The world is getting more global every day

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I always crack up when I hear the expression "the world is getting more global every day," since it brings me back 12 years ago to a presentation by a very senior investment adviser at my last "real" corporate job:

"People keep saying the world is getting more global.  The world has ALWAYS been global."

I was reminded of this by a lovely visit to my home this weekend by a talented and down-to-earth blog reader named Sherri Garrity.  Sherri hails from the province of Manitoba, Canada and recently left the corporate world to launch her communications business, Make it Count Communications.  She also writes a blog targeted to non-profit organizations called Ready, Aim, Inspire.

Sherri’s parents escape the frigid winters of Canada by staying right down the road from me in Apache Junction, Arizona.  Sherri and her family were visiting over the holidays, so she came over to my house for a cup of coffee.  We took a stroll down to the playground to watch our kids play and talked about our lives and businesses. 

We both were amazed at how much a blog can open up your business, especially if you offer services like writing that do not require you to be physically in front of your client.  We also found that starting a blog rekindles the passion for writing that gets extinguished after many years crafting internal communications for large corporations.  It is so refreshing to say what is really on your mind, and not have it mucked up by 13 levels of committee reviews.  That is my feeling anyway!

Sherri has the kind of quiet confidence that will make her very successful as an independent  person.  That is my hunch, and I can’t wait to see how her business plays out this coming year.

I am glad to have met one of my "peeps" in person.  It has made my small world here in Mesa, Arizona a lot more global.  🙂

Pictured in my backyard from left to right:  My son Josh, Sherri, her daughter Kiera, me, my  mother-in-law Angela, my husband Darryl and my daughter Angela (yes, she is named after her grandma!)  Our son Jeffery took the picture. 

3 Responses to “The world is getting more global every day”

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  2. Doug Granzow says:

    Hi Pam! Long time reader, first time commenter 🙂

    Funny story about writing for corporations: I once had a job where one of my responsibilities was to write security advisories to be sent out to our clients. My manager would look at my drafts and mark them up with a red pen. Now, I am really more of a computer guy than a professional writer, but often her edits made no sense to me or my coworkers. In fact they often completely reversed the message we were trying to convey. So I would take only the changes that made sense to me — less than 10% — and send her a revised copy. She always accepted the revised copy as-is without looking at it. I don’t think she even realized I ignored most of her suggestions!

    Today when I write it is only for myself, not for some committee or pointy-haired boss. It is actually a lot harder, because my personal success or failure depends on what I write. But that freedom is incredibly refreshing, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  3. Pam:

    I think it’s wonderful to connect in person — with someone we’ve connected with online. It’s the full circle — global you might say :).

    Amazingly, I’ve worked online for a number of years and have never met any of my clients (except the local ones), but I hope to some day. Odd as it may seem, I traveled much more when I was in the corporate world than I do now. And some of my clients live in some places I would love to visit — like Switzerland and Australia.

    Your story is an inspiration — meeting a fellow blogger and sharing some wonderful time together. The power of blogs is far reaching — opening up relationships and connections to people who we otherwise would never meet. Thanks for sharing this heartfelt experience.