Final push to make a referral to a fantastic small business

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This has been a great week over at Duct Tape Marketing, as a whole series of experts have shared tips, perspectives and tactics for building a great referral business as part of Make a Referral Week.  There is a recorded 90-minute conversation with three of the top experts in referrals, Ivan Misner, Bob Burg and Bill Cates. as well as great information from Scott Ginsberg, Rich Sloan, Anita Campbell, Scott Allen, Susan Wilson Solovic , Andy Sernovitz and Michael Port.

I wrote a post yesterday on 5 Ways to Amp up the Personal in your Brand for Make a Referral Week, where I talked about one of my favorite small businesses of all time, Pat’s Garage.  Check out the site and you will see why.

Great businesses like Pat’s Garage make it so easy to refer — the service is so exceptional and the service so personal that it is hard NOT to gush about it.

You must know of businesses like this!

We still have a couple hundred referrals to go before reaching our 1,000 referrals in one week goal today.  So, in the spirit of support, strength, compassion, good business and good karma, go make your referral today!  It doesn’t take more than one minute.

The small business you refer will thank you, and your business will prosper as a result.

Make your referral here.

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2 Responses to “Final push to make a referral to a fantastic small business”

  1. Relevant info. Thanks for that. I had read your other blog, ‘5 ways to amp up your business'(, and it was informative as well on how small business could thrive. As far as referrals are concerned, I think it is essential for small businesses and a good idea to boost up the business.

  2. Cool post! Thanks for the helpful information.