Spreading the addiction of the TED conference one city at a time

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There are few things that get me fired up late at night like watching TED videos. For the uninitiated, TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, and is a conference that takes place once a year. The videos from TED are shared free on their website, and the talks are enough to get you standing up with your fist in the air, clutching your heart with tears streaming down your cheeks, or doubling over with laughter.

TED is undertaking a new initiative which is to encourage local communities to sponsor their own events, called “TEDx.”

We are hosting ours here in Phoenix, Arizona on Friday, November 6.

I am excited about this event because:

  • The kind of people who are attracted to TED are smart, funny, creative, enterprising and socially conscious. I can think of no better crowd to hang out with.
  • My new hometown of Phoenix deserves recognition as more than a place to watch Spring Training or where models come for rehab in fancy spas.  We are a great place to start your company, expand operations, hold events and find killer talent. And for those of you worried about the summers, don’t worry, it is a dry heat.
  • When you come to a place where people are sharing good ideas, you will ask yourself “what good ideas do I have to share?” And if you don’t have any, you will realize that you better start thinking of them. And you will get inspired to do something in your own life that makes you feel alive.  And when you feel alive, you will want to do something bodacious. And you will share the idea. And the world will be a better place.

Sign up here to attend TEDxPhoenix on November 6. You will not regret it!

TEDx events are happening all over the world. Go here to find one in your local area, and if there isn’t one, host one!

If you want to talk to others who are spearheading local TEDx events, here is a start:

  1. My awesome friend from Top Shelf Escapes) is hosting TEDxSLO in San Luis Obispo, California in March, 2010.  Check out her event here.
  2. The force of nature that is Andre Blackman is planning a special TEDx focused on public health next year. You can find him at Pulse and Signal or @mindofandre on Twitter — ask him for details once they emerge.
  3. Our organizing crew here in Phoenix are amazing. Once they recover from launching the first TEDxPhoenix, I am sure they would be happy to share lessons learned with you. Volunteer crew here. (I am listed as a “Strategic Adviser” which is a kind way of saying I do no real work except sing praises over the Internet)

If you are still on the fence, here is a selection of a few of my favorite TED talks. Do not say I didn’t warn you that they are highly addictive.

Ken Robinson on Why Schools Kill Creativity

Elizabeth Gilbert on Creativity and Genius

ZeFrank on why is the Internet so funny?

Becky Blanton, who I just discovered on TED today and realized she is the woman I talk about in my book who lived in a van down by the river! She won Daniel Pink‘s contest for the last chapter of his Johnny Bunko book, which got her a ticket to TED in Oxford, which inspired this talk.  The small world connections here blow my mind!

See you on the 6th!

And if you get so fired up at TEDx that you decide to finally start your business, attend our day-long Entrepreneur Conference on November 12. All proceeds go to a great cause, and I will be speaking alongside some other wonderful and inspiring entrepreneurs. Sign up here!

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16 Responses to “Spreading the addiction of the TED conference one city at a time”

  1. We’ve done a series on 10 TED talks that relate to drugs and addiction. Check it out!


  2. I’m completely psyched about TED too! In fact, its my first blog entry ever. It was a the perfect thing to talk about and spread the word on TED.
    .-= andrew fodra artajos´s last blog ..Homegrown Goodness =-.

  3. Ed Martin says:

    I love to put TED talks on my ipod for the gym or bus. Its my own personal creative conference.
    .-= Ed Martin´s last blog ..Why Your Business Plan Failing Can Be A Good Thing =-.

  4. Great to hear about this, Pam. I really appreciate the links to the TED talks you like since sometimes it’s hard to find the really great ones. I watched the first one & loved it!

  5. Tyler Craig says:

    This is most exciting! I’ve listen to TED talks all day in my grey walled cube. It gives me hope and joy. I may just start one here in Jacksonville, FL. Thanks!

  6. […] as an acquaintance of mine, Pamela Slim wrote in her Escape from Cubicle Nation blog: “When you come to a place where people are sharing good ideas, you will ask yourself […]

  7. I’m a TED junkie, I think I’ve watched all the episodes thaey have posted on the website, and thirst for more (It is great light rail viewing on my iPhone!)
    While I can’t afford the annual TED conference fees, events like TEDxPhx are a great substitute.

    I also like the fact the TED is starting a community for us junkies. You can sign up, meet other TED fanatics and share your favorite talks here: http://www.ted.com/profiles

    Regarding Sir Ken Robinson, I think this is one of the most powerful presentations ever. For Arizonans interested in hearing him speak live, he’ll be the closing speaker at the 2009 AZ MEGA on Education Innovation on Nov 19 in Litchfield Park http://www.ade.state.az.us/asd/megaconf/
    .-= Yuri Artibise´s last blog ..Phoenix Friends, Volume 2 =-.

  8. The TED talks always inspire and motivate me to keep thinking about what could be – and then figure out how to make it happen. 2009 has been a great year for me to get behind the info gathering and to actually take action.

    Thanks for the shout Pam! Hoping to make something of impact next year 🙂

  9. Dape says:

    Listened to Ken Robinson on Why Schools Kill Creativity I cant agree with his views more and the way he delivered his presentation was brilliant. I look forward to watching the others given the time. So much was inflicted on me from the educational system as a child its no wonder I rejected schooling for many years. To day I am fortunate to find me. I like the story about the child drawing God its so funny yet truthful. Who can deny the image of god – love it (Colloquial term from ex-miner) yow- url-doo!regards Dape
    .-= Dape´s last blog ..Developing Your SEO And Copywriting With Social Media. =-.

  10. I think that New York needs to get on board with TED. In fact, I would be super interested in learning more about being an advocate for the conference.

    Do you think that my speaking platforms are compatible with the goals of the conference?

    Recently, I spoke at the Womensphere Global Summit 2009 and was very well received.
    .-= Jacqueline Wales´s last blog ..Bad Driving is Genetic! =-.

  11. Tim says:

    Hi Pam:

    I agree with you about the addictive quality of the TED talks. Thank you for sharing the information about these talks spreading locally and I look forward to the Chicago event early next year.
    .-= Tim´s last blog ..Weekend Musical Diversion: Ryan Knorr =-.

    • Greg says:

      I would agree Tim regarding the addictive quality of TED Talks. A little over a month ago Atlanta had its first TEDxAtlanta event. I wasn’t able to make it myself but a friend attended and the feedback was great. Looking forward to attending the next one!

  12. Todd says:

    Woo hoo! Phoenix is GORGEOUS this time of year! I wish I could fly out for it. 🙂

    TEDxDetroit was a couple of weeks ago. I have heard and read glowing reports from friends and local bloggers who were able to attend.

    [I applied to go, but had to wait a LONG time to find out that I didn’t get a ticket. The announcement implied that a combination of lottery and favoritism were involved in getting selected. After the fact, someone informed me that I missed an (unpublished?) deadline. /rant]

    Please pass along to the crew doing registration to be careful not to alienate people. Spare people the disappointment, and make sure that people KNOW seating is limited. If there is a lottery involved, let them know that up front, too.

    Have fun!

  13. Robyn Seaton says:

    Hi Pam,

    I saw some of your tweets about this. I trust your judgment, so I rushed over to the TEDx website to check it out. TEDx looks fascinating, and I just bought a ticket. I’m looking forward to meeting some inspiring people and seeing some amazing presentations.

    I’m hoping this will indeed help inspire me to think more creatively and to fire me up to finally get my own business going. I did manage to escape from my cubicle in Washington, DC last year and move to the beautiful Phoenix West Valley, but I’m still working remotely for the big corporation. I think it’s time to take the next step.

  14. fas says:

    If only this thing came to more cities outside the U.S.
    .-= fas´s last blog ..Questions & Answers – Round 3 (Modification Decision) =-.

  15. TEDxPhoenix says:

    You are too modest Pam — you’ve done a lot for TEDxPhoenix and we’re extremely proud to have you on as a “Strategic Adviser”! 🙂
    .-= TEDxPhoenix´s last blog ..Re-Imagining Education with Fredi Lajvardi =-.