I am taking the show on the road – is your city on the list?

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CamperI am exceptionally excited to share that I am heading out on the road this summer to visit with my creative, charismatic and smart blog and book readers.  I have chosen a few cities to start with that either:

  • Already have a good group of people ready to help organize an event
  • Are in locations where I will be speaking for another event

So far, Portland and the Bay Area are big hits, with Washington, D.C. and New York close behind.

Please take a look at this list of cities I plan to visit, and if yours is on the list, enter your details so I can inform you of specific dates and locations.

I plan on having both a free book event/party/gathering at each location (in the evening) as well as a one-day paid workshop for those people who want to take the content of the book and move it into specific business plans.

One coming up soon is San Diego on May 28.

In a few of the locations, I am scheming to partner with some fabulous people like Jonathan Fields in New York, but shhh, don’t tell him I said so, since we are still working out details.

Since I have little munchkins at home (aged 4 and 19 months), I choose not to travel too much, lest they wail when they miss me and fill me with despair.  So this tour is a pretty rare thing, and I will make the very most of it, enjoying my time on the road with you to the very fullest.

I hope to see you soon!

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7 Responses to “I am taking the show on the road – is your city on the list?”

  1. sherold barr says:

    Pam – I’m here in Portland, OR to help you with this workshop. Let me know what you need in terms of media, support with the day or anything. Congratulations! People in Portland would love to see you!

  2. As I’ve said —- come come come to the Phila area. I know Jamie Broderick would help organize you something great like she did with Michael Port & I’d be oh so happy to help… you know where to find me when you’re ready 🙂

    Enjoy your time on the road!

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  4. Jun Loayza says:

    Oh no, I didn’t see Los Angeles on your list! I do plan on being in Northern California June 2nd – June 6th. I really hope that your trip to Northern California lands on one of those days.

    You book hits me very strongly. I was a corporate consultant for 3 months after I graduated from UCLA. While sitting in my cubicle, I just felt like there was so much more waiting for me. I was able to leave the cubicle to start my own company, but I know so many others who are stuck not knowing what to do.

    Just stumbled and submitted your blog to Viralogy. Hope it brings you some more traffic!

    – Jun Loayza

    Jun Loayza’s last blog post..The Roller Coaster of Entrepreneurship

  5. How exciting! I’ll be at the MB Coaches Convention in Chicago, which I see is happening right after your book tour stop there, so I’m guessing you’ll be at the conference!

    Recipes for Creativity’s last blog post..Christy’s Sweet Ass Beans

  6. Tim says:

    Hi Pam:

    Wow, its cool to know you’re coming to Chicago! I’ve been reading your blog off and on for the past couple years and have always loved your writing and ideas. When I saw your book at my local Barnes & Noble the other day, it was somewhat of a surreal experience. It reminds me of when you are a fan of a unknown rock band and you see them in concert – then a few years later they hit it big and you think to yourself, “hey I remember seeing those guys before anyone heard of them.”

    I am happy your book has garnered some great reviews on Amazon. I flipped through your book at the store and really got excited – it looks awesome. I did not purchase the book the other day – and now I’m glad I didn’t because I’ll pick one up when your back here in July. Congratulations!

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  7. Good luck on the book tour. I know that Atlanta is too far given the little ones at home, but wanted to let you know that our local Barnes & Noble has your books nicely featured in the Small Biz section – facing forward instead of just the side showing. I was tempted to move them to the NYTimes bestseller list, but didn’t want to get kicked out:). Maybe I’ll get up this nerve this weekend…

    Now don’t get arrested Carrie! 🙂

    I would love to come to Atlanta and I will try to make it happen. You know that my bff Desiree lives in Americus, so an excuse to visit her would be awesome! I’ll let you know. Maybe the fall?


    Carrie Tallman’s last blog post..In the Weeds