Ready, set, new $100 Business Forum programs open for registration!

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February has been a rocking month.

Chris Guillebeau and I  launched the very first $100 Business Forum, filled with 150 active, enthusiastic entrepreneurs. They dove into daily lessons and worked on a huge variety of different businesses, sorting ideas, testing marketing copy, exploring business models and encouraging each other through fears.

We were joined by guest stars Philippa Kennealy, who talked about business planning, and Colleen Wainwright who broke down concrete was to make your brand screamingly awesome, in a non-screamy kind of way.

(The slots fill wickedly fast, so if you want to jump in the May or June groups before reading further, registration is now officially open, here is the link)

Here is just a small sample of what people in the first group were working on:

Adam Baker from Man Vs. Debt (what a killer brand name!) launched Unautomate Your Finances


The “launch day” post explains a little more about it:

“Unautomate Your Finances is an 83-page guide to simplifying your financial life and raising your awareness in your finances. The guide outlines the theory and the principle on how Baker and his wife paid off over 18,000 in debt and saved up an additional 17,000 to take a year off and travel the world. In addition to the main guide, there is a 27-minute video interview with Leo Babauta (ZenHabits) on his financial journey, a 29-minute audio interview with J.D. Roth (Get Rich Slowly) about his thoughts on automations, and two different simple budgeting templates.”


James Cowlin got input and ideas for his “labor of love,” the delightful Project 89. He and his wife want to highlight the beauty of “The West’s Most Western Highway” Route 89. He takes stunning photographs, and he and his wife produce travel guides to encourage more people to experience the road. Please check it out, and join the “Route 89 Appreciation Society” if you want to participate in the adventure.


Tammy Strobel from Rowdy Kittens launched an awesome e-book, Simply Car Free. (I have known Tammy for awhile, so was super delighted that her and Adam’s ebook launches were covered by Leo Babauta from Zen Habits. What a way to rock the launch, I am proud of you Tammy!)


Candy Paul released The Heart of Abundance, a free “best of” collection from Candy Paull’s books. She says “Discover more abundance, encouragement, and simplicity in your life. Be present, see the divine at work in all circumstances, and experience ordinary life as sacred. Learn to practice the art of abundance as a form of spiritual awareness based in gratitude. Quotes, meditations, prayers, and instant inspiration.” Boy does that sound good!


Natalie Currie worked on plans to expand the e-products offered through her clinical research consulting practice – check out Currie Clinical Consulting. As a former learning and development wonk myself, I get really excited by how Natalie is thinking about expanding her market and offerings.

There were tons of other projects and businesses. The variety was amazing and very stimulating.

Do you want to participate?

The February and April groups filled in just over one day.

May and June programs are now open for registration.  If you want to grab a spot and have the chance to work in a community of uber smart, supportive creative entrepreneurs for an intensive month all for $100, do it now!

We will be bringing in new guest stars, expanding the resources, and building on the wisdom of each group.

And we will be adding a second level program called Into the Marketplace for the $100 Business Forum graduates who want to keep momentum going and have the lessons continue in real, live launches and marketing campaigns.

Thanks to the entire inaugural group for your enthusiasm, detailed feedback, hard work and great collaboration.  There will be other beloved groups, but none can claim first-born status. Just ask my older sister Gretchen! 🙂

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9 Responses to “Ready, set, new $100 Business Forum programs open for registration!”

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  2. Thanks Pam, I am very interested in the $100 business forum program. I have found that working with others, brain-storming business ideas; getting help, support and inspiration can help anyone achieve their entrepreneurial dreams! It is great to hear about the businesses and projects which others have launched, mostly because their success and achivements to date are inspriring. For me, this helps me to realize that with enough commitment and through working with others, I can also achieve my goal of starting a successful project. Thanks you for your great work – much appreciated!

  3. Bruce says:

    Thanks for this post, Pam. I am registered in the April group and I’ve been dying to know what kinds of businesses were launched in February group. I hope you’ll continue to report on these busiensses (and ones founded in subsequent groups).

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  5. James Cowlin says:

    Pam—what a coincidence. On the very day that we launch our sponsorship effort for our next border to border road trip on US Route 89, you link to our site with words of encouragement. The idea to have our fans participate in one of our trips came from the work done on the forum. It has undergone many changes over the last few weeks, thanks in large part to feedback from other participants. For anyone thinking about joining the next available forum, do it. It provides a very supportive and encouaging environment where you can really explore a business idea and get very sound business planning advice.

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  8. Pam – thanks so much for the link love!! And thank you for all the amazing work you do everyday. You’ve been a huge inspiration to me. 🙂