More support for the work revolution: Rise of the Cubicle Farmer

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Last week, I was lucky enough to be interviewed by the lively crew from Rise of the Cubicle Farmer, AJ Leon, Melissa Leon and Tony Leon.

They are whip-smart creative entrepreneurs from New York City who had the crazy brainstorm to travel around the country interviewing people who left their corporate jobs to start a business.

They are sharing the video interviews almost as fast as they are shooting them. I was proud that in addition to my interview, they featured our local co-working space Gangplank, which is really leading edge in the field of collaborative work spaces.

The Rise of the Cubicle Farmer site is here.

If you fit the profile of liberated cubicle farmer, hit them up to stop in your state and interview you!

Here is my full 30-minute interview on Vimeo.

Full Interview with Pam Slim from AJ Leon on Vimeo.

And the interview with Chuck Reynolds and Katie Charland from Gangplank is here:

Gangplank Full Interview from AJ Leon on Vimeo.

I was cracking up yesterday when I realized that I seem to be a fixture on the “travel the country and do video interviews” circuit. Long-time blog readers may remember that Amanda Congdon stopped by my house in 2006 as part of her Amanda Across America post-Rocketboom tour, and the Pursue the Passion crew came by my house at the very beginning of their cross-country trek. (I was pregnant with Angela when they shot this footage – makes me nostalgic!)

All we need to do now is convince Matt Lauer he needs to do a road trip to Arizona. 🙂

Enjoy your weekend!

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7 Responses to “More support for the work revolution: Rise of the Cubicle Farmer”

  1. Usama says:

    Thanks for sharing the video. Its very fascinating.

  2. Kelly says:


    Thank you for sharing this video! I’m looking forward to ordering a copy of your book and sharing it with my friends.

  3. Courtney says:

    We hadn’t heard about AJ until reading your post, so thanks!

    Pamela, we haven’t been fortunate enough to interview you (yet 🙂 but we definitely love the folks over at Gangplank.

    Having had the opportunity to interview them back in August, they are one of our most popular interviews. You can view at

    They’re definitely innovative and we get a lot of questions in our travel from people wanting to know “how Ganglplank makes it work.”

    • AJ Leon says:

      Hey Courtney, checked out your site. Lovin what you do. You definitely should meet up with Pam, she in not only ridiculously intelligent, she is one of the most unique and kind people I’ve had the chance to meet in all my travels.

      ps – indeed Gangplank kicks ass. 🙂

  4. Hi Pam,

    Love this post. I have heard you speak and come from time to time on your blog. I need to come more often. 🙂 I escaped the Cubicle Nation over a decade ago, but still remember being on the 10point of your scale. LUCKILY I did get sick, and had the time to reevaluate. I have yet to stop tapping into the creative side of myself. My favorite quote (which I will use with friends that are still stuck) from the video is “Hating your job is not a business plan!”. Thanks for what you do!

  5. AJ Leon says:

    Pam, I cannot express to you what a fabulous time we had with you. I just expected to have a quick 10 minute interview and then get out of your hair. The time we spent with you around you dining room table with your family was so precious and meaningful to us. It was a truly a highlight of our trip!! Thank you for being you, Pam. Hugs to the family. 🙂