New audio program to help entrenched employees launch out of their cubes

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Last year, up until about 5 minutes before having a baby (ok, a week!) I was putting the finishing touches on an audio product that I created to gently nudge entrenched employees out of their cube.  It was too much to launch a new baby Slim and a product at the same time (my first bona fide information product, by the way, woo hoo!), so I waited until I was in full business gear to tell you about it.  For some reason, today felt like a good day, so here goes!

The product covers what I feel are the critical first steps to get out of your cube.  They don’t have to do with writing a business plan or creating a logo or setting up a blog, they have to do with understanding and evaluating your fears about leaving a business and getting clear on the kind of life that would make you happy.

In my experience working with clients, if you don’t deal with these things first, it makes the rest of the process very difficult.

I chose to record audio because it feels more personal to talk through the exercises.  I recorded it in the VoiceAmerica studio here in Phoenix where I did my  radio show.  I was assisted by the kindest, most encouraging and supportive engineer I know, Ryan Treasure .  He set up a special booth in the studio with curtains, procured a really great quality microphone, provided 5 bottles of water, and talked me through the whole recording process.  I was REALLY pregnant at the time, so he even helped me in and out of the chair.  Thank you Ryan for being such an awesome human being and consummate professional.

Product Summary

  • 40 Minute CD in three sections: 
    • Step 1:  Assess your fears and identify antidotes
    • Step 2:  Clear your mind
    • Step 3:  Paint a picture of your ideal life
  • 35 page booklet with the full text of the audios, exercises and additional information

If this sounds like something that would interest you, check out the full sales page here!

I am really excited about this, and want to thank all of my readers for continually goading me to do better and do more.  You are the best!

Update 2/2:  All systems go!

12 Responses to “New audio program to help entrenched employees launch out of their cubes”

  1. Paul Peixoto says:


    Congratulations of giving birth to you child and your new audio program! You’ve beaten me to the punch. I’m currently in production on a similar product that is aimed at the Christian market. I’ve been a reader for quite some time and have enjoyed your writing.

    Keep up the great work and hug that kid.


  2. Shama Hyder says:

    GO Pam! Go Pam! = )

    I am so excited about this. Now I know where to direct all my..
    “I want to leave the corporate world and start my own practice” clients.

    = )

  3. Laura West says:

    Hi Pam!
    CONGRATULATIONS! WOOHOO! on your first information product – and it’s a beauty! Love the photography/cover – well done! And I’m sure the content is just as wonderful.
    Let me know how I can help support you! I do get a lot of readers/subscribers who are just thinking of diving into the entrepreneurial end of the pool!

    Laura West
    Center for Joyful Business

  4. lilalia says:

    Pam, congratulations! I do hope it will be very successful.

  5. Pamela Slim says:

    Thank you SO MUCH everyone for your very kind words. They really mean a lot, as it is often a bit nerve-wracking to try something new.

    I really appreciate the offers to promote the product, Alexandra, Matthew and “Never” … I will definitely be setting up an affiliate program to go with it. Basics should be in place by the beginning of Feb, and I will let each of you know.

    This was my “soft launch,” get the bugs out of the ordering process release, so I will be going to do more formal things later.

    Once my shopping cart issue is resolved, things will be more smooth!

    Thanks again!


  6. Congratulations, Pam! Do you plan to offer an affiliate program for your product(s)?

  7. Elle says:

    Way to go Pam! Sounds like a valuable tool – I know so many people who have great ideas but have not made it over that hurdle to get out and do what they really want. Wishing you great success.

  8. Pam, you are such an inspiration and good model. Make lots of them – they’er going to sell out quick!

  9. Pam, congratulations on this! I hope it sells millions. I know it’s good…

  10. Pam,

    Those of us who admire you are glad you developed this product.

    I plan on offering to my men@pause coaching practice as I know it will be chalked with your wisdom.


    Matthew Scott
    The Life’s Work Group, Inc.

  11. Peter says:

    So *that’s* what you were working on….

    Congratulations, Pam, on showing us how to kick ass.

  12. Sounds awesome, Pam, congratulations! I’m happy to review and help promote if you’d like to send me a sample.


    Alexandra Levit
    Author, How’d You Score That Gig
    Blogger, Water Cooler Wisdom