Happy 5th birthday to this blog’s primary inspiration

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IMG_0187 Five years ago today, I was marveling at the miracle of my first baby, Joshua Littletree Slim.

Three months later, as I was holding him close right before a conference call for my old consulting business, I tensed up at the thought of re-engaging with a project that was not of interest to me anymore. Immediately, I felt his little body tense up too.

That was enough to say goodbye to my consulting business.

As the months went by and I immersed myself in being a Mom and starting a new coaching business, he continued to inspire.

Walking around the island in my kitchen rocking him to sleep, the name “Escape from Cubicle Nation” popped in my head.

Pushing him around my neighborhood in a stroller inspired my most popular blog post ever, Open Letter to CXOs Across the Corporate World.

And in the years that have followed, his humor, fierce protectiveness of our time together and low tolerance for me being distracted on Twitter have shaped how I spend my time and structure my business. Choosing between a crack pipe and a shot of wheatgrass juice is one example of what our connection inspired.

So no, you don’t lose your brain when you become a mother.

Thank you Joshua for your love and patience. Happy Birthday. I am one lucky mom.

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21 Responses to “Happy 5th birthday to this blog’s primary inspiration”

  1. DSLR-A900 says:

    magnificent submit, very informative. I’m wondering why the opposite experts of this sector don’t notice this. You should continue your writing. I’m sure, you’ve a huge readers’ base already!

  2. Robin says:

    Happy Birthday to Joshua, and many thanks to him AND his mom for inspiring me to push toward making the move that will make me happy.

    Pam, your book sat on my desk for two months until I finally MADE the time to delve into it last week. Wow! A week of ‘messages from the universe’ culminated in my opening the cover. I’ve made time to read, take notes, read, take notes, read…. every day since …. in between writing my own blog posts, training schedule (diabetic, over-40 runner), and the daytime cubicle gig (working on THAT). 🙂

    Thanks again for your inspiration, ‘real’ voice and attitude, and willingness to share….

    Hugs from Orlando!

  3. Cahoots says:

    Beautiful post! And very inspiring. As a corporate prisoner and a new mom I am so happy to have read your thoughts..and I do believe in the same! Until a few months back i was a thriving programmer, working endless days and many a nights. I don’t think I will be doing overdoing programming anymore, I have so many new ideas! I wish to God that some of those fruition. And then I’ll have made this world a better place…and I would have improved my own life.

  4. I just stumbled upon your blog today, so belated Happy Birthday wishes to your son! After downloading and reading a chapter of your book, “Escape from Cubicle Nation”, I am convinced that you are en ex-coworker who was lucky enough to escape. No? Then you must have bugged my office. No? Is it really like this in other offices of Corporate America? Yes? Ugh!!! I’ve got to run out and get this book so that I can map my escape! Thank you for sharing your findings with the rest of us.

  5. What a lovely post, Pam. Is Joshua wearing a Spokane shirt? Not quite Yakima, but still Washington state. Yay!

  6. Michael Martel says:

    Happy Birthday. It’s great that your mom found the inspiration for this blog. It’s funny how an event sets in motion things you could never foresee.

  7. Tathagata Dasgupta says:

    Happy Birthday Joshua and kudos to you for inspiring your mom in such a great way!

  8. Best regards to Josh and many many happy returns of the day… At the end of the day if the experience is fulfilling its worth it. Thanks to both of you

  9. Dear Pam,
    New to blogging, I’m in deep appreciation of your tenure! And time to reissue your classic ’06 post Open Letter. Sobering and more true than ever.
    Maybe the wise and intutive birthday boy should do the consulting to corporate America. Amazing how children are such consistent, assertive advocates of NEEDS, something we seem to completely forget when we get inside that metaphorical cubicle. It’s sad when we hear clients identify their “business needs” when we ask about their personal needs.
    So Joshua, Happy Birthday. And may you and your generation bring us back to the deep ground of our own humanity – wherever and whatever we do.

  10. Sherold Barr says:

    Pam – you are a rock of inspiration always. Each time I see your values shine through in your writing, I love you more. The Education of Little Tree sits in a special place in my book shelf. What a beautiful name for your beautiful boy. Thank you for being true to yourself. You help us become truer to ourselves.

  11. What a wondrous reminder of how powerful it is to follow your heart. Thank you Pam, for being a beacon for us all. And thank you Joshua, for being the filament (my knowledge of electrical terminology is admittedly limited, but you get the metaphor!)

  12. lilalia says:

    To the next five years! It has been inspirational reading your blog through the years. Do keep going and all the best to you and your family.

  13. Having a three year old who is also very protective of our time together and was one of the main reasons for me to start my own business I could so resonate with this post Pamela. Happy Birthday to Joshua!

  14. Andy Pels says:

    Happy Birthday Joshua Littletree Slim! Five years old – holy moly!
    I don’t think I knew your full name before, but I must say I think it is very cool (but you probably already know that).
    I am so glad you came along in your Mommy’s life. It turns out she needed you big time, and needs you more every darn day.

  15. Jaque Lovisi says:

    Paaaaaammm!!!!! Que lindo!!! quero conhecer um dia!!!! ele e muito fofo!!!! beijos querida!!! saudades!!!! 😉

  16. Julie says:

    Happy Birthday, Joshua and Happy re-Birthday to you, Pam. What a beautiful post, recounting a conscious process to choose what is real and true. Thank you for sharing this with us…

  17. Amazing how we never know what’s going to change our lives…

    Happy day to both of you!

  18. Mark Silver says:

    Happy, happy birthday, Joshua. Thanks for keeping your mom on track. My boys do the same thing for me, so I can guess what kind of job that is- we adults are so apt to forget what’s true…

  19. Inspiration comes in many shapes and sizes. Happy Birthday Joshua. Your mom is an amazing woman.

  20. Happy birthday, Josh! Thank you for so inspiring your Mom.

  21. Hiro Boga says:

    Happy birthday, Joshua! And happy choose-your-heart day, Pam! I’m so grateful to know you.

    Love, Hiro