Wickedly clever parody of “make a million with my 22-step start a business system”

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Ah, it is late and I should be in bed, but somehow one link led to another and I ended up at "Gabe and Max’s How to get the Dreamlife of Your Dreams Using the Internet, via Henry Copeland at the Blogads blog.

I hope you enjoy these 5 minutes as much as I did.

If my player doesn’t work, see the clip on YouTube here.

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7 Responses to “Wickedly clever parody of “make a million with my 22-step start a business system””

  1. I hope it got better after 2 minutes because that’s as much as I could stand to watch. This is probably the first blog entry of Pam’s that I just couldn’t appreciate.
    Happy New Year,

    Your humor is probably much too highbrow for me Chuck! After all, I find “American Pie” funny at parts.

    I guess that I have seen SO many “make a million in your sleep” advertisements that I thought this parody was really clever. It is so bad it is good. Or so I think!

    Thanks for always reading, and your comments!


  2. lilalia says:

    What a hoot! You won’t believe it but I actually used to have one of those old HP laptops about twenty years ago. Can’t even remember if there was an operating system on it other than early dos.

  3. Alvin says:

    This is hilarious – and going out to everyone of my friends who bought tons of internet marketing ‘secrets’!

  4. I too learned from Gabe & Max about the power of the Internet. In their advanced course, available only to graduates of their first course, I learned how to leave a blog comment. Here it is.

    Thanks Gabe & Max! You are “the bomb!”

    And thanks to Pamela Slim’s Escape from Cubicle Nation blog, I have to change my shorts, for I laughed so hard, I peed myself. Thanks Pamela! Good thing I made $.43 from my online business from Gabe & Max’s system. I can now afford to buy detergent to clean my shorts.

    Ironic that the comment box is now directly to the right of “Create Wealth & Prosperity with the Build Your Money Muscles Program(tm) ad.

    Happy 200-GREAT!

  5. Keith Handy says:

    This was awesome! I loved the attention to extra funny details.

  6. Denise and Patsi at http://www.blogsquad.biz/ have met their match, kind of — (Pam I tried to fax my email addie to them but it would not go through!)

  7. Looks like Max and Gabe have a sweet deal there. Hopefully, one day, I too can be as cool as they are.