How to start a business without destroying your relationship

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lmb2One of the unspoken stressors for new entrepreneurs is convincing a partner or spouse that starting a business is a smart idea.

The rigors of start-up life require a whole new set of communication skills to ensure that you keep your relationship strong while you build your business.

In this 30 minute podcast interview (go here to download the podcast), relationship expert and coach Lisa Merlo-Booth gives very specific suggestions for:

  • Breaking the news to your spouse that you want to start a business
  • Talking about money and cash flow so financial concerns don’t impact your relationship
  • Creating “what if” contracts with each other to prevent stressful conversations
  • How to talk to a spouse who is unsupportive of your business idea
  • How men and women can break unhelpful gender-based patterns of communication
  • How to set firm boundaries around your work hours so you are present for your family

You can find Lisa at

She is conducting a teleclass for women starting next week:  Strengthening Your Core and Transforming Your Relationships

And the blog post I mentioned in the interview is Is Your Time on the Internet Impacting Your Children? Powerful Ways to Find Out and What To Do by Angelica Perez. It sure hit close to home for me!


Hope these tips keep your relationship sweet! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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7 Responses to “How to start a business without destroying your relationship”

  1. Paula Silva says:

    Thanks so much for the references. Much appreciated.

  2. […] What ever you two decide, make sure that the new set of rules, guidelines and boundaries don’t exclude anyone in your close personal life as this can be very detrimental to not just you but many people around you. Starting a new business is a great idea and adventure but it is not one that should ruin your personal life! As posted recently on Escape From Cubicle Nation. […]

  3. An interesting fact – the leading cause of divorce is money.

    Starting a business always includes sacrifice. I remember eating ramen noodles for 3 months when I started my company! My wife was always my best cheerleader. Without peace at home, my company would’ve had no chance at success.

    My recommendation is to be smart with your money. Don’t overspend on things you don’t need. Focus on spending your capital on activities that will generate revenue.

    For example, when I started my technology consulting business I spent most of my start-up money on computers, geek tools and marketing. It made perfect sense to buy the best tools and all the rest into radio ads. Needless to say, I was almost out of business before I even started!

    Since then I have changed my position dramatically. I don’t recommend spending on technology. I even wrote a book about it! Because of recent tech developments, “Nearly Free IT” is very real and many of my customers are benefiting from it today. And we don’t spend any money on any ads either.

    So, watch your money. Spend it only on revenue producing activities and you’ll have a better chance at success. This will keep your partner happy and give you the tranquility you need at home to have a shot at success. Plus you won’t have to live on ramen noodles.

  4. Sean Miller says:

    Interesting article. Thanks for sharing!

    Businesses shouldn´t be shared with someone you know is always going to take you down or give you a negative point of view. That goes for partners, team members, your spouse, friends and people you may be in contact with. Successful entrepreneurs need to be in contact with other successful entrepreneurs or at least those that share the entrepreneurial feeling in a positive way!

  5. […] How to start a business without ruining your relationship: a podcast with Lisa Merlo-Booth at Escape from Cubicle Nation. […]

  6. Dave Kaiser says:

    Convincing myself to start my own business was hard, convincing my wife it would be OK was just as hard. I’ll let yo know how it goes.


  7. fas says:

    How to is simple, marry a understand person :p