Book update and request for information

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Good afternoon!

I hope all of you are doing great on this Monday.  (Anyone have a case of "The Mondays?"  — Insider Office Space joke)

I wanted to give you an update on the Escape from Cubicle Nation book, and to request some input. (For new blog readers, here is the  background on the book.)

Update first:

  •  I am approaching the writing in a bit of a non-linear fashion, working on a number of chapters simultaneously.  I have outlined all the sections and chapters and am writing notes with key salient points to cover, and juicy stories to tell.  To use a term coined by my friend Anne Zelenka, I am a bursty worker by nature, so bouncing around a bit at this point in the content development feels good.
  • However (and my editor reads my blog, so she is well aware of this, right Emily?) I have about 16 solid weeks of writing before it is due (September 15), and 16 chapters to write.  Do the math — I need to crack out a chapter a week, or a little more aggressive, since I need room at the end to tighten and edit.  Although there is a bit of pressure, I am worthless without a deadline, so this will work in my favor.
  • I have lined up some really great subject matter experts for chapters that deal with complex topics, or areas that are not my strength.  I am really looking forward to conducting the interviews and collaborating with some of the best minds in business.  That is the great thing about writing a book — I have a great excuse to approach really smart people for input.
  • My Escape from Cubicle Nation Advisory Council has been wonderful — very responsive and supportive.  (Even after I asked them to re-send all their emails when my computer crashed!)
  • Besides responding to social media network requests (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) I am not spending a lot of time thinking about marketing the book yet.  That is actually the most fun thing for me, so I am holding off, lest I go off on a tangent promoting something that I have not written yet!  Once I hand off the manuscript, I will plan for a small live book tour, blog visits, media, web promotions and the like.  If anyone has any great ideas for book marketing, please let me know!
  • Also after the manuscript is done, I will integrate my blog and website onto one platform.  (Still evaluating options, but I am leaning towards WordPress).  This has been a bit of a thorn in my side since I would really like my web presence to be in one location, and currently it is fragmented.  But since it is a big project, I will take care of it when I have the time.  Most likely I will have a page under my own name (, which I finally reserved, thanks to Tara!) that is something in the spirit of my friend Penelope Trunk.  Then for, I will have both my blog and services accessible from one domain, like my professional crushes Jonathan Fields and Christine Kane. (here is Christine’s page like Penelope’s — great photo, no?)  Aren’t their sites gorgeous and easy to navigate?  Even though they discuss commerce, aren’t they open and inviting?  Makes more sense, don’t you think?

On to the request

  • I am looking for the best possible subject matter experts on how to get insurance for the self-employed (particularly someone going from corporate to entrepreneur).  I would love someone who is objective and knowledgeable, and who can handle gnarly questions like what to do if you have pre-existing conditions, how to choose between a variety of different plans, whether to do COBRA or not, etc.
  • While medical coverage is a concern in other parts of the world, for the most part, I would like a specialist for the U.S. 
  • If you have anyone in mind, (or you are this person!) please contact me at pcs (at) ganas (dot) com with "Benefits SME" in the subject header.  I am so thankful for any referrals.

That’s it for now!

Thanks for all of your encouraging emails and blog comments.  They keep me motivated and writing!


7 Responses to “Book update and request for information”

  1. Hey Pam,

    Pro-crushing back at ya!

    Thanks for the shout, I actually just had my manuscript accepted this week, amazing feeling, you’ll be there soon enough. Though, I took the more linear route, actually focused on the stuff I liked writing least to get it out of the way first.

    I am actually about to do a similar thing with my online presence, launching a second blog in the next few weeks focused around both the business entity (also the name of the book) and more professional topics and keeping my current blog for more personal observations and lifestyle stuff.

    And, I’d definitely recommend WP for the platform, it can be slow when you frontpage on social media, but at all other times, it’s great and it has a ton of plug-ins that make your life easier.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Leah Maclean says:

    So looking forward to being a part of the cheer squad when the book comes out Pam. I would also suggest a move to Wordpress for you site (if you need any help with that just let me know – would be more than happy to help).

  3. Andy Pels says:

    Go Pam! I wish I had expertise to offer about insurance. I know I look forward to reading that chapter, and I hope I can help with an upcoming chapter.

    Now in an act of pure selflessness (since I love seeing them), I am going to urge you not to reply to my posts (unless you really just can’t resist telling me how incredibly funny/charming/intelligent and humble I seem to be) since the seconds you are taking to make that reply are precious seconds that could be spent on THE BOOK. I promise I will imagine a characteristically kind (and as is sometimes necessary) patiently diplomatic reply that I think you might write (boy I’ve used a lot of parentheses). Keep churning away, and remember that I will be fishing for replies again after your book is finished!

  4. Gina Rudan says:

    I am also writing a book on leadership for Latinas and just wanted to give you a big electronic hug of encouragement from Miami. I LOVE your blog, your tone, voice and your authenticity and am here to support your crusade in any way.

    Thank you so much Gina! That makes my day 🙂 The best of luck with you and your book too. It is so nice to know that I have support all around from other awesome writers.

    Suerte and abrazos!


  5. Sunny says:

    I came on over here after discovering your blogs on Martha Beck this past weekend. I enjoyed reading them and just wanted to offer you support in the writing of your book. At the moment I’m waiting to hear back on the proposal for my third, so I can identify with the process! Best of luck.

  6. Shama Hyder says:

    Woo-hoo! Go Pam.

    You are such a super mama. = )


  7. Paula G says:

    Keep on plugging away! You’ll make it!

    Here’s $.04 for you: I lean with you toward Wordpress to make all that happen..


    When you’re in book touring mode, anything I can do to help you out in the Phila area, let me know! There are lots of miserable people in cubes here 😉