Come see the wonderful things my people accomplished this year!

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The fabulous and inspiring London crew of the Escape from Cubicle Nation Workshop. Photo by my favorite activist entrepreneur , photographer and friend TMS Ruge.

(Note to regular blog readers — my site crashed today, so this is a re-post of the 12/31 original. I lost all the comments, which is a major bummer, but at least my blog is back! Thanks for your patience.)

This has been quite a year.

All of us will look back at 2009 as a year of incredible upheaval, redefinition, soul-searching and creative rebirth.

I will remember it as the year when I had to opportunity to meet so many of the wonderful people in person that I had only known before online. My journey around the country and across the pond in addition to all the virtual work I did with my clients reminds me that my joy in work comes from serving people who I truly care about with work content that excites and inspires me in environments that let me be my imperfect yet enthusiastic self and freely share my thoughts and emotions.

So here is my roundup of the wonderful accomplishments of some of the people I had the honor of working with in 2009. They were either coaching clients, book tour workshop participants, or Quickstart community members.

I want to also acknowledge my clients who have done amazing things this year but are still behind the gray cubicle wall and did not think it prudent to publicly announce to their employers that they are working with “that Escape from Cubicle Nation lady.”

If I worked with you this year and left you off this list or got a link wrong, let me know!

A is for Awesome

Abigail Keyes quit her full-time job with the Federal Government and became a successful full-time bellydancer,

Adam Tolliver found a way free way for his family and friends to save and earn money by shopping and sharing The Blastoff Network!!!

Ainsley Hyman launched, the first fully-searchable online directly of horseback riding stables and retail stores throughout the United States and Canada.

Alex DiFiore took the start-up leap and joined a fledgling technology company with game-changing tools perfect for this brutal new economy:

Allan Bacon got to spread his message of fun life experiments to a huge audience by winning Chris Guillebeau’s essay contest with “Moving to Paris Without Quitting My Day Job: A Lesson in Nonconformity”

Alyce Lindquist took the plunge into community leadership as the new President of the San Francisco/Silicon Valley chapter of the Social Media Club.

Amanda Rykoff left her proverbial cubicle on November 9, 2009. She’s off to embark on new adventures in social media that even she doesn’t know about yet. And she can’t wait to find out what’s in store. She’s blogging at and of course you can always find her on Twitter.

Amy Augustine graced the pages of the recently published ”Embedding Gender in Sustainability Reporting.

Andy Pels launched a revamped version (including video) of his fasterner information website

Angelica Perez launched a “blog spa” for smart, career-minded, busy people who could use a few minutes for mental pampering and personal insight.

B is for Bodacious

Bridgette Boudreau teamed with fellow weight loss coach Jennifer Voss to launch “The Grown Up Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss.

C is for Cool

Carol Anne Wall has launched her writing resource site, The EmDashProf .

Carlos R. Hernandez exercised his passion for educating and public speaking by sharing and showing how to develop a professional presence on the social web at (56) events for corporate, small businesses, entrepreneurial and unemployed/underemployed communities.

Cath Duncan launched the Bottom-line Bookclub to help personal development junkies to discover the highest-leverage ideas from best-selling personal development books and to use those gems to take action and create more of the life they want (featuring Escape From Cubicle Nation!).

Cathy Dempsey launched her career transitioning coaching biz Pursue Your New Path Coaching in November 2009.

Charlotte Stewart led a panel for Cancer Survivors and a dialog with their doctors at the Queen of the Valley Hospital. (Char is Pam’s very own Aunt)

Cheryl Kling published a children’s book, “Nature’s Royal Tea Party” that she wrote and illustrated and is now having a blast marketing it

Crystal Williams relaunched to suss out every business model there is, because there are too many ways to make money to stay in a job you hate.

D is for Damn, That Was Good!

Diane Hunter launched her website and coaching business, After Autism to share the amazing life lessons she’s learned raising her son with autism.

David Eckoff launched his new startup for sports fans,, which was featured on ABC News.

David Rendall published a new eBook, The Freak Factory: Making Employees Better by Helping Them Get Worse.

Desiree Adaway got inspired at the August Atlanta workshop and started her blog to encourage folks to volunteer and highlight volunteer opportunities.

Denise Mironti is following her passion for food by launching “Everyday Dinners with Denise Mironti.” This is the start of bigger things to come in 2010…

Doron Orenstein took his years of web development experience and started his own freelance WordPress and user interface development company, Magnetic Webworks.

E is for Excellence

Emma Newman launched Your Nisaba , a copywriting business named after the Sumerian goddess of words and knowledge, and got a publishing deal for her debut novel . Phew!

G is for Great Job

Greg Wyman launched a web site as well as a blog

H is for Hallelujah

Hans Yeakel and his partners put the love of vintage instrument tone within reach every musician with the ToneRite.

Hiro Boga launched Become Your Own Business Adviser, a 4-month program to help creative entrepreneurs develop intuitive skills to make clear decisions for their business.

J is for Jump to It

Jacki Schklar assembled a stellar advisory board to redesign, new version debuts January 2010.

Jacquelyn Kittredge combined her love of teaching with social media – she helps small businesses navigate blogging, facebook, seo and twitter:

Jeanne Demers launched where the great girls of the world can join Ruby in making a positive difference.

Jen Gordon at Clever Twist released her most inappropriate and hilarious app to date: Replace Your Face

Jen Trulson found Freedom at 40 and launched a FREE monthly Happy Hour (via phone)- so you can freedom at any age!

Jennifer Davidson expands Reality Check Coaching LLC to include Career Services!

Jenny Blake tapped into her essential self to land her dream job as a Career Development Program Manager at Google, where she is focused on building an internal coaching program and creating scaleable Career Development tools and programs for Googlers.

Jess Ryan (the Engineering Chick) introduced her coaching to the world at

Joshua Waldman is launching a video course that will teach job seekers how to get interviews fast using social media this month.

Judy Martin, founder of launched her new web series. Check out the first webisode – Work Life Culture Post-9/11, We’re a WorkLife Nation!

Julie Stuart, visual facilitator, launched her blogsite and is now getting calls for work from all over the world, including Australia! One of those calls came from our very own Pam Slim!

K is for Killer App

Katherine Chalmers launched a software company to help customers make the most of very hour in their personal and professional lives – really proud of our new Carpe #@&+! Diem Mission Video.

Kelli Douglas launched an awesome new website and very effective coaching program for expatriates who are looking to gain confidence, success and purpose while living abroad.

Kelly Kingman launched her strategic content development business, Sticky Ebooks–incubated in Pam’s Quickstart program–just in time for her sudden liberation from the corporate grind. She’s not looking back!

Kelly Pratt let her “wildly creative soul” loose, received her life coaching certification from Martha Beck and launched her Creativity and Life coaching practice SecondStarLifeDesign.

Kimmoy Matthews made the most her curves and launched The Curvy Coach where she’s changing the shape of business BIG time!

Kristy began blogging about her passion at .

L is for Leap Forward

Larry Taylor created – Guided imagery, visualizations and meditations to reduce stress, anxiety and change the room you’re in whether it’s at home or the office. Audio/visual programs are in configurations of 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20 minute segments to use with beginning or experienced meditators and also can be looped for a beautiful visual experience in the home or office.

Lisa Horwich launched Pallas Research Associates to resolutely pursue her mission: Marketing Research for Companies without Research Budgets.”

Lisa Merlo-Booth toured the country helping smart women become smarter about their relationships. Here’s more about her message and a video clip from one of her recent seminars.

Liz Nones strapped on a jetpack and launched her photography website, PranaPix, LLC!

M is for Magnificent

Maria Millsap, Banana Blossom Press, Show your love for running. Banana Blossom press just launched a new line of t-shirts.

Marissa Bracke celebrated 1 year in business as a Can-Do-Ologist by remodeling her online headquarters.

Mark Dorosz finally got on camera and produced training that people love!

Matthew Cornell released his first productivity guide, “Where the !@#% did my day go? The ultimate guide to making every day a great workday” and the response has been fantastic!

Mike Schinkel is launching Startup Atlanta in 2010 whose 10 year plan will be to advance the technology-based startup ecosystem in Atlanta and the southeast region.

Molly Hoyne launched her online course, The Joy Equation: A 30 Day Guide to Living Life on Purpose to help 20somethings conquer the Quarterlife Crisis.

N is for Newsflash

Natalie Runyon launched a leadership coaching business Cajun Coach and partnership with The Wall Street Coach and achieved her goal of becoming an adjunct instructor for a course called Communication Leadership at NYU.

Norberto Bogard launched “Pie Derecho” magazine for the Hispanic community in New York. The January issue is already in circulation. The fourth one!

P is for Perfectly Fabulous

Pam Ballo launched The Inner Fitness Coaching Gym – learn to quiet your mind, focus your action and succeed by working out your life with unlimited coaching and free classes.

Patrick Thompson created and launched an iPhone speed reading eBook reader called QuickReader.

Patty Bunker started Clearly Simple Solutions to help small business owners with their technology challenges.

R is for Rocking

Rob Lawrence has been writing, playing and recording internationally with Agent, Red and set to launch a coaching business to support creative people in 2010 following the support of this year’s workshops and new connections.

Robyn Cobb At Cliqset, we launched our beta3 real-time community where you can share, discover and discuss your life online. Read Write Web named us a one of the top 10 real-time technologies of 2009.

S is for Sensational

Sally Robertson finished writing her one-woman show “Mother is a Verb“. She will perform at The People’s Improv Theater in New York on February 1, 2010. She looks forward to helping other creative mothers to put THEIR lives in the spotlight through her coaching work at Stand Up, Mama! (

Sandie Glass launched a new website for her new products innovation company Sandstorm inc. (we are a thinktank that transforms ordinary insights into extraordinary ideas for business growth) and became a co-author, along with Jack Canfield and Donald Trump, of the upcoming book, “How the Fierce Handle Fear: Secrets to Succeeding in Challenging Times” due out in March 2010.

Sarah Cooper launched her new-look website and blog – advice, information and inspirational stories for mid-career professionals transitioning from traditional careers to work and a lifestyle that is more “off the beaten path”.

Shelley-Ann West launched her workshops by starting with teaching the basics of mind mapping.

Stephen Kopalchick helped his wife, Stephanie, launch Snowing Scarlet, a handmade jewelry designs website to celebrate the ironies of life and to give voice to her story of art, design and redemption.

Steve Roach launched

T is for Terrific

Tanya Monteiro helps people open up about sexual abuse and starts to film her documentary.

V is for Victory

Varun Malhotra escaped the cubicle nation and started a management consulting company. A link to his blog is here:

Y is for Yowza

Yvette McIntire of, launched a virtual running group along with colleagues Susan Hyatt and Lisa Cavallaro.

In addition to my awesome clients, I want to thank the partners who I worked with this year who made my life so much deeper, richer and more fun: Bridgette Boudreau, Colleen Wainwright, Charlie Gilkey, Chris Guillebeau, Guy Kawasaki, Buck Bradberry, Jonathan Fields, Tim Berry, Matthew Scott, Martha Beck, Michele Woodward, Mike Schinkel, Ramit Sethi, Scott Rivers, Susan Hyatt , Susie deVille Schiffli and Toomas Tamsar.


My fabulous publishing team at Penguin/Portfolio makes me so proud! Emily Rapoport, Maureen Cole, Joe Perez (Pictured above) and Nick Owen, Heidi Richter, Will Weisser, and Adrian Zackheim, thanks for helping me get our book to Best Small Business/Entrepreneur Book of 2009!

And the folks who made organization and web magic happen for a variety of projects, Marta Costa, Men with Pens, Naomi Niles and Reese – I am so grateful for your excellent work and stellar support.

Finally, I want to send special love and thanks to my family Darryl, Jeffery, Joshua and Angela. Without your love, patience and support, I could not have done any of this. I love you all.

Feel free to tout YOUR accomplishments in the comments section! Happy New Year to you all. Thanks for bringing me great joy by showing up at the blog.

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16 Responses to “Come see the wonderful things my people accomplished this year!”

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  2. […] all the hard work  people have done to break out of the corporate world. It’s called Come see the wonderful things my people accomplished this year! We have to celebrate our hard work and that means bragging about how hard other’s worked to […]

  3. I never knew you came across the pond to my little old country :). I hope you enjoyed it. Did you find it crazily expensive in London?
    .-= Richard |´s last blog ..Awareness Meditation =-.

  4. Hugh says:

    Wow what a detailed post. I am a person who is extremely motivated / inspired by the success of others. To see so many others create manifestations of their own passion is so exciting. I have to check out all of these links.

    Save room under H for me for next year’s list – I’ll be there!
    .-= Hugh´s last blog ..Why I’ve Cancelled All My Magazine Subsciptions =-.

  5. Rob says:

    Thanks for the amazing connections, insights and support from your book and workshops in ’09, Pam. Keep up the amazing work.

  6. Wow! What an amazing post, just seeing all my fellow workshop peeps making things happening is so inspiring! Your workshop was excellent and we’re just getting ready for form another mastermind group based on page 135 of your fab book.
    People: if you haven’t tried the Fantastic 4 x 4 in Pam’s book, you’re missing out. Get 4 people together once a week for an hour and you can’t believe what amazing ideas you will come up with to build each others businesses and keep you all moving forward. Great stuff!

  7. Wow! You have a some great people around you, Pam. I have been checking out your blog periodically, and always find something interesting to learn or do. With this post, I could be here for a while. FunnyNotSlutty? That sounds like a laugh and a half. 😉 Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Pamela,

    What a creative way to provide due credit for your team members; something all managers should consistently work at.


  9. De M. says:

    Wow, I am eating this post up, and only up to C. All the stories and websites and new businesses are really inspiring me. I’m getting serious about my Escape. Thanks for the post.

  10. Ooh! Ooh! Me too!

    Created a new site and even earned my first revenue from it!



  11. Michaela says:

    Congratulations on all of your accomplishments. I am so inspired by your actions and look forward to 2010. I hope to gain some momentum in my journey to escaping the cubicle nation. Kudos to you! Love it!

  12. Kimmoy says:

    Wow! How cool is this?!? You’ve blessed so many in their journeys to escape from cubicle nation in a time where there was so much doom and gloom about the economy. So glad I joined in on this journey last year, definitely looking forward to what’s in store for this year – it can only get better.
    .-= Kimmoy´s last blog ..3 Marketing Opportunities for Plus Size Dating Sites =-.

  13. Tim says:

    Hi Pam:

    Thank you for a memorable 2009, which included your seminar and book. I’d consider your seminar one of my highlights of my year and I’m amazed at all the very smart, creative entrepreneurs that attended the Chicago event. I wish you and everyone in your tribe an awesome 201o!
    .-= Tim´s last blog ..The Friendship Project: Peoplescape (Part One) =-.

  14. Melanie says:

    Kudos and accolades to everyone — And wishing all of you a happy, healthy, and spectacular 2010!
    I finally got my very first self-hosted blog at the end of 2009. Yippee! — I am now the proud owner of my site. No more worries about getting shut down (you only have to experience that kind of nightmare ONCE).

    ~Melanie Kissell
    .-= Melanie´s last blog ..VIDEO TUTORIAL: HOW TO AVOID BAD PLR =-.

  15. Jeff Graves says:

    Sorry to hear about your blog crash, and the loss of comments, but this was definitely a post worth reading twice! Congratulations to everyone you mention, and especially to you, Pam, for all of the inspiration and guidance you’ve sent our way in 2009. Best wishes to all for a happy, healthy and successful 2010!!