The best path to freedom? Claim your authority

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What is a Fourth of July without a pep talk? Do you do pep talks for Canada Day too?

If not, let’s set the precedence.

(If you can’t see the video player, watch on YouTube here)

Do you want to see success and growth in yourself and your business? Claim your authority. Be a professional. Don’t wait for someone to grant you permission to do what you want.

The great folks I talked about were:

Steven Pressfield – Interview here

Derek Sivers – Interview here

Lori Jordan (her story will be featured soon on Side Hustle and Flow) –

Willie Jackson – Interview on Blogcast FM here

Let’s fire it up, shall we people?


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8 Responses to “The best path to freedom? Claim your authority”

  1. You also need to identify a niche. The days of being a generalist are over. The days of being a well-defined specialist are here. The well-defined specialist can then concisely claim their authority and realize more success.

  2. Thank you for this post!
    I find it interesting that if you “claim your authority”, you begin to hold yourself to a higher standard. If you strive to be an authority in whatever subject/field you choose, you will do whatever you can to learn and perfect your knowledge and craft. If you claim it, you will (within reason) become it.

  3. Yesterday, I watched a show on NBC RE: how social media is changing national politics. I kept getting the feeling that social media is upstaging all the journalists on the show, and they do not know how to adjust.

  4. Fattore Zero says:

    Great Video, Pam 😉

  5. fas says:

    Excellent talk there. Its so true social media is emerging big time!

  6. John Richardson says:

    I think you’ve really hit on something, Pam. Speaking with authority is so vital in today’s connected world. One of the best ways to build authority is to read and connect with people in the know. In my field of Personal Development, I try to read a couple of books a month and interface with others in the same niche. If you are willing to listen and learn, you’ll soon build rapport with some of the top voices in your industry. With social media, you may find that you can actually talk with authors, researchers, business people, and even CEOs. Its actually possible to interface with the actual decision makers via Twitter, Facebook or Blog comments. What a great time to be in business!

  7. Tamara says:

    Thank you Pam for a great video! Taking authority is key as well as being confident. I have gotten out of my comfort zone so much in the last year. I eat, sleep and breathe my business. I’m still in a cube, but I’m so excited about the potential of my business today as well as in the future.

  8. Excellente message Madame Slim! Confidence rocks and the more action one takes, the more of that one creates. Approach it as a professional also means not taking it personally and focusing on the growth. Love that thought! Happy 4th of July from Canada’s happiest and most successful Coach & Online Scannerpreneur, as defined by her. Much love!