Specific request to Phoenix home-based entrepreneurs who sometimes work out of coffeeshops

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coffeeshopI just got a ping from someone doing a story on Phoenix and home-based entrepreneurs who spend at least a couple of hours a week working out of a coffee shop to “minimize home distractions.”  I do occasionally, especially when I have to write something uninterrupted.

The only stipulation is that you go somewhere besides Starbucks … which may be a limiting factor for some.

If you meet this criteria, and would be willing to share your story (for a bit of media exposure, perhaps? ), please send me a quick email to pcs (at) ganas (dot) com with the following info:

  1. Your name
  2. Your business
  3. Your phone # where you can be reached in the next day or two
  4. Your email

There is a quick deadline, so if you can get back to me by noon (Phoenix time) tomorrow (Thursday, June 21) that would be great.


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One Response to “Specific request to Phoenix home-based entrepreneurs who sometimes work out of coffeeshops”

  1. Hi,

    Don’t know how I wound up on your page, but I like what I see so far! Not sure that I can help you directly, as I live in Seattle.

    However, if you’ve never heard of co-working offices, you may want to look into it for a story.

    You can visit our website, and click on the resources page. There, you will find an updated list of co-working offices opening throughout and beyond the US.

    Our aim is to give home based biz folks an alternative to coffeeshops, and provide a space conducive to community (something that so many people working from home miss).

    Could you let me know if you are aware of any co-working businesses that are opening in your area…we would love to support them!

    Joy Strzechowski Amada
    Office Nomad