Response to Chris Brogan about Overnight Success

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Sitting in the Dallas airport after having spent the weekend speaking and participating in Milana Leshinsky’s Coaching Millions Super Summit, I watched Chris Brogan’s 3-part video series on Overnight Success and felt my heart melt.

I related to so much of what he talked about, since I have spent so much time this summer on the road, promoting my book.

Getting out in front of people is critical, spreading the message of hope and connection through entrepreneurship is imperative, and creating a powerful business model that serves people well and provides well for my family is a must.

Thanks Chris for starting this conversation, and for illustrating the reality of what it means to do work you are passionate about.  Here are my thoughts:

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16 Responses to “Response to Chris Brogan about Overnight Success”

  1. Conor Neill says:

    Thanks for the honesty of your video. It is rare… and therefore special.
    .-= Conor Neill´s last blog ..Lean Startup. Erik Ries. The one presentation that I would not miss as a startup =-.

  2. John Sternal says:

    Pam, thanks for the inspiration. I made sure to blog about this today with a link to you and Chris. As I mentioned, few people have the luck to truly find success overnight. But if you are always focused on the passion behind your business, it makes all the hard work rewarding.

    John Sternal

    .-= John Sternal´s last blog ..The Small Business Owner & Overnight Success =-.

  3. calgreg says:

    Not sure I get it. Which is more productive? Spending weeks away from home promoting your business, or helping your kids with their homework?

    The problem as I see it is that our business building careers overlap the important time our kids need us. I don’t know if there is an answer unless you choose a 9 to 5 job near your home. Not for me.

    • Pamela says:

      Thanks for your thoughts Greg.

      Despite my travel schedule to promote my book, 80% of my year, I am home with my kids all the time. So while the schedule is grueling in the short term, in the long term, it is worth it for me since it means I get to be totally present for my kids while doing work that has great meaning to me and impact on the world.

      There is no perfect solution, which is why we all need to find a work configuration that fits our values and priorities.

      All the best,


  4. Dape says:

    Your commitment to promote your book has inspired me to finish the one I am presently working on. It takes a great effort to juggle a busy life and engage in this type of project. By the way thanks for the shaky video its so real, engaging and off the cuff which I admire.regards Dape
    .-= Dape´s last blog ..The Focus Is On Twitter…But How Can Facebook Help Your SEO? =-.

  5. Karen Hodges says:

    I found both your response AND Chris Brogan’s video totally refreshing. As a Mom and new business owner, it is just so easy to buy into the myth of “overnight success” because we are fed this by the media. You know what I mean, the actor or dress designer who overnight makes it big. We all are drawn to the magic wand feeling of these stories, yet once we go deeper and listen to that person’s road to success there is always more to the story. The 10+ years they have been working hard at their craft or business and many times the financial hardships endured for the sake of their dream.

    Seeing both videos has had a direct impact on me for today —to go easy on myself, not push so hard, and realize that reaching the success that I want in my business is a journey and not a quick rich scheme.

  6. Fausto Silva says:

    I just saw Chris Brogan videos and i believe in what he says. For the thing about getting things done, Tom peters has great ideas on this thing too. And i am proud too tell ya that i no longer work on corporate, i am in family bussines, it was running very fine long time before i get there, so i can skip that awful part of starting. ; ) sheers

  7. David Molina says:

    Hi Pam– thanks so much for the video at Dallas airport. Like you, and many others, Chris Brogan set the record straight: running your own pirate ship is hard work, period. It has its pros and its cons. I admire you both, and to you for pursuing the book, “Escape from Cubicle Nation” and traveling across the country to share it and in the midst hopefully make an impact on people while reaping some financial and personal rewards. I try to spend as much time with infant daughter (14-months) every waking moment. If I’m meeting with my senator, or local business owners I’m bringing Maya with me. I focus 100% percent of my attention when I take her to the play ground, or the pumpkin patch. But there will be times when she’s reading on her own and that’s ok. We work on our passions because we believe in them so strongly that despite the long hours and risks we hope that it will provide a more stable, comfortable and reliable environment for our families.

    .-= David Molina´s last blog ..The Fast and Furious Online Network =-.

  8. Pam:

    I was also similarly moved by this video series. Chris Brogan is the real deal and deserves every bit of the success he’s been able to achieve.

    I also liked some of the comments, especially those emphasizing the need to slow down once in a while and trying to maintain balance. Sometimes I watch some of the really successful social media guys, including Chris, Gary Vaynerchuk and others, and I feel stressed out just by listening to them. They obviously like what they do but they seem to be living at an unsustainable neck-breaking pace.

    Caring for others is an honorable goal, but sometimes in our quest for making a big impact we forget to care for those closer to us, namely ourselves and our family, and that’s not a good thing.
    .-= Mario Sanchez Carrion´s last blog ..Free: The Future of a Radical Price (Book Review) =-.

  9. fas says:

    Where are the 3 videos, where can we see it?
    .-= fas´s last blog ..Questions & Answers – Round 2 (Purchase Decisions) =-.

    • Pamela says:

      Hi Fas:

      The hyperlink in the first paragraph of this post to “3-part video on overnight success” goes to Chris’ blog and the series.



  10. Jenny Blake says:

    Pam – thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on being out there promoting your business. Sometimes we forget that for all the “glamour” of traveling, speaking, and reaching your audience (or generally pursuing your passion with gusto) – there is a challenging side of balancing that journey with family life and other “keep me sane” activities (such as rest!).

    I’ll share a personal tidbit in case it’s helpful for your readers: my coach encouraged me to reflect on the inquiry, “For the sake of what?” What is the big, ultimate reason for doing the work that I choose and making sacrifices along the way? The reminder that will carry me through those tough, challenging moments? I don’t quite have the answer yet, but I’m honing in on it…something tells me that will be a lifelong journey too 🙂

  11. Angela says:

    Thanks for both the pointer to Chris Brogan’s posts and for your perspective. Your timing is – not so surprisingly – perfect for me! I’m so grateful – as I’m entering the crazy start up phase of my new business – to hear your voice out there calling me onward. I hope you have a few days to enjoy your family time! 🙂