Happy Earth Day from me and Yoda

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Inspired by the hyper-positive video blogging wizard Gary Vaynerchuk, I set out to test my iMovie capabilities today so that I could mix some video posts in with the written ones on this blog.  I also thought it was an opportune time to introduce my new buddy Yoda, who is keeping the force with me (not "the farce" John Trosko, you funny guy!) while I write my book today.


Also, in the spirit of Earth Day, here is a picture of my favorite spot on earth.  It is Phoenix Lake, in San Anselmo, the little town in Marin County, California where I grew up.  Just looking at the picture makes me happy.  Thanks to Mom and Dad for always reminding me of the importance of being green, 4 decades before it was the chic thing to do.


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11 Responses to “Happy Earth Day from me and Yoda”

  1. Zviki Cohen says:

    Do you think the death of the written word is imminent? First, it was newspapers and books being pushed aside by radio and TV. Next written blogs will be taken over by video blogs. I won’t be surprised if video messaging will become the next great thing after e-mails and text messages (which took a byte at simple phone calls, which replaced snail mails).

    Personally, part of blogging (and reading blogs) is practicing my language skills, which contribute to my verbal skills. You can tell the difference between kids who read books and those who don’t when you talk to them.

    Bottom line – it’s nice on occasion, but don’t turn your blog into a podcast.

    Don’t worry Zviki – I adore the written word, and will not turn my blog into video or audio posts only. I find as a reader of other blogs that I really like it when the author includes a little video update every once in awhile. It gives me a chance to see them in living color, and makes me feel more connected on a personal level.

    When you think about different communication styles — auditory, visual and kinesthetic, it is important to provide lots of opps for different kinds of visitors to get information in a way that speaks to them.

    Since you are probably auditory (likes reading as primary source), I will make sure to send lots of words your way. 🙂

    Thanks for weighing in!

    Enjoy your week.


  2. Diana Keith says:

    Hi Pam,

    It just so happens I was watching a documentary a couple nights ago that followed George Lucas and his creative path through each of his creations…foremost Star Wars of course.

    The documentary is available on the the Return of The Jedi DVD and I recommend it as required viewing for those who are new or fledgling entrepereneurs who are just getting their sea legs.

    Lucas had a pretty clear vision up front. This made all the difference with his decision making and the choices he made in keeping creative control. George Lucas knew he didn’t want to give too much power to the studio system which made it rough going in the early days, and as we know it eventually paid off in spades.
    Sometimes defining what you don’t want can lead you exactly where you DO want to go. Study up on George Lucas for further details.

    “You must unlearn what you have learned” -Yoda

  3. Chris Lopez says:

    “Size matters not, for my ally is the Force . . . ”

  4. John Trosko says:

    Twitter or Yoda? Tough choice. So glad you won’t have to make that choice.

    – John

  5. messels says:

    you can also use jumpcut.com for video editing. it’s WAY user friendly and it has the same embedding functionality as youtube (but you can edit which is way cool).

    here’s mine:

  6. Naomi says:

    Strong in the force, yes…indeed.

    happy earth day to you – and the Yoda-meister. Always.

  7. lilalia says:

    Yes, to video updates. Did you also use your built-in mic or did you have an external one? If external one, what type do you have?

    Hey Iilalia:

    I used the built-in camera in my iMac (which crashed today, but that’s another story!). I did order a FlipCam yesterday, so will test that out as well.

    I would love to see your video posts!

    Take care,


  8. Keith Handy says:

    I vote in favor of the occasional video update. Makes you a real person! 🙂

    As opposed to the poser i am normally, right Keith? 🙂 ha ha — thanks, glad you liked it. It will be fun to do more! Where is yours?


  9. Haha! Awesome! Did you get yourself a Flip? I’m soooo tempted!

    I actually used my built-in iMac camera, but due to the evil force of persuasion from @SherylSisk on Twitter I impulse bought a Flip today. It just looks like too much fun, and that way, on the rare occasion that I actually leave my suburban paradise, I can take some vids.

    Don’t let me influence you, but you must buy one! All the cool girls have them! Only LOSERS use built-in cameras! (convinced yet?!?) 🙂


  10. Rosie says:

    I REALLY like the video blog idea!! Encore!!

  11. Do, or do not,, there is no try.
    (Yayy video!)