How to build a strong and creative brand

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mswlion3Marilyn Scott-Waters has been an artist all her life, but found that her corporate role as Art Director at Nike was pinching her soul. So she ventured into the world of freelance, and as part of her business built a gigantic following with her whimsical paper toy site On today’s radio show, hear her perspective on building a strong and creative brand, integrating the best of her training as corporate artist with the hard won knowledge of an in-the-trenches entrepreneur.

Show details:

Date:  Friday, July 27 (Today!)
Time:  11am-12pm Pacific Standard Time
Topic:  How to build a strong and creative brand
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One Response to “How to build a strong and creative brand”

  1. JRIngrisano says:

    It’s been my experience that “branding” works…big time. Find your image and personality, your “voice,” as they say.

    Look at Ben & Jerry. Nice ice cream, but not all that great. But their image sells. Look at Geico. They’re just another insurance company, BUT they are now known by everybody, if not for their lizard, then for their caveman schtick.

    What makes you unique? Find out what that is…and then build on it.
    — JRIngrisano (The Freestyle Entrepreneur)