Resource if you want to write a book to help move your business forward

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I am happy to support my good friend Sophfronia Scott today, in the launch of her book Doing Business by the Book.  Sophfronia really helped me to organize my thoughts as I was writing my book.  She is an extremely smart (Harvard grad!) down-to-earth person (you can trust her), and has spent a lot of years helping aspiring writers become published writers.


Check out her launch page here — you can get a bunch of free stuff in addition to the book.

Congratulations on making it happen Sophfronia, I KNOW how much work it is to finish a book!

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4 Responses to “Resource if you want to write a book to help move your business forward”

  1. Well done Sophfronia.Being resourceful really helps you to move forward.And your book definitely is going to be a great resource.

  2. Congratulations Sophfronia… that sounds completely wonderful!

    Brightest blessings,
    Goddess Leonie

  3. TSC says:

    Looks like a good and definitey timely resource. Congrats Sophronia!

  4. Car Blog says:

    Writing a book is a tough task. Great job there by Sophfronia. Congrats. Checking out the book offer.