The link between leaving your small cube and thinking big

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I think it was fate that Michael Port released his new book The Think Big Manifesto within a few days of the release of mine.

Becoming comfortable with thinking big and gathering the courage to leave a “safe” life in a cube behind walk hand in hand.

So I interviewed Michael about his book in this 20-minute conversation, where we talk about:

  1. Why you need to unhook from the “gurus”
  2. How your kids can push you to do your best work
  3. Why it is important to think big about what you do and how you operate in the world
  4. The benefits of collaboration vs. competition
  5. Our shared passion for martial arts, and the connection with thinking big

Listen to the conversation here.

And pick up Michael’s book here, or the independent bookstore of your choice.

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3 Responses to “The link between leaving your small cube and thinking big”

  1. Barbara Saunders says:

    Kristin – visit – for great resources on pet care and training businesses in general.

  2. Kristin Myers says:

    Do you know of any resources that help the disabled start a new business? I have been a dog groomer for 10 years and it my passion. I have the clientel to start my own mobile grooming business but no money to buy the van. My current employer is only paying me $75 a day and that just barely pays the bills. I bring in an average of 750 – 1000 a day for them. I know that I can make it on my own I have had a grooming business before. I had to close it due to an injury. If you know of any help please let me know.

  3. Your book and Michael’s are a great combo & i did not consciously realize it after reading both.
    Also, you might ask your readers to send you a snippet from their online review of your book (at Amazon, on their blog or elsewhere) … find a possible place for them on your blog?