Tips on cutting the ties and saying goodbye from Psychology Today

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One of the most common questions I get from cube dwelling wannabe entrepreneurs is how do I know when it is time to quit my job?

This question is not just about how much money you have in your bank account or the state of your business plan, it is also about having the emotional fortitude to make it through a major life transition.

I was honored to be featured in the cover story of December’s Psychology Today which addresses this topic in Adieu to all that.  The article includes tips for making it through all kinds of endings like quitting your job, breaking up with someone and even terminating a phone call with a chatty friend.

I have had some very difficult endings which I talked about in the article, including leaving my last "real job," as well as splitting from a very painful personal relationship.  What I learned in both cases is that while saying goodbye is difficult, it is liberating and leads to all kinds of wonderful new beginnings.  Thank you Carlin Flora from PT for the interview and insightful article!

And thank you to Marci Alboher from the New York Times column Shifting Careers for the kind words about this blog in today’s post.

I feel so great with all this wonderful press today that it seems like a good time to share this uplifting Gratitude Dance clip, which I learned of via Sandy of Purple Wren:

I think this is a great example of an effective and fun marketing vehicle that really transmits the spirit of the entrepreneurs who created it.  I have become strongly convinced of the healing power of gratitude these last couple of months, which have been very difficult on a number of fronts.  Nice work Matthew and Brad from Junior Attractors!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

6 Responses to “Tips on cutting the ties and saying goodbye from Psychology Today”

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  2. Jay Hargis says:

    The decision to cut the cord of traditional employement is, in my opinion, almost as big as decision to get married. It’s life changing and impacts everything (including your spouse). When I’m asked the question “should I quit my job” I always respond with “If you have to ask,you’re not ready.”

    Cheers Pam. Great Post.

  3. Marilyn says:

    Congrats on the mentions, Pam — well-deserved! And thank you for sharing that clip. Although I’m a total softie, I tend to think of myself as a bit of a sarcastic cynic…but that gratitude dance made me simultaneously laugh and tear up. And then when I went to their site and saw this about their t-shirts: “You will raise the vibration of everyone who walks behind you.” Indeed. It makes me think that I might want to start paying attention to what I wear on my BACK side. 😉

  4. Jon Pappas says:

    I just did the grateful dance and I feel a whooooole lot better.

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  6. lilalia says:

    Well worth a gratitude dance. You must be glad to see the recognition for your work. Of course, you know that we, your blog readers, are your biggest fans, but such a mention might bring new possibilities. You go, gal!