Overloaded corporate employee w/entrepreneurial dreams needs your advice

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It has been awhile since I have done an “open source coaching” post.  These have been some of my very favorite times on the blog, since the advice from my readers is so specific and supportive.

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This time around, my gentle reader is, in her words, trapped in a hellish situation and wants to find a way out.  Here is the gist, edited for confidentiality.

We decided that “Manic Mathilda” was an appropriate moniker, or just “Mathilda” for short.

Her message:

The axe has fallen here in my corner of Cubicle Nation. Twenty five people lost their jobs this morning.

I’m still here, and was just informed that yet another full-time job is being added to my plate. Plus, my direct report was axed, so her responsibilities are now mine too.

So I now have three official, stated, known full-time jobs. Yes, seriously.

I want to be focused on getting my new venture up and running so I can ESCAPE this place.

And now I have three full-time jobs. Plus, my Significant Other is away now and I have that annoying perfectionist in my head telling me I’m going to fail at everything because there’s no way to get everything done perfectly.

I really want to kill that little perfectionist in my head. But I’ve heard that self-inflicted brain surgery is generally a bad idea, resulting in coma and/or death.

Big breath.


My immediate suggestion was to push back on taking on three people’s jobs, since that would be physically impossible.  She said that she had talked to her manager, who told her it was going to be necessary to work 60-80 hour weeks for awhile.  This did not sit well.

What is your best advice for Mathilda? She is not in a financial situation where she can go without working, and her budding business idea will still take some work to get up and profitable.

Bring it on smart readers, your best thinking is much appreciated!

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52 Responses to “Overloaded corporate employee w/entrepreneurial dreams needs your advice”

  1. Andrew says:

    I was in the same boat 5 years ago. Your company doesn’t deserve you. You need to get out of corporate america PERMANENTLY. Put on your gameface. Work ferverishly on a priortized list. Get your household situation in shape. Become a consultant…. do projects for one or two companies so some cash is coming in and you’ve got some flexibility….and start working on your dream….there’s my two cents……

  2. Julio Blanco says:

    I am pursuing my own entrepreneurial journey after an 18 year stay in Cubicle Nation and will never again live life any other way. I feel the crush of this situation on you and support with this advice. First, take 100% responsibility for yourself. It’s easy to slip into the role of the victim here, but don’t. Set your own priorities and boundaries with the situation and live by them. Taking this attitude will actually start to lead you down the road of being an entrepreneur. Successful entrepreneurs are not victims; they retain 100% responsibility for their life.

    The second idea is to look for the opportunity in the situation. It may look bad now (and it is), which may be just what you need to step into your true purpose in life. If it kicks you in the butt now and motivates you to take bold steps, be thankful that your true life is calling you.

    Health and prosperity to you.