Think you have what it takes to win the "StartupNation's Home-based 100" Contest?

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StartupNation just launched a very fun and attractive competition for home-based entrepreneurs:  The StartupNation’s Home-based 100.

Aiming to shed glory and exposure on the oft-neglected sector of home-based entrepreneurs, it is the first annual ranking of the best-performing home-based businesses in the U.S.

The categories include:

  • Greenest

    Home-based businesses that have a positive environment and social impact.

  • Dorm-Based

    Some of the greatest business successes in existence today were born in the college dormitory – here’s a watch list of who’s next in line!

  • Boomers back in Business

    Living longer and with greater vitality than ever, these 50+’s have taken up the yoke of entrepreneurship at home.

  • Yummiest

    Your mouth waters just at the thought of their edibles (and drinkables).

  • Wackiest

    The zaniest, most outrageous home-based businesses that actually work.

  • Grungiest

    If grease, grime, dirt, oil, tar, goop, soot or any combination thereof is a reality in your daily home-business life, this one’s for you.

  • Worldliest

    Home-Based businesses now serve a worldwide customer base – these entrepreneurs are living proof.

  • Most Slacker-Friendly

    Does your business offer a day-to-day existence that’s the envy of all? If you’ve beaten the system with a “lifestyle” business, this one’s for you!

I think that home-based entrepreneurs are the unsung heroes of mainstream media.  While many publications quantify small businesses as those with annual sales of $10M, some of the happiest, most creative and well-balanced people I know earn a modest but content living traipsing to their home office in bare feet.

There are some cool features of the contest which include a virtual "Sun City" where you can post information about your business, videos, etc.

Preregistration is available here – the contest officially opens on August 1, 2007.

Remember, winning contests are a great way to garner free publicity for your business.

Good luck, and I hope that many EfCN readers win their category!!!

2 Responses to “Think you have what it takes to win the "StartupNation's Home-based 100" Contest?”

  1. It’s good of you to publicize this Pamela. I too was unfamiliar with Startup Nation.

    I will spread the word among the many home-based entrepreneurs I know!

    You have a very interesting blog!

  2. Thanks for sharing the information – I never heard of startup nation before, but what a great site!