Team Challenge: High Value Activities and Wielding a Small Stick

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Happy Friday!

I got really inspired by my interview with Steven Pressfield this week. For those of you who don’t know Steven, he is a best-selling novelist and author of the classic War of Art, required reading for anyone who aims to use their brain to earn a living (thinking that may include you all 🙂

In the interview, he asked me if I viewed my job as coach as someone who holds my clients accountable for getting their goals accomplished. I told him that I don’t really see my role that way — my role is to help you discover your own intrinsic motivation so that you don’t have to lean on me or anyone else down the line to do your great work.

He used a lovely metaphor to reflect back what he heard — asking if it was like being the stick a brand-new plant leans against until it is strong enough to grow on its own. I love that!

So may I wield my stick gently? Here is a video update in which I share a few tools and issue a challenge.

By Monday, April 25:

  • Name 1-3 High Value Activities you want to accomplish for the week on this forum thread
  • Use notecards or post-it notes to call out specific Create tasks that you need to complete in order to finish your High-Value Activities
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