Expand our markets, one segment at a time

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I am happy to report that your enthusiasm is high for a blog series on expanding our markets.

Mine is too!

So I will kick things off tomorrow (Tuesday), with the “Professional services” category.

My vision is to share some starter ideas in the original post, but then let you all go crazy as you add ideas and links. The more specific the better.

And I had the idea last night that if we gather really great info together, I could compile it in some useful form, like an ebook. Let’s see what we create through the posts, then if it warrants life beyond the blog, I will let you guide me to the appropriate shape/form.

To new markets!

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6 Responses to “Expand our markets, one segment at a time”

  1. […] to helping other escape from the corporate abyss. Right now she has an entire series of posts on expanding markets. She is a true confetti […]

  2. Great idea, Pam. Several of my clients, colleagues, students have referred you to me, and now I see why: We’re symbiotic, you’ve got good ideas, fun content, we like helping smaller businesses, and we both escaped cubes. Look forward to hearing responses on this topic you posed.

    If this is what you seek and you find it useful, I’ve tons of low cost reports designed exactly to help Professional Service providers think through, plan and grow their businesses: http://www.allisonbliss.com/resources.htm & tons of free tips at my blog: http://www.allisonbliss.com/wordpress/.

  3. fas says:

    cant wait to read this up. I think expansion should be on going and if you dont expand you will stagnate.

  4. LoJo says:

    This is such a great idea! I can’t wait to read your first post tomorrow… and all of the comments/suggestions that come in from the readers. Will be enlightening for sure!!

  5. Andy says:

    Great news! I’ll check back later today to see what you have to say!

    The ebook idea is a cracker too.

  6. Yael Grauer says:

    What an awesome idea! Been thinking about this a lot as it pertains to copywriting– how many websites I come across that have outdated ‘coming soon’ sections that are screaming for a writer, and how few of those people know where to go for one. Or when I share a resource with someone who’s not running their own business, and it’s super helpful for them and they had no idea it was out there.