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I am delighted to participate in a conversation about the corporate and entrepreneurial workplace led by Why Work Sucks and How to Fix It co-authors Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson.

I have read about them for quite awhile now with interest, after learning about their wild (and successful) experiment to turn workplace expectations upside down at Best Buy.  To paraphrase the tagline from my friend Jonathan Field‘s blog, they ain’t your momma’s HR consultants!

While they will certainly discuss how to make your day job much more bearable, they will also talk about how to ensure your new entrepreneurial venture doesn’t become a smaller version of your stressed-out corporate life.  4-hour Workweek Tim Ferriss was pretty excited about the book, which he discussed in a two-part interview on his blog.

We will be joined by Michael Port, who should have lots of good insight to contribute after the launch of his latest book Beyond Booked Solid.   

Call Details:

Date:  Tuesday, June 3rd
Time:  3pm EST
To sign up:  Go to www.caliandjodybooktour.com

Here is the link to the book if you want to check it out before the call.  After reading about what they are doing, I am glad that there are good people working on the inside to create a better corporate culture for both employers and employees.  You all know I gave up my fight a few years ago, but it doesn’t mean change can’t and shouldn’t continue to happen!

Cali and Jody will be on Good Morning America tomorrow (Monday) morning (update:  they changed schedule to Tuesday morning), so if you can catch them there, you will have a leg up on the topic for Tuesday.

Even if you can’t attend live, sign up to get the recording.


2 Responses to “Why work sucks and how to fix it free call – join us!”

  1. Great links! I added Jonathan and Cali and Jody’s blog. I won’t be able to attend the live. How do I sign up for the recording?

  2. Jessica says:

    Interesting Observation and Post Pam. I too agree with the fact that most of the people who have some idea about making money online or who have a friend and is living proof of the same fact. That really hurts there moral and interest.

    They start hating there usual JOB. What is needed to learn is stop just crying and work your way gradually up.

    I hope that Pam you get I am trying to say.