Kicking Make a Referral Week into Gear

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I am an unabashed fan of John Jantsch from Duct Tape Marketing. He is not only a small business marketing genius, he is an exceptionally nice guy.

So when he asked me to participate in the second annual Make a Referral Week movement over at his blog, I jumped at the chance.  The goal of Make a Referral Week is to publicly post at least 1,000 small business referrals on the site.  This will increase exposure for business owners all over the world, and re-energize the economy one referral at at time.

And as I mentioned in my book, the very best way to create a “gigantic love magnet” for your business is to be a matchmaker and be generous with introducing great people in your network. So I hope you jump on the referral bandwagon!

I wrote a guest post for Make a Referral Week on the topic of Bake a Referral Engine into Your Business Model. It describes how I have set up my own business to only do work I love, then surround myself with smart, capable people who can do the rest for my clients.

Check out the post here.

There are wonderful guest posts and interviews running all week at the Duct Tape Marketing blog.

Now the action steps to help get 1,000 small business referrals this week:

  1. Go to the Make a Referral Site and recommend a great small business person
  2. Spread the word about Make a Referral Week on all your social media sites

Thanks in advance for your support of small business!

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2 Responses to “Kicking Make a Referral Week into Gear”

  1. Mark R says:

    What another great idea. I love the fact that as small business owners, together we can all create a better economy, on referral at a time. I have the opportunity to present on such a subject at a presentation next week. Focusing on my current endeavor, The Confetti Project. Check it out at

    Much more to follow.

    Pam, thanks for keeping us all informed!

  2. Pam, you are truly an inspiration. Glad to see that you’ve packaged your talent in this “box” of goodies.