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After years of writing, researching, connecting and a bit of late night agonizing (at least in the last months of writing!) the Escape from Cubicle Nation book is finally ready to see the light of day.  It hits bookstores today, Thursday, April 30.

I couldn’t help but use a picture of my son Joshua for this post, since he was about this age when I started this blog in October, 2005.

Holding him in my arms  before a corporate client call one day, I had a gigantic charge of energy through my body as I realized that he picked up everything that I was feeling.  At that moment, I made the decision to stop the corporate consulting side of my business and focus on coaching budding entrepreneurs full-time.  That is what felt like the right thing to do, and when I thought about helping people who felt really stuck in corporate jobs, my whole body relaxed and I felt a quiet joy.

Little did I know from those humble beginnings that the ideas from the blog would end up taking the form of an entire book, published by a major New York publisher.  Life certainly is an adventure, and I could not have done it without you!

Today, I will be celebrating the release of the book by:

  • Sharing some videos from my dear readers who got early copies of the book
  • Talking about the whole Escape from Cubicle Nation business and brand journey with Suzanne Falter-Barns at 10am PST/1pm EST (Join us here!)
  • Posting updated news and reviews throughout the day as I talk with you and gather your impressions
  • Encouraging you to spread the word!  If you know of people who feel really trapped in their corporate jobs and could use some perspective and help, please let them know about the book. I appreciate it!

Here is the first video review, from one of my long-time and most supportive blog readers, Andy Pels (thanks Andy for the YEARS of hilarious comments and infectious enthusiasm!)

And another from the awesome Eileen, who goes into some great detail about what she connected with in the book:

My good buddy Jonathan Fields, who recently released a killer book of his own, Career Renegade (grab it, it’s great!) interviewed me about the book a few days ago.

If you haven’t yet gotten a copy, here is where you can pick it up:

Barnes and Noble
800CEORead (great for bulk orders)
Indie Bound (to find a local independent bookstore)

Check back for more updates, impressions,  and thoughts about the book from my readers.

I look forward to drinking in the day with gusto, and capping it off with some cupcakes to celebrate the birth of my latest little one.

Josh asked if we could make the book celebration his birthday party too.

Given his connection with this blog, I said “Absolutely!”

Happy birthday babies, may you continue to grow strong, happy and free.

More wonderful updates and reviews, as of 12:30pm PST, 4/30

Matt Langdon of The Hero Workshop did a personal, detailed review where he wove in his own entrepreneur journey, and hero’s saga.
Read the review here – Escape from Cubicle Nation

Video recap here:

One of the smartest and funniest humans on the planet, Colleen Wainwright, aka Communicatrix, wrote a delightful review.  She even abstained from cursing, which for her was like peanut butter without jelly.

Read Colleen’s review here.

My buddy Jay Thompson aka The Phoenix Real Estate Guy reviewed the book for his Realtor community here in Phoenix.  I see Jay at every entrepreneur/social media event here in Phoenix, and he has proven that providing good advice, a strong network and quality content can make a business weather any economic storm.

Read Jay’s review here.

The lovely Pace of Pace and Keili wrote a detailed and heartfelt review, pulling out her favorite parts. And Pace delivered the speediest 2000-word review in one minute video I have ever seen.

Read Pace’s review here.

Sophfronia Scott of The Done for You Writing and Publishing Company (formerly The Book Sistah), who worked with me on the development of outline and book content (not to mention kept up my confidence in moments of panic!) gave a nice shout out to the book on her blog.

Read Sophfronia’s review here.

And I almost missed linking to an extremely generous review from my Jedi Knight Business Plan mentor Tim Berry, founder of Palo Alto Software, author, blogger and journalist. Tim really helped me with the business plan section of the book, and he has been a steady, supportive force in my entrepreneur circle.

Read Tim’s review here.

My dear friend and comadre, the hilarious and smart branding diva Nancy Marmolejo of Viva Visibility, interviewed me for a podcast about the book the other day.   As I was talking with her, I had my abundance candle lit, eagerly calling in good vibrations for the book.  Midway through a sentence, my smoke alarm went off, and I saw that the wrapper to my abundance candle had caught fire.  After screams, dousing in water and much hilarity, we decided that working together will be a firey collaboration, overflowing with abundance.

I do admit, sheepishly, in this podcast that Guy Kawasaki is hot in real life.  I say this with journalistic detachment; the man just has charisma.

Listen in to our conversation here.

Update: More reviews and videos 5/1

The communication-savvy Chris Quick (what a great name, sounds like a superhero, don’t you think?) did a wonderful review video, complete with captions.  Just for the record, in case you haven’t read my book, the “puking in the gutter” references point to when I was pregnant. I will save my other puking in gutter references for the next book, perhaps written by a ghost writer.

The extremely wise and thoughtful leadership consultant Steve Roesler  did a review of the book on his blog All Things Workplace. We have traded many blog comments and late-night emails, and I am always struck by both his insight into corporate life mixed with a truly compassionate heart. A rare and important combination.

Read Steve’s review here.

And speaking of late night chats for years on end, my very best British brother, challenger of thoughts and marketing deviant friend John Dodds of Make Marketing History details our sordid relationship in his review.  I did meet him in person (finally) at South by Southwest and am now convinced that there is no reason not to have a picture on his blog. This annoys me to no end, to love what someone writes and not see his face, so if you can head over and tell John that you want to see his stiff British upper lip in the left-hand corner of his blog, I would appreciate it.

Read John’s review here.

Linda Vandevrede of Valley PR Blog must have inhaled the book, since she read the whole thing one day after getting it, and wrote a very generous synopsis this morning. She touted us Arizona authors with pride, citing fiction blockbuster Stephanie Meyer of Twilight fame. If I can get 1/25th of Stephanie’s bookselling mojo, I will never have to worry about how to pay for diapers again.

Read Linda’s review here.

Thanks everyone for your generosity of time and exceptionally kind words.  It makes me feel fantastic that you are finding value and utility in the book!

Regular readers of my blog, you may notice big changes today! I finally made the Typepad to Wordpress transition.  We are still working out some kinks and transferring post images, etc., but overall James and Harry from Men With Pens did a fantastic job.  I really hope you like the new look!  I feel like my words finally have some breathing room, and you can all get comfortable in the comments section. Kick back, enjoy, and I welcome any comments on the redesign.

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39 Responses to “The book is here!”

  1. John says:

    Great book. Anyone who wants to escape the mundane 9-5 NEEDS to read this book.

  2. I just started your book-I am really enjoying it so far and just wanted to let you know. CONGRATS again on getting published!

  3. Deric says:

    Hi Pam,

    I’ve read your sample chapters and I really like them a lot.

    Tried to locate your book here in Malaysia but couldn’t find a copy anywhere – has it been released here?


    Hi Deric:

    I am checking with my publisher to see the international release schedule. I know it hits the UK in July, and I will update you when I hear about Malaysia.



    Deric’s last blog post..The Problem With “Online Advertising”

  4. Erik Folgate says:

    Hey Pam,

    I am not sure if you ever wrote a timeline about how you got from blogger to book author, but I think that would be really interesting to read about. Maybe it’s in your book, which I plan on reading someday!

    Erik Folgate’s last blog post..Pick Three Social Networks To Develop Your Brand

  5. Debbie says:

    I think I promoted your book all over Chicago just by calling and visiting book stores on April 30 and May 1 to see if they had it in yet! I finally found it at the Borders on North Michigan Ave and have been relishing every page!

    Thank you so much Debbie! Your sales commission check is in the mail! 🙂

    Enjoy the book.


  6. Kathy Barlow says:

    Congratulations, Pam! My copy of the book is on the way from Amazon, and I know I will learn so much. I just had to comment when I saw your photo of you and your son. For the past seven months, I have been launching a human being and a blog too.

    Our second daughter was born in September and I took the opportunity (after many years) to jump the corporate ship and build my dream Web site. I must say there is no better training for the long hours of blogging, than late nights spent caring for a newborn. So more power to us working moms turned working mom-bloggers (& authors!), and thanks again for the inspiration.

    Oh, and nice video Andy…hi to the Pels clan.


    Kathy Barlow’s last blog post..Antique Glass Repurposed

  7. Nitin says:

    Just read the free first chapter – truly true! Looking forward to the Indian reprint sometime soon for the cubicle nation folks based out of India…

  8. Imee says:

    Congratulations on your book release! I’m sure it’ll help a ton of people to find their own “escape from cubicle nation” (pretty nifty title of your site and book by the way). I’ll let some of my friends know about it–I know a couple who are being driven insane by the corporate world lately and could use your help 😉

    Imee’s last blog post..Earn Extra Income through Online Writing Jobs

  9. […] updated my original “The book is here” post of April 30 with new videos and interviews. Check them out! I hope you enjoy the […]

  10. Dave says:

    Hi Pam,

    I just wanted you to know that we used your book in our tutorial for how to use Shazon, a new shopping application for T-Mobile G1 smart phone. I had the book handy and it seemed fitting. Also, I like how that guy on the back cover is staring right at me when I scanned the barcode.

  11. […] Barnes and Noble, and Borders, and is also available on the Kindle.   Read more about the book here.  And read about this great Arizona author […]

  12. I’m here by way of Jay T’s blog of congratulations and I wanted to extend mine to you as well. Its an amazing and encouraging story. You go girl!!

  13. dave says:

    Pam- It was fun to watch your book on Amazon yesterday. Every time that I refreshed the screen it climbed a little bit higher in rankings. I love the new site here too!

    dave’s last blog post..Escape From Cubicle Nation

  14. Alan Dayley says:

    What a wonderful milestone for you and your family! Thanks for the work you do around Phoenix. You are an inspiration.

    Alan Dayley’s last blog post..People Vs. Technology: Creating the Team

  15. I jumped over from Jay’s site and wanted to say HUGE CONGRATS on your book!! How very exciting; I can only imagine how much work, time AND your heart and soul went into this book-I am so happy for you to be hitting the shelves today! I will have to pop out tomorrow to Barnes and Noble and grab a copy; after watching the review videos and hearing what Jay had so say, it sounds like your book will be a huge sucess-Best wishes!!

  16. I just finished watching the videos-so very exciting to hear all about the reviews and I have to agree, Pace did the quickest, most in-depth speed review, ever, and she did a great job! I am excited to read your book!

  17. How very exciting to see all your hard work getting published! I never saw your old blog site, but your current layout is really great!

  18. Absolutely, entirely, utterly fantastic! And by that I mean the book release, the new site, and the great lady and all her hard work & passion that went into it.

    Congratulations, Pam!

  19. Huge congrats on your book AND I love the picture of you son-that is just so precious and cute. Agian, many congrats for huge success!

    Margaret Safford-Metro Atlanta Real Estate’s last blog post..Does the Metro Atlanta Real Estate Market Mimic the New HGTV Shows?

  20. Andy Pels says:

    Pam, Pam, Pam. You’ve really done it now. How are we supposed to keep you to ourselves if you insist on sharing your stuff with the whole freaking world!?

    Congratulazioni, il mio amico!

  21. Jay Thompson says:

    Well lookee at what book is now #9 on the Amazon Small Business & Entrepreneurship Bestseller list!!

    Way to rock it! (and thanks for the linkage Pam!)

    Jay Thompson’s last blog post..Escape from Cubicle Nation: The Book

  22. Chris Lee says:

    Congrats, Pam! That is so exciting. I so enjoy hearing you speak and I super excited to get it this weekend. You rock!

  23. Pamela,

    This really is an incredible book. As a fellow serial entrepreneur I wish I had had Escape From Cubicle Nation a few years ago. At the race track we used to joke that our Racing Form cost us $(2)2.50 – 2.50 for the Form and $20 (or more) for the bad bets.

    Having your book would have saved me a bunch in bad business bets. Heck, I think I might start all over again just so I can do it right this time!

    Buena suerte!


    Seattle Career Coach Examiner’s last blog post..Run for the roses as fast as you can

  24. Dave says:

    Congratulations on the book launch!

    I have been enjoying the pre-release copy. It is great mix of encouragement and practical advice. Its so good that I forced my business partner to buy his own copy in an attempt to boost your sales. (Somehow he arranged it so that the charge went on my credit card; he’s clever like that.) Nevertheless, I’m happy to spread the word.

  25. Dude, all that and SO much more. I mean, imagine if I had let myself swear, how I might have gone on (and alienated great, wide swaths of people, so yeah, yeah, I’ll shut up now).

    You are a shining example of deserved success and Doing It Right.

  26. ginevra says:

    So many congratulations to you. I’m always just happy that great bloggers are blogging, and I’m happy that TypePad was a part of your success. Props.

  27. Congratulations on the book. That must be such a wonderful feeling. I just read a great review over at Communicatrix and I can’t wait to pick up a copy. 🙂 You are such an inspiration to so many people and that’s just so awesome.

    Positively Present’s last blog post..unlock 10 ways to be more open

  28. Stretch goal… stretch marks… it’s all good! Thanks for “talking” to me via your blog when I was sick with pneumonia and contemplating quitting my job. Can’t believe all that’s happened since then (launched one, now two business since that horrible December of 2006). You have been such an inspiration to me and to so many others. Now your book can reach that many more people. Way to go Pam!

  29. Sandie Barrie says:

    Can we see the table of contents?

    I’ll check with my publisher Sandie and see what we can do! Thanks!

  30. Andy says:

    Fantastic! YAY! Just emailed my list and twitter and etc.

  31. Naomi Niles says:

    Wooo! Congratulations, Pam!! 🙂

    Naomi Niles’s last blog post..British Bodybuilding Supplement Store

  32. Hi Pam:

    First of all congratulations on your third baby (the book…). What a milestone! I’m going to get my copy today.

    Also, I’m really digging the customized Thesis theme: minimalist, clean, elegant and easy to read, with an uncluttered sidebar focusing on the important stuff.

    All the best for EFCN 2.0 !

    Mario Sanchez Carrion’s last blog post..What Makes You an Expert?

  33. Jay Thompson says:

    wOOt!! A new book AND a “new” blog. Huh, seems like you ought to quit lounging around Pam and get to work or something… 😉

    LOVED EfCN! Posted my thoughts on my blog.

    Welcome to Wordpress and Thesis! Now you can say, “I use the same theme as Phoenix Real Estate Guy”.

    Congratulations my friend, and we need to get that coffee soon so you can sign my copy of the next NYT Best Seller!

  34. […] enjoyed Pam’s blog for the past couple of years. Her “voice” is fresh, funny, and down to earth. I expected […]

  35. Hey, congrats on your big day. I’m sure you’re feeling amazing, scared, confident and overall excited at the moment (and probably for a few days to come!). That’s the best – it means you’ve done something huge. Good on you.

    Now, back to work for me – on this site no less! 😉

  36. Aaron says:

    First, congrats on your book release! I hope you enjoy the day and all that it will entail. Also, loving the new look to your website. I visited your blog early this week and was relieved to see that you planned to take it over to Wordpress. Excellent choice and I hope that you enjoy it! I received my copy of Escape from Cubicle Nation yesterday afternoon and look forward to devouring it this weekend. Thanks in advance for everything!

    Take care,


  37. Congratulations on your book release. Escape from Cubicle Nation has a lot of practical advice for corporate employees who are not looking for an exit strategy, but who want to thrive within the corporate world. My blog has a photo of your book in my cube. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  38. Radha says:

    Love your new look. Thanks for inspiring me to kick off on my own.

    Love and regards


  39. Emily says:

    Happy Birthday EFCN! I can’t believe this day is actually here! Pam, you have been a pleasure and an inspiration– nobody deserves the praise and congratulations more than you. May this be the beginning of another sweet chapter in your life, filled with cupcakes and Matt Lauer. L’chaim!