How commercializing graffiti got Mary out of her cube

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Actually, Mary McPhail was a Vice President and may have had her own office, not a cube.  But her story of how she went from employee to entrepreneur and owner of the fun and creative business Wonderful Graffiti piqued my interest, and led me to ask her to be a guest on today’s radio show.

As Mary tells the story, she was curious to see how to run a quote around the top of her wall, a style common for Arts & Crafts homes like her own.  But her lack of math skills made the measuring task really complicated.  So the idea for her Wonderful Graffiti business was born, and she decided to pursue it full-time.

I will talk to Mary about how she made the journey from employee to entrepreneur, what she learned along the way and how she created a thriving business out of a random creative idea.

Show details:

Date:  Friday, May 4
Time:  11am-12pm Pacific Standard Time
Topic:  How commercializing graffiti got Mary out of her cube
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If you miss the live show, you can always listen later, through the link above.  To download as an Mp3, you will have to click on the title of the show, which will bring up the "download as Mp3" option.

Enjoy your weekend!

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