Welcome to the Escape Community Launch!

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Hello new Community members!

I am so excited to welcome you “behind the curtain” of Escape from Cubicle Nation, where we can all share information, collaborate, toss around ideas, experiment and get questions answered.

For those of you who have spent time with me, read my book or read my blog, you know that I am fiercely committed to experimentation, testing and failing fast, camaraderie and progress.

I get very, very excited when I see things happen. Businesses bloom. Ideas clarify. Cash registers ring.

So let’s do this thing!

Here is how you can get started:

  • Watch my welcome video (shot by the talented Amanda Wang)
  • Read the PDF under the video to get an overview of what is in the Community
  • Poke around in the Resources section (there will be a lot more added in the coming weeks and months!)
  • Check out the Trusted Advisors – they are an amazing group of people! If you need really specific work done, they are the ones to hire — I have referred tons of business to them, and always received wonderful feedback from my clients.
  • Jump in the forum, introduce yourself, and start talking with each other! The forum threads may feel quite empty at first, but just you wait, the more people who roll in, the more they will fill with great wisdom and support.
  • Mark your calendars with the call information. We will always have 2 calls a month, the Q&A with me to address specific questions raised on the forums, as well as a power education call with one of the Trusted Advisor members.

I guarantee this Community will change and grow as we start working together and figure out exactly what we need to get great results. I am open to feedback and suggestions — use the Support form to share ideas!

As we get started working together, let me ask you a question:

What do you want most out of this Community?

Go to the Forum (click the menu item named “Forum” right above my welcome video) and in the first section, “New Here?” respond on the thread called “What do you want most out of this Community?

Thanks for trusting me with your investment. I aim to help you get tremendous returns.


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