Announcing … Fantastic Fall Line-up of Classes from Power Teaching students

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In July of this year, I ran a class called  Power Teaching. An extremely smart and enthusiastic group joined in intensive study of effective training design and development, and worked on real, live classes that they are launching this Fall. The experience was particularly wonderful on three levels:

  • It was exceptionally energizing to share my passion for teaching with completely open and eager participants
  • They really worked their hearts out to apply great design to their classes, ensuring a superior learning experience for their students
  • They were extremely generous with each other, sharing ideas and feedback the entire two months we worked together

An important part of the course design was working on REAL classes launched to REAL people.

Out of the 140 participants, around 60 were ready to go live today. Others may showcase their classes in my end of year round up post on December 31.

Here is the amazing variety of classes they created. I would appreciate it so much if you take the time to see what they have developed, and if you feel drawn to learn from these amazing teachers, sign up for their classes!

I am so, so proud of you all. Woo to the hoo! (Our class rallying cry).



Alaia Williams is offering “Smooth Operations for Business.” Being your own boss is incredibly rewarding, but it is not without its challenges. Every business, from freelance practice to large corporation, needs to have a solid foundation in place in order to grow and thrive. In this course, we will cover key areas to ensure a strong business foundation – systems every business must have in order to thrive.

Antonina Geer is offering “Financial Mindset Secrets For Advancing Your Business.” This 5-week tele-seminar is designed for empowering women entrepreneurs to actively overcome income barriers by adjusting their mindsets and encouraging new behaviors to up-level their business and life.

Gail Gaspar, of iDecide Coaching, is launching “Superwoman on the Outside, Doubtful on the Inside: Secrets for Owning Success,” a tele-seminar for successful women entrepreneurs, to finally close the gap between the way they see themselves and their work and the way others see them — to live and leave the legacy they deserve.

Jennifer Peek, founder of Find Your New Groove, launched “Brilliant Business Basics,” a complimentary tele-seminar that gives new women entrepreneurs the first set of tools they need to become Brilliant Business owners by defining and designing businesses that make money while making a difference.

Karlene Cameron is offering “Project Go Travel: Create a Freedom Business in 90 Days.” Learn how to start a virtual business using your gifts, and follow your passion for travel.

Creativity catalysts & Certified Martha Beck coaches Kelly Pratt and Lailey Jenkins invite you to grow your business & your inner genius with “The Roar of Awakening: The Artist’s Way at Work telecourse.” Artists and creative’s do it differently… What would you create if you knew you did not have to do it perfectly? Are you sitting on the sidelines of your business? Does your gnarly inner critic have you caught in the fog of self doubt? The Artist’s Way at Work (Based on the work of Julia Cameron and Mark Bryan) is a 13 week program starting September 27, 2011, that gives you transformational support so you can discover and grow your work from the inside out.

Lisa Alessi is offering “Discover Your Hidden Potential: Find Your Why, Find Your Way.” If you are searching for greater purpose and meaning in your life but can’t seem to put your finger on it, finding your WHY may be exactly what you need to unlock your true potential and find your way. When you find your “WHY” — your cause, your purpose, your reason for being — you gain a whole-hearted connection to who you are, who you are becoming and a true understanding of why you are motivated to do the things you do.

Join me for a free introductory seminar to learn more about the proven process of finding your “WHY”, the brain science behind its discovery and how you can use your “WHY” to align to your true potential. Finding Your Why will save you years of frustration, time, energy and money so you can start leading the life you were meant to lead today.

Mimi Plevin-Foust created the “Passion, Purpose & Profits Workshop” to help folks discover and align their passions, strengths and purpose with real market needs. This 4-part workshop will help participants create a clear roadmap to launch a new career or part-time business that will bring them more fun, fulfillment and financial success.

Rachel Rodgers created the “21st Century Lawyer: Lifestyle Design with a Virtual Law Office.” The 21st Century Lawyer Tele-class will teach you everything you need to know to become the lawyer you always wanted to be – and have a life worth living. In this class you will learn how to identify the lifestyle you really want, how to handle money in a way that makes your virtual law office possible and profitable, how to select a marketable niche and ideal clients so you enjoy your work and how to turn your plan into action — to create an innovative Virtual Law Office that authentically meets your needs and desires.

Yolanda Facio is offering “Meanie Camp: Take Charge of Your Business and Life.” I will teach you to set rules, establish boundaries and take charge of your business and life. You’ll have more time and less stress – It’s all about having a good day, every day! Best of all you won’t feel bad about taking charge.


See also, “Discover Your Hidden Potential: Find Your Why, Find Your Way” in Business category

See also, “Passion, Purpose & Profits Workshop” in Business category

Ngee Key has been helping many unhappy working professionals to discover and create meaningful careers through “Your Own 360.” His new program, “Evaluating Career Opportunity,” reveals strategy and tactics to help and guide the job seeker through the maze of wrong turns to a job that is rewarding and meaningful.


Jill Murphy is offering “Good Communication: Explaining What You Do with Confidence and Clarity.” Spending hours struggling to find the right words to describe your business or nonprofit? Having trouble concisely explaining what you do to potential clients, customers or donors? Stuck in a haze of words and ideas? This class is for you. I’ll teach you how to create a solid communications foundation for your business or organization. I’ll give you the tools to nail down the what, how and why of your work. You’ll walk away with a new language and new energy and enthusiasm for communicating. Join now and save time, money and your sanity!

Leisa LaDell is offering “Your Life – Talk It Up!” is a fast-track class for playful, committed and curious people who want to pump up the power of their everyday speech to more fully align with their values and vision. This class will give you simple, easy, fun and effective tools to elevate your everyday conversations from accidental idioms, clichés and throw-away talk, to intentional, creative and generative speaking that reflects your values and helps realize your vision for your life, your business and community.

Pam McAllister created the “How to Become a Magnetic Speaker.” Free training call with speaking coach Pam McAllister. Learn to speak with presence and ease, so you can open hearts, inspire change, spread an idea, advance your cause, and build your business.


Rachel Boller is offering “Fearless Pie Dough 101” Even the most experienced cooks and bakers can be intimidated by pie dough, but no more! Fearless Pie Dough 101 is a live 4-hour introductory class guiding students through the basics of making pie crust from scratch. Students take one pie from start to finish, focusing on technique for mixing and rolling dough, working with single, double and lattice crust pies, and achieving a perfectly-cooked filling while avoiding a burnt outer & soggy bottom crusts. Rachel’s goal in the class is to provide students with the ability to make their own perfect pie at home!

Register via email at info(at)milkglassbaking(dot)com or webform at This is a live class in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the first session is Sunday, October 16th, with more to follow in time for holiday pie baking.


Calling all iPhone owners and writers! Bindu Wiles is announcing her latest community experience: “The Photo Essay Project.”. It’s 5 weeks and begins Sept. 26th: Inspirational journey included! If you love to take photos with your iPhone and you love to write, this course is for you! We will be telling the story of our photos with singularity or as a thematic continuum over the course of the project.

Brenda Leifso is offering “The Writing Hive.” Creative writing studios offering one-on-one fiction and poetry mentoring, peer interaction, weekly tele-studio calls, craft instruction and publication in our very own online magazine, “Comb.”

Lucrecer Braxton is offering “Life is the Art Workshop – Art Journaling.” Art journaling is an incredibly forgiving means of self-expression and experimentation with words and art. Between the pages of your journal you will discover and uncover amazing things about yourself. This workshop is designed to help you cultivate a daily art practice, with your life as the inspiration for every page.

Melissa Dinwiddie is offering “Play, Flow, Write, GO!” A telephone playshop in improvisational art for the soul. Leave your perfectionism outside and come spend 90 minutes playing in the “Creative Sandbox” with artist and inspirationalist Melissa Dinwiddie. After setting an atmosphere of total permission and acceptance, Melissa will help you immerse yourself in process, paper and paint. You’ll leave refreshed and recharged, with a new model for approaching your creative work. (Bonus tutorial videos included prior to the actual playshop.)

Flexible Work Arrangements

Pat Katepoo is offering “Telecommute Now! How to Get Fast Approval to Work from Home.” If you’re tired of traffic and crave more time for your side hustle, your family — your life — then register today for this free September 13th webinar. Based on her years of experience with thousands of professionals, Pat will reveal the three ingredients that get managers to say “yes” to a request to telecommute.

Helping Professions

Lana Phillips is offering “Compassion or Co-Dependence: How We Connect to Others in Community.” So you’ve decided you want to make a difference in the world, and you’ve decided front-line work with people who are in need of material, emotional, spiritual, or physical support is something you feel a desire to do. Have you ever considered where the desire comes from? What leads you to care for community members who need assistance?


Abe Cajudo is offering “Video for Bloggers.” Video for Bloggers teaches bloggers and online entrepreneurs how to shoot, edit, and use online video to better connect with their audiences. Unlike most video training on the web, we’ll cut through the overwhelming tech and expensive gear-headedness and focus on how you can use video on your site NOW. By the end of the class, you’ll be able to produce great looking video blogs, screencasts, and edited videos from start to finish.

Annie Smidt is offering “Design Secrets Revealed: DIY Design for Non-Designers.” Stop struggling to make your web graphics, ebooks, worksheets, presentations and other design pieces look good. Learn the secrets designers know that help them create professional, appealing, clear communications that get noticed. No need to be techy or artsy!

April Holle is offering “2012 Marketing Plan Workshop.” Learn why marketing is important, how to apply SIVA marketing mix to help identify what’s broken with your current marketing plan, and make plans to fix it in 2012.

Bill Rosner is offering “Untangling the Web – A Course in Demystifying Website Development.” Learn the basics of website development, email marketing and electronic payment solutions for small businesses. This program is designed to help you gain confidence and clarity when confronted by making educated decisions about developing your website. It will clear away some of the
confusion and uncertainty that you feel when you think about the many types of options that are available to you.

Danielle Leslie is offering “3 Ways for Brands to Get the Attention of 20-Somethings Online.” I asked over 1,000 20-somethings to describe the best way for brands to get their attention online. In this invitation-only session, I will tell CEOs and Marketing Executives of consumer brands why their messages are not reaching 20-somethings, and explain 3 ways they can change that. Contact me if you would like an invitation.

Danielle Miller is offering “Four Weeks to Refresh Your Brand,” a class designed to help you consciously recreate and redesign your personal brand.

Joy Agcongay is offering “Playful Marketing Expedition: A Gentle, Sustainable Approach to Building a Business,” a self-paced program for creative women entrepreneurs looking to build a business in a way that is gentle, sensible and sustainable, honoring who you are today, not who you think you need to be. We’ll hold a safe space for creative exploration, collaboration, partnership and tactical implementation so you can put what you learn into gentle action with the support of a group. If you’re interested in joining the Expedition Party in 2012, please sign up for the notification list.

Lisa Wood is offering “WordPress Without Overwhelm.” I will teach you how to set up and manage your own WordPress site – no stress, no overwhelm, no nonsense!

Marta Spendowska is offering “Create Your Website Fast.” It has been developed to break down the complexity of Wordpress, so anyone can create their Wordpress websites in a matter of a weekend, and integrate it with social platforms. This training, additionally, provides information about simple tweaks for improving the overall design (readability, color schemes etc), maintenance of the website, and how to back up important data on autopilot.

Monique Johnson is offering “SocializeVid.” Socializing your online videos is a resourceful way to build yourself as a authority within your niche. SocializeVid will walk you through how to fully integrate your video content into social media and give it a voice that will help gain quality clients.

Nikole Gipps is offering “START HERE: Save Time and Money by Planning Your Site with Marketing in Mind.” This is a course for anyone who is ready to build their own website, hire someone to build their website, or redesign their current site. It covers the concepts you will need to know in order to effectively plan for a website that is built for marketing and sales. Don’t let this be the course you wish you took 6 months down the road — learn how to design your site right the first time!

Rodger Constandse is offering “Simple List Building Quick Start.” This class teaches you a simple and effective way to build and grow a responsive list of prospects for your business. You’ll learn how to quickly and easily create a special report or gift that your audience finds compelling, builds credibility & trust, positions you as an authority and “pre-sells” your products & services. Includes easy to use, “fill in the blanks” templates, examples, and exercises to help you get started and get your report done.

Rosemarie Taylor is offering “The WWW of Giving Your Business the Online Presence It Deserves.” By examining the wonders of WWW, you’ll learn what it takes to give your business a website that communicates your passion for your profession. Learn the What, Where and Why to work smarter with your web professional to create a website that generates business.

Susan Kuhn is offering “Authentic Social Media Marketing for Start-Ups.” It’s easy to get overwhelmed by social media, not to mention by starting your business. Virtuous Capitalist will show you the “three-step”– a dance that will ground you firmly in your brilliance while you set up your online presence for personal meaning, service, and financial success.

Tia Singh is offering “Social Media for Business.” From Social Media Overwhelm to Clarity – in 4 weeks! Demystify social media and learn simple ways to create an effective social media strategy for your business. For new coaches & creative business owners.


Ije Ude is offering “Facing your money fears: how to resolve financial stress and create the life you want.” MONEY is the #1 reason women tell me they’re not following their dreams; whether it’s starting their own business, launching a radio show, or changing careers. In this 90-minute highly-interactive webinar you’ll learn practical tools for resolving your money worries and fears so they don’t hold you back from creating the life you yearn for. The framework and tools I share are designed to free up your creative energy and fire up your faith.

Jessica Reagan Salzman is offering “You Can Heal Your Relationship with Money.” In this free class, you will learn simple and yet incredibly powerful steps you can take to begin healing your relationship with money. Jess knows first-hand what it takes to transform your current financial reality into the money dreams that you’ve always envisioned, and she will guide you to start the healing process with ease! If you’ve been struggling with money – in your business and/or in your life – this free introductory class is designed especially for you!

Organizing (home office)

Brooks Duncan is offering “Paperless Action Plan.” The Paperless Action Plan is an action-centric 4-week course that will help you set up an end-to-end paperless system in your home or small office. You’ll have the physical paper under control, documents will be scanned and organized, and you’ll be able to find what you need when you need it.

Jennifer Hofmann is offering “Inspired Organizing.” Are you working from home? Come learn about Inspired Organizing! Discover how to intuitively organize your office, make friends with your space, and stop feeling like a victim of your collections and piles. Free information session on September 15th.

Tisha Morris is offering “Feng Shui Your Life Master Course.” Are you overwhelmed with your home? Are you wanting to make changes in your life? Do you have clutter that may be keeping you stuck? In Feng Shui Your Life Master Course, you will discover the energy portals within your home that affect all areas of your life, including your prosperity, love, life purpose, health, and more. In this 4-module self-study course, you will use the Bagua Map feng shui tool to discover what areas of your life are out of balance, locate these zones within your home, and begin taking action to feng shui those areas.


Alison Horner is offering “Notes From the Nanny: 3 Core Concepts That Will Improve Your Parenting Skills” Whether you’d like to improve your relationship with your child, work on a particular thorny issue, or parent from a more effective place, this is the course for you. Alison, an experienced nanny and life coach, will teach three of the most effective concepts you can use as a parent.

Join Katie McClain – Certified LCS Life Coach for “Monster Talk!” A free monthly call for people who have kids, teach kids and love kids. Each month, we discuss a different topic and I show you how the Self Coaching 101 model can transform any “issue” you or your kids are having. This tool has helped me create magic and transform my life and my family’s too.

Michelle Buzgon is offering “Mindful Mamas: How to Calmly Navigate the Path from Mom-to-Be to Being a Mom” Both before and after baby, moms face countless decisions: baby gear, work, feeding, sleeping and more. At times, the pressure to make the right choices can leave them feeling overwhelmed and even guilty. In this class, soon-to-be-moms will learn to tap into their inner wisdom instead of listening to the outer chatter about how motherhood “should” be. They’ll get the coaching, support and tools they need to make the best decisions for them and their growing families. Best of all, they’ll do all this while bonding with other women who are on the same journey at the same time. This class is launching live-and-in-person on Sept. 8th. In the future it will also be available as a tele-class.

Personal Development

An Bourmanne is offering “Follow Your Fascination and Create Your Feel Good.” In 30 days, you’ll get the basics for a life-long empowered journey to create a rich, meaningful, sparkly life. Through an energetic mix of written materials, video, worksheets and assignments, you’ll dive into your own loves, hates, dreams and obstacles. Topped off with 1 hour of dedicated one-on-one coaching, these 30 days + 1 hour, will provide you with powerful tools and perspectives to reconnect with the shiny, sparkly, awesome you and to share even more of your awesomeness with the world.

Bridget Pilloud is offering “4-E! Working with the Four Energy Elements to Change Your Life and Your Business” What if you could harness and work with spiritual energy to understand yourself, to grow, to form amazing relationships and to enact positive change in your life? Introducing 4-E! Working with Four Energy Elements to Change your Life. In four 90-minute sessions, I’ll introduce you to the four elements of energy: the Energy of Self, the Energy of Relationship, The Energy of Situations and the Energy of Co-Creation. In this class, you’ll learn how energy works in your life, how energy works for you, and how you can use it to live a terrific life.

Julica Hermann is offering “From WTF to OMG: Name and Claim Your Heart’s Calling.” A 7-week course for people who want to discover, articulate and claim a dream that’s been hiding under the bed, and learn how to start making that dream a reality. Walt Disney said: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” This course is about giving yourself permission to make it happen in a safe, stimulating and fiercely compassionate environment of fellow seekers. Join us for a free introductory call on Sept 29th to help your dreams come out and play.

Nailah Blades is offering “Unleash Your Big Dream: Push Past Your Fears to Fully Embrace Your Mission.” Unleash Your Big Dream: Push Past Your Fears to Fully Embrace Your Mission is a 5-week tele-class designed to help young women make their Big Dream a reality by tackling the fear that is keeping them stuck. The class will guide women through the process of clarifying their Big Idea, identifying the fears that are holding them back and creating an action plan to keep pushing forward. Participants will learn the strategies to take big steps in spite of fear in order to start creating a bold, gutsy life that truly aligns with their values.

Pace Smith is offering “Permission to Be Confident.” Do you wish you could change the world, but you feel like you’re not good enough? Has your experience taught you that keeping your head down is the only way to avoid getting hurt? Imagine what your life would be like if you had PERMISSION TO BE CONFIDENT.

Susan Falcone is offering “Clearing the Chaos: Unlocking the Mystery to Finding and Keeping Balance, Energy and Time in Your Life and Work.” If you’re tired of feeling overworked, overwhelmed and over-scheduled, are constantly busy but unable to enjoy what you’re doing and desperately want something different, this FREE Virtual Retreat is for you. Clearing the Chaos takes you on a heart-felt journey to find exactly what makes you feel fulfilled, inspired, excited and energized in your life and work. Using simple tools with immediate results, you can discover what’s missing, easily begin to implement those experiences you crave, and get rid of the stuff that no longer works for you.


See also, “Resistance is Futile: I’m Positive!” in Wellness category

Sarah Wagner Yost is offering “Shiny Object School.” If you love bright, shiny objects, join me for this transformational class where we will commit to getting a project finished. You’ll learn how to apply fairy dust to your ideas so you know what to focus on, how to get them done and have fun even in the midst of boring details. Create peace around shiny object syndrome and learn an easy system you can apply to any caliber project from cleaning your kitchen to overhauling your website!

See also, “Feng Shui Your Life Master Course.” in Organizing (home office) category

Victoria Brouhard is offering “Project Prowess: Finish the Projects Your People Need While Enjoying the Creative Process.” Ever wonder why some projects practically finish themselves, while others crawl along, or worse, fade away before they reach the end? We all strive to create products and services that will thrill our customers and enrich their lives, but that can be an overwhelming and daunting task. Learn the tools and techniques that can get you from Idea to Completion with ease, so you can create in ways that fit who you are and how you work.


Helena Madsen is offering “Chronic Illness and Marriage: A Blueprint for Teamwork.” If you are among the 125 million Americans who live with chronic illness, you have no doubt experienced challenges in your quest for “happily ever after.” Join us for a 2-part tele-class that will not only identify some of these challenges but also teach you how to overcome them. In addition, you will develop a personalized blueprint for how you and your spouse can work more effectively as a team.

Sandy Morris is offering “Communication 101 For Long-Term Lovers.” Learn to communicate clearly without the confusion and clutter (conscious and unconscious) that builds up in long-term relationships. A class for people who are in a long-term intimate relationship that isn’t working as well as they would like it to. When an intimate relationship is in trouble, it becomes even more important that communication between partners is clear. Misunderstanding and words spoken and heard through anguish and anger, make it impossible to know and appreciate the true beauty of what lies between two people who want to be together, but are finding it difficult.


Jennifer Louden is offering “TeachNOW.” If you long to teach – or to renew your passion for teaching, or to stoke the profitability of the way you teach, “TeachNOW” is the best course ever. We’re not just saying that… Those are the words of some of our more than 250 graduates.


Andrea Hanson is offering “Get In Front of Your S-Factor.” Find out how to curb your stress before it even starts. In this 4-part series, you will learn how to stop stress in it’s tracks – regardless of your situation.

Andrew Campbell is offering “Fitness that Fits.” If you’ve fallen off the workout wagon before, this is for you! This division of MAN UP NATION is fun & stress-free. Four 30-minute classes that build in accountability & coach a personalized fitness program for your busy life in just 22 days. No special equipment or gyms needed.

Beverly Belling is offering “Creative Meditation.” What if meditation was simple, effective, easy to maintain, and fun? Creative Meditation is based on ancient techniques with a modern twist – with guidance, you design your own practice to fit your personal preferences. Live life from a place of inner calm, greater joy, and overall sense of well-being by creating a meditation experience that resonates with you AND your lifestyle.

Bill Peregoy is offering “Real World Mindfulness: More Than Meditation.” Find balance in your life with a 4-week interactive mindfulness class for a mere $29. Learn simple and practical techniques that allow you to start your day in a mindful way. Also learn effective and practical methods to deal with the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Denise Canellos is offering “Nutrition for Cancer Survivors.” A step-by-step plan to lower your risk using foods from the regular grocery store. Learn what top researchers know about nutrition and cancer.

Jennifer Waak is offering “Energy Bank Bootcamp.” The Energy Bank Bootcamp is a 6-week virtual camp that helps you develop habits that give you more energy and make you more productive — and better looking, too. Spend just 6 weeks tuning up so you can feel amazing all year long. 6 tele-classes starting in January 2012.

Jessica Ryan Gostin is offering “Find Your “Ohm”: Meditation for Engineers.” Resistance may be useful in a circuit, but not so much in your life. Resisting our present moment and instead living in either the painful past or scary, imaginary future is like ignoring that intermittent but persistent bug. If you don’t give it attention, it will eventually bite you. Meditation serves as a practice for staying in the present moment, which will bring you all sorts of benefits including productivity, meaningful relationships,
authenticity, and spending more time “in the zone.”

Kristin Stevens is offering “UN-Wind Your Monkey Mind.” Do you have a “monkey mind?” You know, where your thoughts jump all over the place and keep you distracted from what‘s important? Is your internal dialogue negative and, frankly, exhausting? Do you long to incorporate the calm you experience after a yoga practice into your everyday life? “UN-Wind Your Monkey Mind” is a 90-minute tele-class designed to teach yoginis and healers an effective and versatile tool that can be used to clear your own inner clutter or that can be used with your clients. The class will be held on Wednesday, October 12th, from 1:00-2:30pm EST. Don’t worry if you can’t make the live class: the recording will be sent to anyone who registers.

Laura Lee Bloor is offering “Escape the Cubicle Faster: How to Naturally Increase Your Energy.” Are you exhausted from juggling work and family? Are you too drained after work to devote time to your side hustle? Do the cups of coffee you drink per day outnumber the hours of sleep you get per night? I thought so. There is a better, healthier way to have more energy. I’ll show you how you can naturally increase your energy and help you create an individualized action plan so that you can accomplish more every day.

Margie Beiswanger is offering “10 Secrets for Inner Peace.” It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and worn out with today’s hectic pace, isn’t it? We know that we need quiet time in our schedule and that we shouldn’t let external circumstances get to us. But the question seems to be, how to do it? Apply the 10 secrets outlined here and learn to create a sense of calm and tranquility – no matter what’s going on in your life.

Max Daniels is offering “Basic Meditation for Busy People.” A non-religious class for people want to meditate, but think they can’t. If you have 5 minutes a day, can eat dinner sitting up, and have ever noticed what you were thinking, you can have a simple daily meditation practice capable of transforming your whole life.

Natalie Currie, The Wayfinding Coach is offering “Resistance is Futile: I’m Positive!” Stop getting caught in the dangerous disappointment – negative self-talk – blame/ loathe cycle. In this half-day workshop you will discover skills and tools hand-picked from positive psychology, brain-based and strength-based coaching so you can put fear in its proper place. You will discover what resistance is, how it shapes your life, and how to optimize resistance so you can: create a high-performance team, finish your year-end report, complete your Master’s Thesis, or lose those last 15 pounds.

Wendy Beall is offering “The Cure for Everything: Using Deliberate Relaxation to Create a Whole New You” Has the pursuit of health become just another thing that’s stressing you out? Tame your health to-do list with a 1-item to-be list! Learn the power of practicing deliberate relaxation, a scientifically proven way to improve almost any kind of physical and mental health issue, as well as a being a counter-intuitive approach to accomplishing more with less effort, less stress, and more fun. What you really want is to feel better now. This class will show you how.



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24 Responses to “Announcing … Fantastic Fall Line-up of Classes from Power Teaching students”

  1. Linda Dessau says:

    Congratulations, everyone – these are some great looking classes!

  2. Prime says:

    It is indeed a bumper harvest! Congrats to Pam and all Power Teaching students 🙂

  3. Rena says:

    Awesome lineup! I’ll definitely be signing up for several of these programs…and when is the next session of Power Teaching? 😀

  4. What an AMAZING range of classes! The only problem is how to narrow it down and choose:) Super-inspiring stuff from everyone featured in this post. Count me in for the next Power Teaching Challenge: it’s obviously the key to making good thing happen! Wishing everyone huge sucess.

  5. Thanks Pam! It was an excellent class with great content and an amazing group of people. You really can’t beat that combination 🙂

  6. fas says:

    This is excellent however you should increase the reach to other counties as well.

  7. […] people who joined Pam Slims ‘Power Teaching’ program have gone live with their courses. Check them out and share the […]

  8. Ngee Key says:

    This is one of the best class I have attended. Not only you will get great advice from Pam, but the support from each other is tremendous. You have no time for procrastination over whether you should or should not launch your new program. The fear or worry is removed in such a fantastic community. Everyone support, encourage and give a little push to make our dreams come alive : )

  9. Ok I’ve already signed up for two – it’s like going into TarJAY – I usually want everything.

    My two faves: Max Daniels’ meditation class & Katie McClain’s Monster Talk. Possibly in reverse order. I need to talk to my twins about all those “monster” thoughts and then meditate with Max ! Oh Kristin Stevens is so awesome as well – yikes – need to go back and unwind my monkey mind – I’m sure it’ll be in overdrive after meditating on monsters.

    I’ll stop my non sense – these classes all look fantastic. It’s so wonderful that they had you, Pam, to bring all these awesome ideas to life!

  10. Very cool – congratulations, everyone! Of course, I’m not surprised at all to see that Pam has attracted a group of wonderful, smart, creative, and NICE people. Hope the courses go well!

  11. Gail Gaspar says:

    Way to walk your talk, Pam. Your expertise,generosity and community building has provided the fire I needed to make my Superwoman class a reality. Thanks for holding our space and dreams–all 150 of us. The list of classes is amazing and the energy is contagious!

  12. The amount of resources we got access to in this class blows my mind! Thank you SO much for the amazing opportunity, Pam! This was just the kick I needed to jumpstart things for myself. I’m so thankful and grateful to be in such stellar company.

  13. You rock, Pam! I cna’t believe how generous you were in teaching this class, giving us individualized feedbac, AND advocating for our classes here on your blog. HUGE gratitude for the help, insights and HUGE motivation to create the best class I’ve ever offered.

    We rock! I’ve rubbed elbows with some fantastic people in this class. Wishing all my peers great success and powerful teaching!

  14. Karlene Cameron says:

    It’s so wonderful to see my class featured live! Thanks for the opportunity, Pam!

  15. Pam, it was such a treat to be in your wonderful Power Teaching class! I learned a lot from you, and BOY did it provide a great incentive to get my first playshop scheduled, UP and OFFERED!

    THANK YOU for the class, and for sharing everyone’s offerings here. I feel honored to be in such talented company. 🙂


  16. Fabulous line up! I’ve got my first sign up for the Social Media course already, woo to the hoo! Thanks for the platform, Pam 🙂 Excited to see everyone’s classes, so damn COOL.

  17. Pat Katepoo says:

    There are at least 10 classes here that I want to attend. What a creative and diverse group. Glad to be a part of it.

  18. Bill Rosner says:

    Thank you so much Pam, this class was awesome!

    I agree with Mimi, it’s definately humbling to be a part of this group of talented individuals.

  19. Fantastic classes! Thanks so much for this opportunity! The class was awesome!

  20. I am so impressed with these classes and frankly humbled to be a part of this. Thanks so much, Pam. You are an awesome midwife! I think we could put these together and start an online college. Maybe we could call it, ‘Life, Your Way’.

  21. Shelley West says:

    Awesome work! Congrats to everyone. When’s the next class? 😉