Steven Pressfield discusses The War of Art for entrepreneurs

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Some of you may remember that I got all excited about Steven Pressfield’s book The War of Art and covered it in my podcast.  After I finished the recording, I emailed Steven to ask if he would be willing to do an interview with me about the concepts in the book, namely how entrepreneurs can overcome creative blocks.

After an initial yes, he had to decline, since his schedule got packed promoting a new book.

I was a bit disappointed since after reading the book I was a major groupie, but certainly understood his decision.

Fast forward a year or so and my good friend Matthew Scott casually mentioned that he snagged an interview with Steven for his coaching program interview series, Men at Pause.

My first reaction was very mature:  DAMN YOU MATTHEW!

I then realized I could make him feel guilty enough to share it with my readers for free.  Which he kindly did. I will never pass up the opportunity to be manipulative when it will serve my readers. 🙂

I love the interview for a number of reasons:

  • Matthew and Steven connect on their shared military background and love of history.  This is so far from my personal experience (peace-loving granola head liberal arts major), but it is really fascinating to hear the excitement in their voices as they swap stories.  Tell me where else you will learn about throwing up in your skydiving suit.  Trust me, nowhere.
  • It is focused particularly on the struggles of corporate employees to entrepreneurs.  This is a target market Matthew and I share (he focuses on men in transition), so it is very applicable to all of you
  • In addition to being an amazing writer, Steven Pressfield is a kind and humble person. You can hear it in the tone of his voice.  That really impresses me.  (my buddy Colleen who writes Communicatrix seconds the emotion:  when she wrote a post mentioning The War of Art, he commented on her blog.  Made her day, as it would mine!)

Listen in, and please share your thoughts.

MP3 File

Matthew, thanks so much for your generosity.  I publicly declare I will not manipulate you into giving my readers something free for at least one year.  After that, all bets are off.

Here is info about Matthew’s program:  Men at Pause Seminar.  And his blog:  Men at Pause Coach

7 Responses to “Steven Pressfield discusses The War of Art for entrepreneurs”

  1. Pam, do you have this podcast somewhere? The link is broken 🙁

  2. Hi Pam!

    I found this page while browsing your site and would like to the interview mentioned here, but the link is no longer working.

    Do you think you could share it again?

    Thank you very much!
    Best regards,


  3. May I just add, W00T! (And I’ll never do that again, I swear.) You and I were just talking about this fabulous book on Twitter the other day, weren’t we? The universe is amazing. Based on our conversation, I dragged out my very dog-eared and note-laden copy again, and started re-reading.

    It’s also good for playing that old Richard Bach/”Illusions” game of thinking of a question and just flipping the book open to a random page for your answer.

  4. The War of Art is THE book to read if you feel stuck. You could be stuck in a cubicle or even a fantastic corner office, either way, if you know deep down you’re in the wrong place, Steven’s book can help.

    Read the War of Art if only for the sad/hilarious part where he talks about writing what’s often regarded as the worst movie ever, King Kong Lives. If he could bounce back from that, none of us should ever be afraid of failure. Hmm, I wonder if I could get a framed poster of that movie for my office as a reminder…

  5. Mike Moore says:

    Just downloaded and can’t wait to listen to it. Your War of Art book recommendation was terrific. He should have done your interview but this the next best thing.

  6. Pam,

    You give so much, glad I could contribute.

    Besides, because you are some 57th degree black-belt ninja, I was afraid to say no.


  7. Oooooo…thanks for the ear candy, dollface! (And you, too, Matthew.) (And you three, Steven.)

    I confess to having a total crush on Mr. Pressfield after that swoony gesture; this will surely just put me over the top!