Interview with “Renaissance Entrepreneur” Steven A. Darden 3/23

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I am very excited about this week’s radio show, as I get to interview my good friend and very interesting entrepreneur Steven A. Darden.  Steve has created a business that reflects his diverse talents and interests, and allows him to have the kind of life that makes him happy and fulfilled.

Steve will discuss his journey as an employee leader in many tribal, educational and non-profit organizations, and the "tipping point" that made him quit and start his own business.  His  business includes a component of motivational public speaking, counseling and behavioral change training; award-winning Native American bead and feather work; real estate investing and management and traditional healing.  This work has taken him all over the country to some of the top cultural and educational institutions like the Smithsonian Museum and Johns Hopkins University, as well as to the heart of many Native American reservations where he has brought hope, healing and leadership to thousands of youth and adults.

For those of you who are creative with lots of interests and struggle when you have to choose "one focus" for your business, this is the show for you!  Steve models how you can have a balanced life while serving a profound personal purpose and utilizing multiple talents.  He always has very insightful things to say, so don’t miss it!

Show details:

Date:  Friday, March 23
Time:  11am-12pm Pacific Standard Time
Topic:  Profile of a purpose-filled business
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Thanks in advance for tuning in!  And if you miss the show and want to listen later, you can access it via the "Click here" link above.

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