If you sent me an email recently — please send again!

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Thanks to all who commiserated with me about my recent hard drive crash on my new iMac.  It made for quite an exciting couple of days!

Final report:

I got all my data back, except for everything in Outlook.  That includes current and archived emails, contacts and calendar information.

This is not all of my information from the beginning of time, but rather the last few months, when I switched from PC to Mac. 

So … if you sent me an email recently and have not heard back … would you mind resending? My email address is still the same, pcs (at) ganas (dot) com.

I will be sending a special note to all of my Escape from Cubicle Nation Advisory Council members who had submitted wonderful anecdotes and information for the book, which are now freely cavorting with each other in the "land of the lost files." (To find out more about my book advisory council — details here — I encourage you to sign up!)

I have forever sworn off Outlook and now am now a happy user of gmail.  I am busy incorporating gmail lifehacking tips from Gina Trapani’s book Upgrade Your Life which I will blog about soon, as it is full of wonderful information.

Although losing data is never fun, in a strange way, I feel lighter, more free and excited about my new computer work environment.  I don’t believe in accidents, so maybe this is part of a divine plan to make sure I have the most streamlined, secure and flexible work infrastructure possible.

Oh, and you can bet I will be backing up my files 3 different  ways every day.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Special note to Peter (last name?) who left a message today on the Martha Beck blog post "Do you HAVE to do anything?I accidentally deleted your wonderful comment!  We got sprayed by tons of "online poker and casino" spam, so in my haste to delete a bunch, I deleted yours.  I felt heartsick, as I loved the comment!  If you have the thoughts to share again (it was about your realization that you don’t HAVE to read all your RSS feeds), I would be so appreciative if you would re-post them.  If not, know that I really loved your example and encourage you to keep the good thoughts going.  🙂

7 Responses to “If you sent me an email recently — please send again!”

  1. silta says:

    One more who thinks “you have an iMac, use Apple’s software and be happy”.

    Sorry for the problems. And go on with your work!!

    Thank you

  2. Jenny says:

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  3. Make sure you don’t entirely trust GMail to not lose your data. They have had a few hiccups along the way and the worst ones resulted in data loss for some people.

    That’s a good reminder Mark! Sounds like every system should have a backup of a backup.

    This is all good stuff for the book — I really appreciate all the comments.

    All the best,


  4. Pam

    I love your business savvy… but like Chris, gotta believe that the universe is trying to tell you something.

    I cannot image using outlook, but especially not on a Mac. The Mac mail client with integration to address book and iCal are way more intuitive, plus it syncs nicely with my iPod touch!

    I know I know Jeff, it makes no sense how I was doing it. I am a quick study in some things and a very slow learner in others. Oh well — good stories! 🙂



  5. Akismet is the default Wordpress anti-spam plugin. For a self hosted blog you have to get a free API key from Wordpress.com.

    If that doesn’t work for you try the Spam Karma WP plugin.

    Congrats on Escaping Microsoft Nation. Many of us will never escape it because we still have to test IE.

  6. Chris says:

    Look at your hard drive failure as your Mac’s way of purging the Microsoft scourge from your life forever. 🙂

    Congratulations on your liberation!

  7. John Ahrens says:

    Pam, you could reduce the blog spam with bcSpamBlock. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/bcspamblock/.

    I’ve added it to some of my blogs, with great success. It doesn’t require captcha’s or anything like that but eliminates almost all of the spam–for me anyway.