Clear flash of branding insight from Tom Asacker

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Thanks to Chris Wilson from The Marketing Fresh Peel, I found this gem on branding from a clear eye:

Who am I?  What is my brand?
What is my promise, personality, and positioning?
Me. Me.
What do I want to say?  How should I say it?
Me. Me. Me.
If only I can get the details right.  If only I can discover my essence.
Me. Me. Me. Me.
I wonder who they are.
I wonder what they’re doing.
Them. Them.
I wonder how they’re feeling.
Them. Them. Them.
I wonder how I can make life better for them and make them feel better about themselves.
Them. Them. Them. Them.

See the post in context at a clear eye blog

So true, so rarely understood.

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