“Do whatever the hell makes you happy” interview with Derek Sivers

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Before I interviewed CD Baby founder Derek Sivers, I asked my Twitter followers “What questions do you have for @sivers?”

Someone asked “How extensive was his business plan?”

When I asked him that question, he started laughing, because the founding of what would become a multi-million dollar powerhouse in the world of independent music distribution involved no planning at all.

In fact, as a professional musician, Derek only started the company so he could sell his own CDs.

The lessons he learned from “anti-planning” and growing a business that eventually sold for $22 million dollars are summed up in a wonderful new book from The Domino Project called Anything You Want.

I loved Derek’s fierce focus on freedom and happiness, two values that I resonate with deeply on my own business journey.

Enjoy our 30-minute conversation, and pick up Derek’s brand new book Anything You Want (which comes with 200 of his favorite songs) on Amazon here. (my affiliate link) I think you will smile often, as I did throughout the conversation.

Download the mp3 directly here.

Find out more about Derek at http://sivers.org

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9 Responses to ““Do whatever the hell makes you happy” interview with Derek Sivers”

  1. Paul Fountaine says:

    Just read “Anything You Want” and I have to say that the simplicity of Derek’s path and his decision making process was awesome.

    I appreciate the Domino Project and very much appreciate the openness in which Derek shared his story. Fantastic job.

  2. Teressa says:

    Thank you for the interview. This was helpful to me as a future dating consultant in Denver. “Staying fiercely focused on just helping people”. It’s perfect. I’ll be picking up the book too.

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  4. Great, just excellent. I am so inspired. Thanks for sharing.

  5. fas says:

    Very well said, if ur happy ur never pinching urself to work.

  6. Oh this is fantastic, Pam. Thanks for sharing. I just heard about this book today and am so psyched to hear the mp3 interview. CD Baby was/is a stroke of brilliance and I love that he created something using himself as the target market – amazing story.

  7. Richard says:

    Derek is affirming what I have learned from being in business over the past couple of years. Follow your inner compass and you can’t go wrong. You can CHOOSE to make your business an empire or keep it small and maintain a lifestyle you are comfortable with.

    • keith levene says:

      A plan is the path to restriction. People who are capable of upgrading their mind set are not common. Its great hearing Derek re affirm my own recent discoveries re following an inner drive when conventional wisdom suggests you’d be swimming against the tide. Maybe that’s what you want to do? Can you get different results from the same situation depending on the meaning you project into the experience? Again this comes up on Derek’s blog. This is all about truthfulness. Was it an unwritten rule that it isn’t ok to do it your way? It has always felt that way to me which has led to endless soul searching and procrastination in the past. JUST DO IT! People rarely face themselves. It doesn’t pay…but it does pay off.
      Its all ‘game theory’ Its up to you to change the game. One’s personal time is precious.