Announcing newest little startup around the Slim household

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Hi Everyone!

Just a personal note to let you know that we welcomed Angela Rose Slim into the world on Monday night, October 1.  She is a happy, peaceful and healthy little girl.

As in my previous experience with Josh, after going through the birth process, I have tremendous admiration for every single mother in the world.  Truly, there is nothing I have every experienced that is more powerful and profound than bringing forth a new little life.  It sure is humbling!

On behalf of my whole family, I want to thank all of you blog readers who have given me support throughout the whole pregnancy.  There is nothing that makes me feel better than knowing I am bringing my little girl into a world of people who are loving, optimistic and encouraging.

I will be taking a little time off to recover and get used to not sleeping again, but will be back to blogging in the near future, as it is one activity that does not feel like “work” at all.  One can only focus on feedings and diaper changing for so long!

68 Responses to “Announcing newest little startup around the Slim household”

  1. Marilyn says:

    I’m late in seeing this…but congratulations! She’s beautiful.

  2. Anna says:

    Dear Pam and family,

    Your new little start-up is looking pretty good!

  3. Wow! I take a break from my blog reading for a minute, and come back to find such astounding changes, LOL! Boy, time flies–it seems like only yesterday that I read you were expecting. Congratulations and abundant happiness to you and your family!

  4. Nikole Gipps says:

    Congrats, Pam — she is just beautiful!

  5. Best of luck with your new little sweetheart!

  6. It seems like a lot of bloggers are either turning into proud mamas or proud papas these days. Congratulations on having such a beautiful baby! She seems to already possess a critical expression on her face. Maybe she’ll grow up loving to blog as well!

  7. Congrats Pam and Daryl. What a cutie.

  8. Fred Nelson says:

    Pam & Co:

    May you live forever outsite of the cube!

    I have been in my own biz for almost 15 years and my 16 year old daughter can’t remember a time when I didn’t work from home.

    Sure I’m on the road at times yet most of the time I’m here when she leaves for school, comes home from school, and the especailly important dinnertime.

    I hope that you and your family have this same experience in the coming years!

    Congratulations & Best Wishes,

    Fred Nelson

  9. Congratulations Pam, I wish you and your baby the best. I’m sure Angela will find her own north star easy with your help 😉

    Felicidades desde Valencia (España).

    Toni Gimeno

  10. Just thought I’d drop by to check in and see what’s new in your world. Imagine my surprise when I saw the beautiful little girl pictured in this post. Congrats! Best wishes during these first days and weeks of the little one’s life. 🙂

  11. Astha says:

    aaawwwwwww! She’s absolutely adorable! Congrats!!!!

  12. Congratualtions, Pam! Fun to see the post announcing the birth, and great to see that you’re taking time off from the blog to enjoy the baby. I like to think I’d do the same. It worries me that I might not…


  13. Congratulations, thanks for sharing her picture and amazingly, continuing to share awesome content!

  14. Pam, Big congrats on the little one — I am still cooking along (let’s say simmering) on buttonsofhope and still out of the cubicle hell — my newest idea “baby buttons” so give it a try — you can upload a picture of Angela Rose and add all her stats birthday, name and weight — and make beautiful buttons — buttons are the new cigar! Congrats! michael

  15. Dane Carlson says:


  16. Congrats and good luck. Thanks for sharing the photos!

  17. Hey Pam,

    Thanks for sharing the photos! Isn’t she lovely? Almost makes me want to do it all again (not possible of course but I can still FEEL that way if I want to…)

    Cheers! & God Bless!


  18. Travis says:

    Huge congrats Pam!

    Now get crackin’ on introducing Angela to blogging. 😉