Guy Kawasaki, FedEx Conspiracies and Zebras in Botswana

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Wonderful things happen when you publish a book.

I have been sitting behind my computer for the last few days, marveling at the support, creativity and enthusiasm of my blog readers. News has traveled from unexpected places, and the reception of the book has been amazing.

I updated my original “The book is here” post of April 30 with new videos and interviews. Check them out! I hope you enjoy the variety and action.

I have about twelve new, meaty, juicy posts for this blog in my head that are just dying to come out, but in the next two weeks, book promotion is all-consuming.  So here are some of the things that have been popping so you can chomp on some new content via interviews about the book.

I know many of you are working on your own books, so I look forward to your updates!


Guy Kawasaki

Those of you who have read my blog for awhile will remember my first connection with Guy Kawasaki in May, 2006, when he linked to my post Open Letter to CXOs Across the Corporate World.  This simple gesture was hugely significant to the growth of my blog, and led me to fondly call Guy my “link sugar daddy.”

Guy has been a really strong supporter of my blog, and advocate for my book.  He was kind enough to write the foreword, which was really significant to me since I loved his book The Art of the Start so much.

Guy asked me twelve questions about the book here How to Escape Mundanity.

Thanks Guy!  I owe you about 100,000 blog readers. 🙂

Dan Schawbel, the young personal branding expert who I talked about a couple of weeks ago when he launched his book Me 2.0 did an interview with me on his blog which is here.  He also invited me to contribute to his latest issue of Personal Branding Magazine, which is outlined here.  Thanks Dan!

Chris Guillebeau, the 279 Days Manifesto phenomenon whom I love so much I want to adopt, let me know that there was a FedEx conspiracy in his hometown, and he surmises that his driver must have wanted to Escape FedEx Nation, but then recanted.  See his video review here:

Zebras in Botswana

Melissa Wells took the time out of her amazing trip to Botswana to share with us what happens when you step outside of your cubicle and start to live.  See her video here!

Bob Walsh, owner of 47 Hats, my Micro-Independent Software Vendor expert extraordinaire, author and my good friend of many years gives his take on the book as it applies to software developers who want to start their own companies.  Read his review here.

Abhijeet Khadilkar of Career Tiger did a video review of the book as it relates to job seekers. I am really excited that I will be keynoting at a Career Tiger event in San Jose on June 13th (details here), along with my friends Ramit Sethi and Jason Alba. Read Abhijeet’s review here.

And finally, John Tozzi of BusinessWeek did a really nice interview about the book, which you can find here. Thanks so much for the chance to reach your readers John!

There is so much good will and good vibes floating around this book that I am just surfing the wave.  Thanks for following along with me, and for your trust and confidence.

I look forward to watching your own magical mystery tour when your dreams come true, and writing about them here on the blog.

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9 Responses to “Guy Kawasaki, FedEx Conspiracies and Zebras in Botswana”

  1. Jared says:

    Hey Pamela,

    When are you coming to LA?

    I haven’t gotten your book yet, but I’m looking forward to it. SUCH a necessary read!

    Ohh… and don’t forget my two most important sayings, “Never judge a person by the size of their cubicle” and “If it’s SUCH a great foot in the door, then you take it.” 🙂

  2. Ah! I LOVE the new design! (and of course, your book rocks too!)

  3. Mark says:

    Saw this book on the shelf at O’Hare airport and thought it might be worth a shot, little did I know that 7 hours later I’d still be reading it when I landed in Heathrow! It was a great read after a long and tiring business trip over to your side of the atlantic!

    That is so excellent Mark, I am so glad you enjoyed it!

    That is a long flight, so a good distraction means a lot.

    Good luck with your own entrepreneurial adventures!


  4. Dana Hall says:

    Hi Pamela,
    We just received your book by FedEx, no conspiracy here. 😉 I am so excited to read and learn, I may have to fight with my DH for my turn. Like every newbie, I am struggling to figure out how to promote my blog, Passionate for Life.
    Congratulations on your book release! As a former cubicle prisoner, I KNOW your book will very, very successful! Everyone who is stuck there, wants to escape . What an amazing month you will have, with your “Top Gun” experience. I look forward to reading about it.
    Dana (& Dennis) Hall

    Great to hear from you Dana! Dennis will have to thumb wrestle you hard to get the book away. 🙂

    I am really looking forward to our aircraft carrier adventure too!

    Good luck with your blog — it sounds great, and very needed!


  5. Andy Pels says:

    Well now I really need to get to that San Jose event. Maybe I can still make friends with Jason Alba.
    All of this great stuff, Pam. Right on! You know a lot of cool people.
    And it’s nice to see you back in my feed reader. 🙂

  6. Jun Loayza says:

    Wow Pam, it’s so amazing how you were able to generate such great press for yourself! How were you able to do it?

    You definitely have one new subscriber and I hope your book does amazingly well!

    Jun Loayza’s last blog post..Top Ten Gen Y Marketing Blogs

  7. Pamela-Just heard you on the local radio station here in DE. I wish I would have heard of you 3 years ago! I escaped from my cubicle 2 years ago after being stuck in it for close to 20 years. I now own a restaurant and I love it. Yes, being an entrepreneur is all that’s it’s cracked up to be, however this economy has not been the best to start a business. So much so that I will need to go back into the cubicle for a while. Which really isn’t such a bad thing and probably a good piece of advice for other escapees. Don’t burn that bridge, it very well may save you when times are tough.

  8. Jason Alba says:

    Pam, it will be a real treat to meet you in person next month! You are a rockstar in a lot of ways!

    Andy, who is Jessica Alba?? Jokes like what? :p

    Jason Alba
    :: – organize your Job Search
    :: “LinkedIn for Job Seekers” DVD (not just for job seekers)

    Jason Alba’s last blog post..Cinco de Mayo – Important to me because…

  9. Andy Pels says:

    Turnout for the San Jose event will be even better if you can get JESSICA Alba. I’m sure Jason Alba is tired of jokes like that, but…
    …see what you can do.