New look, new things brewing at Escape from Cubicle Nation!

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Hello dear friends!

Today is an exciting day of adventure and new beginnings for me. My big brother turns 50 years old today (Happy Birthday Brian!) and my website gets a brand new look.

As I mentioned in my recent post about Growing with Your Business, this year is all about creating useful products and services, based on concepts and tools I have been using with one-on-one clients for the last five years.

While I adore working hands-on with my clients, it has added up to many, many hours on the phone, and less free time to chase after my rapidly-growing toddlers (see Josh’s newly lost front tooth?).  It is the right time to package some of this knowledge so that I can reach a lot more people, and work in a way that is in harmony with my health and family needs. I will continue to do some one-on-one work, but with fewer people.

My hope is that with a more efficient use of time and resources, I will be able to get my new book scoped out and written! I have so many ideas and stories for it in my head, and just need the time to put my fingers to the keyboard.

The first products to be released?

Ethical Selling That Works, a self-study program that will help you get much more comfortable selling your products and services, will come out on February 14. It is based on a successful teleclass that I taught in December to an enthusiastic crew of 100 entrepreneurs.

Escape from Cubicle Nation Community, a monthly membership site that will be a bustling place inside this blog where you can connect with peers, vet business ideas, read hand-picked pragmatic articles and get advice from me and my soon-to-be-announced Trusted Advisers Council. It launches on February 28.

Next up in March and April?

I will be working on a new product made for those of you who are doing the side hustle — working on a project on the side of your busy day job.

For the coaches among you, I am leading another program of Career Invention Certification with my partner Michele Woodward, starting on March 1.

I also plan to do another 4-week teleclass — I have a few ideas, but welcome suggestions from you as to what will be the most timely and useful.

I will be moderating a panel at South by Southwest Interactive in Austin Texas on the Care and Feeding of Blogs and Book Contracts — If you are going to SXSW, please give me a shout out on Twitter so we can meet up! @pamslim

Special thanks

I want to thank my awesome partners from Out:Think Group who took on this site redesign, and will be supporting me this year as I develop more web-based products and services. @timgrahl, @jhinson and @brianmorykon, you are a delight to work with, and I look forward to growing my business with you this year!

I feel energized, enthusiastic and optimistic about 2011. I hope that all the internal changes to my business will mean more blog posts, useful advice and support for you, the real heroes who are out there creating value in the economy with new businesses, and creating joy in your lives by doing the work you are meant to do.

If not you, whom?

If not now, when?


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30 Responses to “New look, new things brewing at Escape from Cubicle Nation!”

  1. Love the new look, Pam!

    Thanks for the ongoing inspiration.

  2. Thanks Pam for being such an inspiration. Like you, I’m rebranding and refocusing my conflict management work and didn’t quite know how to elegantly share the shift with my peeps until now.

    Maybe your Ethical selling project and my Pitch Party should go on a date? 😉

  3. Steph says:

    The new site looks great! And I’m looking forward to what you have in store for us that are working the “side hustle!”


  4. Lisa Guida says:

    Hi Pam – Great new look and new activities to go with it! Congratulations! Can’t wait to see more.

  5. Lexi Rodrigo says:

    Congratulations on the new look of your site, Pam! Sounds like you have a lot of exciting things planned starting on Valentine’s Day 🙂

    I wish you all the best and can’t wait to hear what you come up with for the rest of the year.


  6. Torrey says:

    Kudos to Out:Think for the design and congrats Pam on all the cool stuff happening. Can’t wait to see it unfold this year.

  7. Lisa Stoops says:

    Love the new look!

  8. Rikk Hansen says:

    The new look is beautiful Pam.
    Post photo with your kids is a nice touch too!

    Best wishes for a prosperous and creative 2011.

  9. Great job with the new design! I’m looking forward to hearing your talk at SMAZ this Friday.

  10. Pam, the new site is terrific! It feels very “you” — a great match for your brand of energy, expertise, and support.

    And congratulations on your new business direction for 2011. Once again, you are modeling for the rest of us entrepreneurs how to “say No in order to say Yes.” We look forward to seeing what your Yes will bring to the world in the new year! Best to you (and your family!) as you continue on your journey.

  11. Samuel says:

    This is awesome Pam. Love the new design of your blog. Can’t wait to get your new book 🙂 thanks so much.

  12. Laura Click says:

    The new site looks beautiful on you, Pam! And, I can’t WAIT to hear about all of the wonderful things you have in store for this year. Here’s to a super awesome 2011!

  13. Leisa LaDell says:

    Beautiful, Pam. Thanks for being such an inspiration and wonderful mentor.

  14. Andy Pels says:

    Looks great, Pam.
    And even more importantly, I love sensing the excitement you have for the strategic shifts you’re making this year. It’s contagious!

  15. Pamela says:

    Big huge, heartfelt thanks to all of your for your kind words!

    If you have ever been through a major website redesign before, you know that it is kind of terrifying — I kept thinking “I hope they like it! I hope they like it!” And given the wonderful wave of support today, I think it is safe to say they do.

    Kudos to the design go to the Out:Think team — I just gave them a big list of expectations, and they worked their web voodoo magic.

    To a great year for ALL of us!


  16. Kyeli says:

    Ooh, it’s so beautiful, Pam! Well done. Good growth mojo to you, too!

  17. Wilson Usman says:

    I like the new look wow! Look smooth and shiny! Man I want my site to look as professional as you guys.

  18. Whoa, check out the new EFCN! You’re even more of a rockstar than before. Well done and I hope to see you again soon…

  19. Congrats on all the great stuff you have coming out, Pam. I just listened to your call the other day with Charlie, and yes, you’ve become the person I want to work with as soon as I’m able. In the meantime, I’ll be revisiting your book…

  20. Kim Lampe says:

    I admire you so much and I am so happy to hear about the new stuff coming out!!!

  21. Heyyyyyy congrats on the redesign!

  22. David Wang says:

    Looks great! I’m excited for the new look and all that you’ve lined up for 2011.

  23. Jeff says:

    Cool. Clutter-free. Easy to read. I like it!

  24. Kyle says:

    What a fantastic new look! Congratulations on the redesign, and I look forward to more greatness from you in 2011.

  25. Dan Schawbel says:

    Very well laid out Pam, nice work.

  26. Beth says:

    Wow, Pam! The site looks terrific! I’m excited about the things you have planned for 2011 and so glad you’re finding a way to tend to your precious little ones while still spurring the rest of us onward.

  27. Sonia Simone says:

    Looks fantastic! I can’t wait to see what you do in 2011, it sounds like a lot of exciting stuff. 🙂

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  29. Hiro Boga says:

    Pam, your new site is beautiful! Hooray for re-visioning your business in such a radiant and sustainable way! May it be ground under your feet, and serve our world even more fully.

    Wishing you spaciousness, ease, support, and so much love as you begin writing your new book.

    xo Hiro

  30. Naomi Niles says:

    It looks beautiful, Pam. Your team did a great job!

    And good luck to you too. I’m glad to hear you’re finding a way to spend more time with your little ones. I’ve often wondered how you do it all!