Death to procrastination: Use the 4-day win to get your goals moving

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Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything you want to get done in the new year?  If so, you may enjoy my latest post on Martha Beck’s blog about a concept she calls the 4-day win.  It takes big, audacious goals and helps you to break them down into easy-to-accomplish bites.   

It is based on research from her book of the same name, The Four Day Win.

I know that I have some die-hard Getting Things Done (GTD) readers, so the methodology may feel either repetitive or too simplistic.  But I encourage you to try it anyway, and report on how it worked. 

I posted my own 4-day win on the blog and encourage you to do the same.  Five days from now (January 20) I will write about how it went, and you can do the same.

Check it out here:  Death to procrastination:  Use the 4-day win to get moving on your goals

As I mentioned last time, we are about to switch blogging platforms for the Martha Beck blog so we don’t have an RSS feed yet.  We will soon, so thanks for your patience.  My next post will be on February 1.

2 Responses to “Death to procrastination: Use the 4-day win to get your goals moving”

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  2. Love the post. Gonna try it soon.

    My 2 cents on the blogging platform. Whatever you do, I think it will be beneficial to have the author’s name at the top of the post since you are sharing the blog. This way, one can see right away who wrote the piece.

    I hope that you will resume with the audiocasts that you have been doing. I really enjoy the podcast and the radio show.

    Great advice Michael! We do need to do a better job of distinguishing who is writing what. I have been kind of jury-rigging it for this month since I know we are moving to a new platform, but I am sure there are things I can do to make it better as it currently stands.

    As for the audio programs, I will resume in February. I am not going to continue my VoiceAmerica show (too much work with everything else going on), but I will do my podcast, and conduct interviews there. I am so glad you like them, and it will be fun to get yacking again.

    All the best,