How not to appear as a desperate suitor when selling your services

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Those of you who have been around Escape for awhile know that I love to use dating metaphors when talking about sales and marketing. Part of the fun of such metaphors is that most people in the world have experienced humiliation and agony in pursuit of one they love. I still haven’t gotten over the fact that Mike Keller wasn’t interested in dating me in 7th grade.

Today I had the honor of writing a guest post on Copyblogger explaining in detail the correlation between dating and selling, and how knowing the natural steps in the sales process will make you much more effective and comfortable selling your services.  An excerpt:

The agony of a bad date for most people is matched only by the agony of a really bad sales call. Thankfully, I’ve got a few methods that will help you avoid both.

Just like customer relationships, selling and dating have some striking similarities:

  • If you really, really need a sale (or a date) the likelihood of you getting some action drops significantly
  • If you have the thought “I have to make this one work,” in the first interaction, you will crash and burn
  • Self-confident individuals who enjoy the process have the best outcomes

Read the rest here! How to Turn Dating Agony into Sales Success

The post happens to correlate with the release of my new product on Monday: Ethical Selling That Works. Love that timing! 😉

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2 Responses to “How not to appear as a desperate suitor when selling your services”

  1. Hey Pam

    Just a random side note. I’ve been taking your marketing advice and it’s been helping me immensely. Even better, your marketing advice is helping my dating life.

    Perhaps you need a “what marketing can teach us about dating” book.

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