10 ways to maintain your sanity while hustling your startup

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Last week, I was the keynote speaker at the Willamette Angel Conference, an exciting and dynamic all-day event where 6 lucky startups got to pitch their businesses to angel investors, for an ultimate $200,000 prize.

The grand prize winner was Montrue Technology, an Ashland-based Company who developed an emergency department information entry system for the iPad, solving the problem of how to get critical data into electronic form as required by recent legislation. The idea promises to offer hospitals a profound return on their investment.

You can get a taste of the conference here:


I narrated my presentation as a takeaway for attendees, and also wanted to share it with my own community.


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11 Responses to “10 ways to maintain your sanity while hustling your startup”

  1. personally, a successful career kept me relaxed while i was building my business, knowing that my bread and butter was stable and being provided. thus…no pressure

  2. Kelly Austin says:

    This is what I actually need right now. Thanks for a wonderful presentation Pam!

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  4. Prime says:

    Pam, this is one webinar that I really needed to watch as I just set up my own copy writing business. It’s a side hustle (so yes I’m still holding down a job and writing my thesis. Good thing I’m still single). I have my own posse, but I def need my council of Jedi Knight. Will be signing up for Escape from Cubicle nation community.

  5. Eleanor says:

    Thanks much for this Pam. The Wheatgrass instead of crackpipe was a really timely reminder for me!

  6. Fred Leo says:

    That was excellent Pam. What a great lecture.

  7. Steve says:

    A beautifully accurate, insightful and useful presentation. I just posted a link on twitter. Thanks!

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  9. fas says:

    Excellently said, I totally agree with this new 10 ways. It can be very useful for new companies or proprietors.

  10. hoongyee says:

    hey pam, thanks for putting that together.

    i love having a short list to stick on my inner refrigerator or on my forehead as i go about changing the world and building empires.

    i think #10 focus on your customer could be spun into other helpful posts or late afternoon yoga class mantras like

    love your customer
    listen to your customer
    do something unexpectedly amazing for your customer

    how do i know this works?

    i apply this technique to my husband, my favorite customer. so far, so good! especially the unexpected part. keeps him off balance.

  11. Great breakdown Pam. I like the mantra for square one!

    It’s such an important part. Surmounting that, and paying attention to yourself (and what’s important) is certainly king in the initial stages.

    I like the idea of going crazy with creating ideas and not censoring yourself.

    Very solid stuff.