Self promotion for wimps

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It is hard to describe how much I loathe those lengthy sales letters with red ink and highlights and 22 testimonials of perky business owners who transformed their life or business by implementing a revolutionary "turn key system."

What infuriates me more is how despite my loathing and mockery of the format, I feel myself being lulled into buying whatever the horrible sales letter is selling.

I have talked about it with my friends  Havi Brooks and Nathan Bowers and we all agree there must be a way to sell useful things at the right price to people who need them without reverting to Vern the Car Dealer with greased-back hair and "a whopping deal for you."

So it was with great joy that I heard about a program that Havi developed with Naomi Dunford, perhaps the most hilarious copywriter/internet marketer/small business coach on the web entitled Self Promotion for Wimps.

Per their copy:

This is a 6 week power course for creative types, small business owners,and people who are (understandably) too busy freaking out to properly live their dreams.

Six weeks of learning, soothing, ass-kicking, fear erasing, question answering, and some other things that end with "ing".

It’s a course for people who want to get their business — sometimes referred to as "that thing that you’ve always wanted to do and maybe you might get paid a living wage for it someday but it’s not really, you know, a business business" — rocking and rolling.

It’s for people who are ready to clear out the crap that’s standing in the way of their awesome life and start having more fun and making some money doing it.

I cannot adequately convey to you how much this is needed.  For those of you who make plans and complete them, set high goals and knock them out of the park on a regular basis without a smidgen of self doubt, I bow to you.

For the rest of us, procrastination, demons, dirty self talk, lethargy and terror get in the way of realizing our dreams.  After awhile, it just becomes annoying, and it doesn’t have to be that way.

So if this course fit the bill for you, I highly encourage you to take it. As I told Naomi:

"I saw your program and it looks EXCELLENT!  If I weren’t scared out of
my mind, doubting my worth, shoving Oreos down my throat and feeling
not worthy writing my book, I would join you!!!"

I was only half-kidding.

Havi has a really unique take on procrastination and fear and has developed some ultra-cool tools for overcoming them.  Naomi is razor sharp, understands marketing inside and out and is terribly funny.  She also swears like a sailor, so make sure to hide your kids in the next room when participating in their calls.

They did develop an affiliate program, which I joined and you can use to get a special discount if you use my link.  Naomi says:  "Havi calls it a "partner" program because she’s a hippie."

If you want to sign up, EfCN readers get a $30 discount when you type the word "Pam" (no quotes) in the coupon field.  Check it out and sign up here.

But wait, there’s more!

Before I leave you, I think the "back story" of how Naomi and Havi joined forces is just as interesting as the program.

Some people tell you that to grow your business, you have to scour the web for "appropriate joint venture partners" that have a certain number of ezine subscribers, or Alexa ranking or press exposure.

In my experience, it is the exact opposite.  You trip over someone through a link on someone’s blog, or notice them on Twitter.  And you fall head over heels in love and will do just about anything to hang out and work together.

Such is how Naomi described meeting Havi. And how Havi described the meeting as "Non-gross marketing and my Canadian love child."

This is where the really cool partnerships happen, people, by having fun, real, deep conversations with people you like about things you care about.

If I weren’t so busy, I would be jealous.

Have a great weekend!

8 Responses to “Self promotion for wimps”

  1. very informative great post keep on writing

  2. Jeff P says:

    Hi Pam,

    I just came across your blog and really like what you have to say. I especially like this posting on Self Promotion. In a world so cluttered with people trying to get our attention, it’s hard to know sometimes what is the most effective approach when you really think you have something offer someone who could be a future client/partner/etc.

    Do you have any advice on what you think works best to make a personal connection when trying to make a business introduction?

    Thanks Pam!

  3. kevjohn says:

    This looks to be exactly what I need, as I prepare to leave my button-down job and embark on what will hopefully not be a futile attempt to enter into the world of professional photography.

    I am glad I found your blog today, and gladder that I read this entry.

  4. Ellen Hart says:

    Well, you managed to plug their power course without coming across as Vern, the car dealer! haha.

  5. Pamela Slim says:

    So true Havi! Funny thing is, a lot of people that I really like and admire use the sales page format. I am always surprised to talk to them and find that they are not hype-y at all. Somehow, someway, a new path will be carved for commerce and personality for all.

    Can’t wait to figure that part out, with your help of course!


  6. Oh, yay! I miss our conversations about how much sales pages suck and what it means to be human in business. But we’ll catch up post-book!

    Thanks for the enthusiasm … it makes everything so much more fun having people we totally admire cheering us on.

    And you’re so right on about the partnerships. The thing to do is to *not* try and be “strategic”, and instead just go find the people that you love talking to. That’s how we met too … that, and taking a course with a kind of gross sales page! Oh well. Totally worth it.

  7. Gopal says:

    Hi Pam. I stumbled onto your site via a google search on home based businesses. Your site is excellent and full of useful info that entrepreneurs of all walks can learn from and apply. Keep up the great work!


  8. Another great endorsement. I’m really considering joining, but I can’t swing the Wedneday time frame. I’m central time and that puts me right int he middle of the work day. They need to do this on a Saturday.