Pam keynoting for new Club E chapter in N. Scottsdale 2/28

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I am excited to be the kickoff speaker for a new chapter of Club Entrepreneur in North Scottsdale, Arizona next Thursday, February 28 at 5pm.

Club E is a wonderful group that has a great cross-section of all-age entrepreneurs and wannabes.

If you are in the area and want to come join us, please do!  I won’t blather on for too long, I promise … the main point is to get the participants talking and visiting with each other so that some strong, supportive entrepreneurial relationships are formed.

I am going to abandon my torn jeans and sweats for actual business attire, which is quite exciting.  I will also be dragging along my husband and baby girl, since she can’t be away from Mom for too long at her age, for obvious nutritional reasons.  🙂

Come on down – I would love to see you!

Sign up here – it is free.

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