You can't beat free: startup consulting from StartupNation

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I just read about a cool new service from my friends at StartupNation:   consulting advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.  It is called the Start me Up Program and is free to StartupNation members.

My philosophy about using outside resources to build your business is get as much as you can for free!  I am always surprised that people don’t take advantage of services like SCORE, which have the specific mission of helping aspiring entrepreneurs.  Even though I do paid coaching for a living, I encourage my clients get as much support as they can with free information so that we can maximize our time and investment together on more complex personal or brand development issues.

To qualify, you must:

  • Be a member of
  • Have an idea and business plan
  • Have the financial capability to launch the  business
  • Be ready to take action!

Like anything, use the info that is useful, and discard the rest.

I really trust StartupNation since I know Jeff and Rich Sloan personally as well as a lot of their staff. 

If you try the service, let me know how it works.

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One Response to “You can't beat free: startup consulting from StartupNation”

  1. Rick says:

    It can vary going to SCORE. Especially if it is a tech business. They’re all retired guys and if you’re starting a bakery I guess it’s OK.

    I met a grumpy 80 year old who was proud that he had never used a computer and had never even heard of Yahoo. I asked for another couselor to be assigned and was told he was our “tech” guy. I think in Michigan that means old line manufacturing. Little wonder our economy is such a mess.

    So true Rick, it really depends on which part of the country you are in, and who is staffing the SCORE office. Our Scottsdale office is much more tech-savvy, while the othe regional offices are what you describe.

    I always suggest that people check it first to see if it fits, then if not, go for the paid services.