You don't need permission

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It’s official — another dream come true. Hugh McLeod of designed a business card for me.  Here is his explanation. Thank you so much Hugh!

I have been a huge fan of his work dating back to when I had three daily readers. His creativity and insight were very inspiring, and still are.

My clients will laugh at the “you don’t need permission.” Now you will believe me, right?

This is part of a new series he is doing called The Daily Bizcard. Yesterday’s was a classic gem, dedicated to the marketing wizard Brian Clark of Copyblogger.


To really understand Hugh, get his book Ignore Everybody. The title says it all, doesn’t it? 🙂

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8 Responses to “You don't need permission”

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  2. Rob L says:

    Thanks for introducing us to Hugh, Pam. Cool style.

    Here’s to giving ourselves permission (to act.)

  3. After reading your book I was inspired to create a series of free workshops helping businesses use Social Media. While I’m by no means an expert, I do know a lot of talented smart business owners who’ve already figured this stuff out. Now the first workshop is less than two weeks away and I’m lining up others to teach more.

    Thanks for telling me to claim that authority!

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  5. Cool post. I’ve heard good things about that book “ignore everybody”. You do not forget a title like that one in a hurry.

  6. Martin says:

    That’s a great business card! I would add that you need a few people who say that what you are trying to do cant be done. Wanting to prove naysayers wrong is a great motivation!

    [I misspelled the address to my own blog in the previous comment. Not sure if anyone will click on the link anyway, but well…, I corrected it here, so please dont approve the previous comment I made]

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  8. Felix Leong says:

    Hope it wasn’t just me noticing that he caught your “evil plans” smile perfectly ;-).