The love train stops in Mesa, AZ for Glenda Watson-Hyatt's virtual book tour

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bookcoverHappy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

I thought it fitting that today I am one of 40 stops on my good buddy Glenda Watson-Hyatt’s virtual book tour, promoting her autobiography I’ll Do it Myself.  I have lots of love and good thoughts for her, and I have written about her publishing journey in my ezine in the past.  Her book shares the story of her life, in a way that she hopes others will see that “Living with cerebral palsy is not a death sentence, it is a life sentence!”

Glenda is a great writer and one of my favorite feisty Canadians.  She wrote this book with her left thumb.

Following is my interview with Glenda about her book:

Q:  I know that you bypassed the opportunity to sell your book to a U.S.-based publisher so

that you could have it included in Library and Archives Canada. Why was that so important

to you?

One issue that really caught my attention while doing my Communications minor at

university is how Canadian identity and culture is so influenced by American culture, and

how steps are taken look to identify Canadian content (“Cancon”). From my understanding,

Library and Archives Canada is one of those steps: only publications published in Canada

are eligible for deposit in this library, which preserves Canadian heritage. By having my

autobiography I’ll Do It Myself in the library, it was my way of contributing to Canadian

history. Regardless of where this book may lead me through the years, I began the journey

at home.

What advice would you offer all those aspiring writers out there who constantly stop and

start their book projects?

If you are serious about your book, if it is your passion, your dream, then keep at it. Take it

one step at a time, whether it is one chapter, one page or even one paragraph at a time.

Make time to write, which means prioritizing and letting go of tasks that truly aren’t

necessary or aren’t bringing you closer to your goal. Make your writing a priority, but don’t

lay a guilt trip on yourself if you don’t write when you had it scheduled. Creativity doesn’t

always flow according to schedule; however, if you are more creative at a particular time of

day, try to schedule your writing sessions then. If the words don’t flow today, try again

tomorrow. Word by word your book will be written. When you are done, it is such an

awesome and satisfying feeling!

What did it feel like when you cracked open your first box of books?

When I opened the first box and saw my book for the first time, a wave of emotions came

over me. Thirty years of dreaming, preparing, researching, visualizing and writing became

real in that moment. I had done it!  I had written and self-published my book. And they were

beautiful! There were a few happy tears. I can only imagine that it is similar to giving birth

and holding your baby for the first time.

What have the results been so far of your virtual book tour?

When I began this virtual book tour, I didn’t know what to expect, although I did have some

outcomes that I hoped would materialize. I am beginning to see those results now. The viral

marketing phenomenon is starting to kick in as bloggers are reading my interviews on other

blogs and are either contacting me to host an appearance or are mentioning my book on

their blogs. The momentum is building now and I sense amazing things are about to happen.

Hopefully book sales will soon follow.
Overall, participation in and support for my virtual book

tour have been fantastic.

What is next for you Glenda?

Because this book was thirty years coming, I want to do all I can to promote it.  I still have

six boxes of books sitting here, and I would love to do several more print runs before I

consider the promotion completely done.  I am curious to see what opportunities present

themselves by doing all this promotion.

I also want to develop an e-course “Accessibility in Action”.  Over the years, I have found

that people have fears when interacting with those with disabilities because they simply

don’t know what to do and they are too embarrassed to ask.  I want to address those fears

by providing practical information and a safe place to ask questions.  The e-course would

include topics like what language to use when referring to people with disabilities, tips for

when communicating with people with disabilities, ideas for when choosing a gift for a

relative/friend/colleague with a disability,  suggestions for how to include a classmate with a

disability at your child’s birthday party, and many other topics.  My goal is to include

hands-on and practical information that people can use in everyday life.
Meanwhile I wait for my next dream to be planted.

Finally, what is the link for people to sign up to host a stop on your tour?

People interested in hosting a stop on my virtual book tour can check out my schedule

( and choose an

available date.

Pam, thank you so much for hosting today’s appearance of my virtual book tour, and for your

support and friendship this past year as I finished writing and then self-published I’ll Do It

Myself. I truly appreciate it. And I look forward to celebrating with you when your book is

published!  Happy Valentine’s Day, sis.

Happy Valentine’s day to you too Glenda!  Thanks for your continual inspiration and friendship.  Keep kicking my butt to move my own book project forward, as I can use the harassment!

For those of you wanting a great read and some positive inspiration, buy the book!

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  2. Pam,

    Thanks so much for hosting today’s appearance on my virtual book tour. It was great to hang out with you amidst our insanely busy schedules.

    I would like to invite your readers to join me for the rest of the tour at

    Thanks again for your support and friendship, Pam. Wishing you every success.