33. Laurie Foley says:

    WOW, PAM!!! This list from you gets better every year. Totally inspiring and so thrilled to be included.

    THANK YOU for being the beacon of courage, creativity and awesomesauce that you are. xoxo, Laurie

  34. Thank you for the inspiration & love, Pammilicious! Happy happy HAPPY endings and new beginnings in 2012!