Small business, big life: inspiring advice from Louis Barajas

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louis4As a very appropriate follow up to my global education rant yesterday, I will be having a conversation today with Louis Barajas, financial expert, entrepreneur and author of a few books, the most recent being Small Business Big Life:  Five Steps to Creating a Great Life with Your Own Small Business.

Louis’ roots are in East LA, where he grew up as the son of Mexican immigrants, helping with his father’s business at the tender age of 7, and managing his books by the age of 13.  After following a successful education and career path, getting an MBA and a designation as Certified Financial Planner, he started working for a prestigious consulting firm.  But a series of personal events and insights intervened that led him to abandon the halls of Corporate America and go back to the heart of East LA where he opened his own fledgling financial planning business with the goal of “Economic Revolution for the Working Class.”  From a humbling start of earning $12,000 his first year, his persistance and skill built his company into a well-established and flourishing firm.

My favorite description of Louis comes from Lisa Munoz of the Orange County Register:

“What do you get if you cross financial-advice author Suze Orman with Dr. Phil and Mexican Revolutionary Emiliano Zapata?  Louis Barajas.”

His book offers insights into his own process of growth as an entrepreneur, including his belief that everything must start with a foundation of what he calls Truth, Responsibility, Awareness and Courage.

I look forward to Louis’ take on how to build a thriving business that supports your strongly-held personal values, aspirations and goals while not working yourself to death.  Please join us!

Show details:

Date:  Friday, June 22
Time:  11am-12pm Pacific Standard Time
Topic:  Small business big life
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