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Michelle Anton, author of the Weekend Entrepreneur blog on the network, was kind enough to publish an interview with me on her site today, Living Happily Ever After Escaping the Cubicle.  Check it out, and leave a note!

The focus of Weekend Entrepreneur is entrepreneurial ventures you can start on the side of a day job so that you test the waters of being a business owner, bring in extra cash, scratch a creative itch or just try something new.  It is a strategy I highly recommend, as it can give you first-hand knowledge of the reality of being your own boss.  I have mentioned theory vs. reality before on the blog, with my homemade drawings that illustrate what my college professor drew for us on the white board before we embarked on an international study program:


Which is quickly matched with life "on the ground":


Any of you out there who have made the leap to entrepreneurship know what I am talking about! has some great information, including my favorite business mentor Tim Berry’s blog Up and Running.

Michelle recently co-wrote Weekend Entrepreneur:  101 Great Ways to Earn Extra Cash in Your Spare Time, based on ideas profiled on her blog.  I am sure that extra cash sounds good to many of you out there these days. 

Thank you so much Michelle for the opportunity to meet your readers!

5 Responses to “Profiled on Weekend Entrepreneur”

  1. e-ticaret says:

    thanks for article

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  3. Good reading. It’s super encouraging to hear people talk about how they became who they are. Your “about” page is also great.

    Bonus points for drawing your own supporting graphics, extra double points if they were done on index cards 🙂

  4. Chinmayz says:

    Hey Pam,

    Jus checked ur Interview @ Weekend Entrepreneur – it was quite an interesting read !! I liked d point u mentioned abt having a true “social network” of supportive friends – ‘coz personally I hv observed that when one tries to do something new (venture out) – buy in from the world around doesn’t come that easily !! Thats when a boostup doze by near & dear ones comes to rescue:) And yes in this “entrepreneurship” business – d road less taken certainly proves out to be an adventurous one 🙂

    Hv a wonderful weekend ahead…Happy Coaching..!


  5. Pam:

    Yes, that’s exactly what theory and reality looks like — love those drawings! And, congratulations on the interview. I’ll check it out.

    Tara Kachaturoff